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Chris Klemens

Chris Klemens

Published on 2 weeks ago


thank you to everyone who made LA so magical for me and felt like family being so far from mine. I love yall !!!











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My name is Chris Klemens, I live in Los Angeles (before in New York City), and make YouTube videos. They consist of man on the street comedy videos interviewing strangers, chaotic hair dyeing, reacting to/following 5 minute crafts and other viral videos, and daily comedy vlogs with people like Claudia Sulewski, Chrissy Teigen, Carly Incontro, Erin Gilfoy, Andrew Lowe, and more. Be sure to subscribe for more, and follow me on my social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat, and more.

Annie Messer Annie Messer . 3 hours ago
can we just… Booger is such a good girl. 🖤
J J . 8 hours ago
Wow that hit
Miranda Winn Miranda Winn . 23 hours ago
Awe I live in the East Mountains outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico! I wish I had known/watched this sooner so I could ask to meet you Chris! Congratulations on your new beginning!
Coti Terbonati Coti Terbonati . 1 day ago
Tenía este video guardado y no lo veía no se porqué, pero pegó justo en la herida.
Caroline Falk Caroline Falk . 1 day ago
I didn’t expect to sob
TINA TINA . 2 days ago

but I'm rooting for you chris! You will be okay. Love you <3
sirk sirk . 2 days ago
Stop I was already crying from the music when you went to Malibu and then saying goodbye to Andrew 😭😭
Ally Daily Ally Daily . 2 days ago
It’s because Missouri is the worst. I can say that because I live there lol.
Viniceia Carter Viniceia Carter . 2 days ago
Okay but booger is such a superstar 💕

Also congrats on the start of your new journey, love!
Katie Johnson Katie Johnson . 3 days ago
I'm moving across the country in 10 days, and watching you say goodbye to Andrew made me bawl my eyes out.
Ally Sheehan Ally Sheehan . 3 days ago
THANK YOU for the sweet sixteen by hilary duff representation in this video because it is her MOST slept on song of her discography and also of all time
Erica Bible Erica Bible . 3 days ago
Well that was rough😭
But so proud of you Chris❤️
Rae Rae . 3 days ago
I'm in Canada. and I can also GO OFF about Blaze Pizza. Holy crap. Best gluten free ugggh. that customizable sandwich shop style.. and the garlic pesto . 🤌🏾🤌🏾🤌🏾💀☠
ELLVASY ELLVASY . 3 days ago
I think we all were crying right?
Der Franz Der Franz . 4 days ago
Gosh your country(side) is beautiful!!! Man do I have wanderlust now…. 🌎🌍🌏
Miss Hiccup Miss Hiccup . 6 days ago
I need those shoes in my life😭😂🖤
Rayne Millaray Rayne Millaray . 7 days ago
You have broken my heart. I hope you enjoy your new home! <3
Zsanett Hegyi Zsanett Hegyi . 7 days ago
Chris! I religiously watch your videos but I was so afraid of this one that I didn't want to click on it up until now...I cried my eyes out because I am really bad at goodbyes too even if it's for the better. I found you and Andrew during the pandemic and y'all helped me soooo much on my sucky anxiety days because I felt I have 2 friends with me at all times while watching your content.
You are amazing and you deserve every bit of happiness and joy in your life :) Your new home is amazing (I watched that video before this one ..:D) and I am sure that everything will work out!
Rachel Barrow Rachel Barrow . 7 days ago
this made me so emotional, congraulations this is so amazing and so exciting, i cant wait to see what this new journey brings you <3
jessica jessica . 1 week ago
the goodbye scene with andrew was just tewwww much for my poor lil heart i was crying along with y'all. watching little bits of your friendship bloom over the years was such a treat. until next time <3
Beth II Beth II . 1 week ago
When I was moving to my current place 3 years ago it literally felt like the hardest thing ever. I was so emotional and I had no clue what I was doing. I can say that I hate moving with all of my heart. Now I can say that it was worth it, but then I was literally ready to cancel everything last minute because I was petrified.
Sydney Katterhenry Sydney Katterhenry . 1 week ago
I feel like the congrats Chris sign was your spirit guides telling you, you are on the right journey and now I'm even more stoked to see where you go from here!
Vdlc Vdlc . 1 week ago
I didnt realize how much I loved Chris until watching him cry made me cry. Wishing you nothing but the best in this new chapter❤️
Essiac 4 Essiac 4 . 1 week ago
I’m so late to this video but Chris and Andrew saying goodbye 💔 is seriously hope those two stay in touch and stay friends and don’t drift apart. I love them both too much.
Shakira Shakira . 1 week ago
I didn’t think I would cry but here I am balling I know how u felt I cried a lot when I moved states and left Arizona and all my family oh my gosh 😭
AmandaxJoyxPanda AmandaxJoyxPanda . 1 week ago
The "Congrats Chris" on the back of the car gave me goosebumps! Lol I get you were being sarcastic about a fan writing that for you BUT I def see it as a sign to remind you to be proud of yourself. Hugs
myka betts myka betts . 1 week ago
The way I cried when you and Andrew said goodbye
V I R G I N I A R A I N E V I R G I N I A R A I N E . 1 week ago
I’m crying , and Chris everyone here knows how hard it is to move , to change to grow and progress . And let me tell you this is so normal and it’s okay to feel all the feelings we all love you your friends and system of support love you! I’m so happy to hear you state how content , and happy you are with your life that ! That is the goal to feel that path is just opening in front of you and you are doing what makes you feel this joy - that is amazing and you are doing great ! 💜💜💜💜💜 so much love to you
hrw California hrw California . 1 week ago
Side note. Those sunglasses are giving I’m a fly
Cristen K Cristen K . 1 week ago
Congratulations! I'm prom Pennsylvania myself
Cristen K Cristen K . 1 week ago
Dude, you n Andrew have my bawling my eyes out.
Cristen K Cristen K . 1 week ago
Don't make me cry🥺😭
Nadia Richards Nadia Richards . 1 week ago
Omg I can’t believe how long it takes to drive across America
Serena Stenberg Serena Stenberg . 1 week ago
That pizza looks bomb and actually. Totally gonna order it like that next time
sami sami . 1 week ago
The emotional music with the water and the moon and booger had me 😭😭😭😭
Marcella Orosco Marcella Orosco . 1 week ago
Happy and sad tears for you and Andrew. It's to awesome new beginnings. I know this is easier said then done, but Chris just try not to doubt and be so hard on yourself. I see that your heart allowed you to make the right choice for You (your mom, new home) plus you've got Booger. Honestly the strong friendship you and Andrew have I can see Andrew visiting Delaware. You've got this with one day and step at a time.
Gdcfleetline Gdcfleetline . 1 week ago
I literally just fast forward to cry🥺 literally an end of an era
marjoline quandus marjoline quandus . 1 week ago
Who is cutting onions🥺😭😭😭😭😭
Samantha Jones Samantha Jones . 1 week ago
Transitions are difficult but you have to trust your gut. If you felt you needed a change, you need a change.
Mikaela Larsson Mikaela Larsson . 1 week ago
Madison Gonzalez Madison Gonzalez . 1 week ago
you saying goodbye to Andrew literally made me ugly cry I CANNOT DO THIS RN
Shaely Spilker Shaely Spilker . 1 week ago
The way that car didn’t just say “congrats,” it said “congrats Chris” wow wow wow the universe knew what it was doing with that one.
Shaely Spilker Shaely Spilker . 1 week ago
The way that car didn’t just say “congrats,” it said “congrats Chris” wow wow wow the universe knew what it was doing with that one.
imjustmethatsall imjustmethatsall . 1 week ago
You can even see on this vlog how your demeanour changes as you leave LA!! You seem a lot more connected & content by the end. Well done chris 🥰
Angelis Martinez Angelis Martinez . 1 week ago
Literal tears watching you and Andrew say goodbye to each other. So proud of you and cannot wait to see where this new beginning takes you ❤
Alison Holdman Alison Holdman . 1 week ago
Watching this on my lunch break and sobbing. Love you and Andrew so fucking much. Whatever happens it's for the best and I know the universe has your guys back! Real friends stay forever and I know you and Andrew love each other so much. Change is so hard and here you are embracing it like a champ. I'm so incredibly grateful that you allow us to see these moments of your life. You're such a kind soul and an inspiration for all. Stay safe out there 💛🧿
mia caven mia caven . 1 week ago
I am sobbing
tatum tatum . 1 week ago
watching the clip of you and andrew made me cry at the thought of eventually leaving my own roommate
Amanda Jo Amanda Jo . 1 week ago
I needed a *jump scare* warning for that cheeseless pizza.. truly terrifying. 💀😵💀
Elizabeth Lewis Elizabeth Lewis . 1 week ago
My dogs were freaking out about the damn bird. Things got crazy for a second.

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