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Published on 3 weeks ago

In my opinion, this is the best song on the album and is the Drake I love the most! I cut 21 Savage's part short and added a verse from "Holy Ghost" by Future (off his recent album I Never Liked You). I'll definitely create some more mixes from Honestly, Nevermind and add more rap verses. What song should I do next? Which artist do you want to see on a Drake song?

#drake #honestlynevermind #jimmycooks

Hilly Hilly . 4 days ago
Dope remix sounds real clean!
Stretch Daddy Stretch Daddy . 2 weeks ago
Stretch Daddy Approves
Dutch Davis Dutch Davis . 3 weeks ago
this is amazing
keller5973 keller5973 . 3 weeks ago
AYEEEE!!! RESPECT Homie from another home what they kno about that G-Blac! Bumped that shit In my mommas 96 Buick! On the curb cause I couldn’t drive at that time!!! Good memories old school ways to jam!
Iamahmedyassin Iamahmedyassin . 3 weeks ago
Sheesh 🌶🔥
Jay Sanon Jay Sanon . 3 weeks ago
Bro you couldn’t tell me that Future wasn’t on this actual song incredible job!
NuYoRicanFlava NuYoRicanFlava . 3 weeks ago
Clean af

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