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I am MoBo

I am MoBo

Published on 2 weeks ago

this tactic can lead to infinite loops...only use it as a last resort....

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I am MoBo I am MoBo . 2 weeks ago
if my enemy's enemy is my enemy then who am i?
Gavin Hayes Gavin Hayes . 2 minutes ago
β€œOh, me” πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€
Ichira Kaen Ichira Kaen . 27 minutes ago
Oh me got me lol
Reesh Reesh . 54 minutes ago
The end was Unexpected LOL.
Amber Smith Amber Smith . 2 hours ago
Shakeela Shabbir Shakeela Shabbir . 2 hours ago
He makes a villager noise when he wins
Seiyya Argyle Seiyya Argyle . 2 hours ago
the peasant was like... "you might have outsmarted me but I outsmarted you with my outsmartness"
DiamondNinja8796 DiamondNinja8796 . 2 hours ago
So many plot twists.πŸ’€πŸ˜‚
Zainal Rahman Zainal Rahman . 3 hours ago
Me: wha- how- huh what- uhhh- what the- huh what huh
My brain: *loading*
GrΓ«ΓͺΓ±._.Bēæñ GrΓ«ΓͺΓ±._.Bēæñ . 4 hours ago
That middle finger the king put up was personal to the peasant πŸ˜‚
BlB0GA BlB0GA . 4 hours ago
Momo vs Viruzz
dons2valid dons2valid . 7 hours ago
the plot twist shit wild fr
Joseph Joseph . 9 hours ago
He knew he was gonna lose
BigBoi BigBoi . 9 hours ago
Man pulled out an death uno reverse
Vexok Vexok . 9 hours ago
The ending 🀣🀣
Blake Dickson Blake Dickson . 9 hours ago
I was at work today wondering why I hadn't seen any of this guy in a while. Now here I am
lord grim lord grim . 10 hours ago
This is a good video
Karthik Karthik . 10 hours ago
The way he says fuck you😹
Bolia Fops Bolia Fops . 10 hours ago
"Why choose to win a fight, when you can lose but feel like a winner" - Sun tzu
kauΓ£ de Almeida Batista Masiero kauΓ£ de Almeida Batista Masiero . 14 hours ago
*100 power
1 intellectual*
Fajar Ar Rahman Fajar Ar Rahman . 15 hours ago
Oh me
JJ Gallegos JJ Gallegos . 18 hours ago
I th I ghtvhim killing himself was the twist only for him to reveal he rigged the game
MAC CODM shorts MAC CODM shorts . 18 hours ago
The middle finger was personal
Exotic Exotic . 19 hours ago
In order to confuse your enemy, you must confuse yourself.
-Sun Tzu
oNicaru oNicaru . 20 hours ago
The ending just feels like he wasn't moved by the quote, instead he was moved by the money. He bet on Mr. Peasant to win so of course, he will pretend to lose. Absolute big brain, he's rich now.
Fastestchuk Fastestchuk . 22 hours ago
Anyone caught the king flicking the peasant back XD
Rob Rider Rob Rider . 22 hours ago
The endπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Almario Ordinario Almario Ordinario . 23 hours ago
Hahahaha to the king
Liyah Forrest Liyah Forrest . 1 day ago
The way the rock bounce off
the stop motion gaming breakdown and more snow the stop motion gaming breakdown and more snow . 1 day ago
I'll do that if I get attacked
Iamafanof You Iamafanof You . 1 day ago
Jester Jester . 1 day ago
β€œWho bet on the peasant.” Got me good bro πŸ˜‚
Gage Kelley Gage Kelley . 1 day ago
Ok who bet on the peasant?
Oh me
Skylar McClendon Skylar McClendon . 1 day ago
im so confused-
Melody Fernando Melody Fernando . 1 day ago
the king pull the f broo hahahah
Bakhrom R Bakhrom R . 1 day ago
That shy middle finger..
Seda S D Seda S D . 1 day ago
He bet for the pheasant as well lol
Whgu ybnm Whgu ybnm . 1 day ago
Alright, who bet on the peasant? The gladiator: rises from the dead, "oh, me"
RAPHEL RAPHEL . 1 day ago
Meine Verwirrung ist verwirrt
Anakisenpai Anakisenpai . 1 day ago
As 2012 Michelangelo once said

*"The enemy of my enemy, is my bro"*
luimaz20 luimaz20 . 1 day ago
This is definitely proof that no matter how strong you are if you are the smarter one you can overcome your enemy using tactics. IQ wins over strength in a battle!!
luimaz20 luimaz20 . 1 day ago
Biggest uno reverse card of the century!! πŸ™Œ
Mohammad Adelnia Mohammad Adelnia . 1 day ago
who bet on the peasant.
oh i did
Logan Hendershott Logan Hendershott . 1 day ago
Blue Marshy Blue Marshy . 1 day ago
That chkoed me hard
Sandy Journeys Sandy Journeys . 1 day ago
hel πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ hel πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ . 1 day ago
unless the warrior's goal was to kill himself all along
eBuzzy eBuzzy . 2 days ago
I ship king with peasant everyday 24/7
Bro I swear to God I’m gonna use it every single time

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