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Philip DeFranco

Philip DeFranco

Published on 2 weeks ago

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00:00 - Documents Unveil Further Details of Uvalde Police Response
02:52 - Stephen Colbert Addresses Staffers Getting Arrested in DC
05:26 - Sponsor
06:26 - Chappelle Decides Against Naming School Theater After Himself
07:45 - SCOTUS Rules Maine Violated Constitution by Excluding Religious Schools in Aid Program
09:22 - Israel’s Government Collapses, Setting Up 5th Election in 3 Years


Documents Unveil Further Details of Uvalde Police Response:

Stephen Colbert Addresses Staffers Getting Arrested in DC:

Chappelle Decides Against Naming School Theater After Himself:

SCOTUS Rules Maine Violated Constitution by Excluding Religious Schools in Aid Program:

Israel’s Government Collapses, Setting Up 5th Election in 3 Years:
Produced by: Cory Ray
Edited by: James Girardier, Maxwell Enright, Julie Goldberg
Art Department: Brian Borst, William Crespo
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Brian Espinoza, Maddie Crichton, Lili Stenn, Ben Wheeler, Chris Tolve
Production Team: Zack Taylor, Emma Leid
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Philip DeFranco Philip DeFranco . 2 weeks ago
No show tomorrow. Have a travel day. Will be back Thursday. Love yo faces!
Zenkai76 Zenkai76 . 12 hours ago
Liberals "F the police" also Liberals "why aren't you helping?"
Alex Ortiz Alex Ortiz . 3 days ago
Is there a Satanic school. The Satanic School of the Sciences sounds satisfying.
Amin Ashraf Amin Ashraf . 1 week ago
I heard that many great people were appreciated after they're dead. naming a street or building after their name. I guess, even they're famous, people don't fully realised how much was their contribution until it is gone.
Tweak Freq Tweak Freq . 1 week ago
The least Texan moment in history 🤦‍♂️
Aeris My Love Aeris My Love . 1 week ago
Those cops are a bunch of spineless pussies. They just “not-my-jobbed” their way out of serving and protecting the people of Uvalde.
Taihus Taihus . 1 week ago
Maybe people will finally realize that there’s no legal requirement for the police to actually serve you. Bit of an oversight.
OPrincessXJasmineO OPrincessXJasmineO . 1 week ago
people should be given a voucher to use at whatever school they want to send their children to. i don't think it's fair public education system is the best paid education but it's also the most garbage education in America.
Isabella Angeline Isabella Angeline . 1 week ago
What’s disgusting is they still only care about protecting themselves and their reputations and they’ll tell all kinds of lies and throw innocent people under the bus to do so. Cowards!
“bUt BlUe LiVeS mAtTeR”
Potential Legend Potential Legend . 1 week ago
S tired of waiting days to watch a video with subtitles and it still doesn't have them ffs Phil why can't you just use automatic captions???
Ja ko be Ja ko be . 1 week ago
To bad those coward officers haven't been relived of duty. WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG. Relive them of duty.
JayDoes JayDoes . 1 week ago
Cowards...They took an oath to serve and protect or is that no longer the case for today's police?
Mariah's Mystery Dungeon Mariah's Mystery Dungeon . 1 week ago
NO ONE can ever tell me again that police as a whole do not need better training. DEFUND the police never meant get rid of them (except a few radical people who are literal, but in majority this movement had other meaning). It means change the funding from what it is now to more and broader training among other things. Help the police actually do their job better which will inturn help us all. Prepare them for this and other situations. Make the barrier to entry higher so they're can be a higher quality of care and responses in situations. I don't have all the answers but Uvalde wasn't it and it happens too often. Change how things are done so it can get better. Don't ever tell me it's fine already.
ADHyperDad ADHyperDad . 1 week ago
Grabbot is going to protect his pet police chief in Uvlade
Spirit Jay Spirit Jay . 1 week ago
f*** that police commander in the first story, what a piece of sh^^.
Junkbot117 Junkbot117 . 1 week ago
If churches and church affiliated schools and organizations want to be recognized for state or federal programs, then they better pay some fucking taxes.
Naud van Dalen Naud van Dalen . 2 weeks ago
CBD is so safe that we give it to dogs now. It's crazy how it used to be illegal for people. At least weed was or still is in some places. Cigarettes are way worse than weed.
Naud van Dalen Naud van Dalen . 2 weeks ago
Conservatives are angrier at Stephen Colbert for doing no harm than they are angry at Trump for inciting an actual insurrection. In fact, they aren't angry at Trump at all.
M Clarke M Clarke . 2 weeks ago
re. funding religion, I would argue that, yes sure offer funding to religious schools, but also tax churches. if they are entitled to state funding, they should contribute to the state just like everyone else.
August August . 2 weeks ago
I understand that abortion is a very hot topic, what I don't understand is the frankly BS criticism that 5-6 people decide what's best for the majority of people. These same courts have decided issues on race and gender and so much more. People only seem to complain when the decision doesn't fit their own beliefs. I also understand the criticism that the majority of Americans support abortion so it feels like they are being undermined, however there are still millions of Americans who do not. If you think majority rules is the best way forward then there is no debate, your just foolish. Regardless I think a comment like that is just dumb
unverified verified unverified verified . 2 weeks ago
It was disgusting how everyone went to Uvalde to see the spectacle of mariachi bands etc. I told ppl it'ds important to not lose sight of our need to find the truth...
GGGlider GGGlider . 2 weeks ago
The cop in charge will live in fear for the rest of his life and when he dies he will meet the people who died that he let down.
WeirdosForever WeirdosForever . 2 weeks ago
I can't help but feeling like an organization (religious schools) who actively discriminate against people shouldn't be able to claim discrimination.
I know I'm not wording that in the best way but it's the best my brain can do right now so hopefully people understand what I mean.
Jared Moore Jared Moore . 2 weeks ago
David S David S . 2 weeks ago
Colbert is an extremist
Gigglypuff Gigglypuff . 2 weeks ago
Guilherme Guilherme . 2 weeks ago
Defund the police so they have even less training
Unholyspirit Unholyspirit . 2 weeks ago
In Denmark we have even representation the % of votes you get for that % you'll get representatives in government xd
Csongor Felfalusi - Ilyés Csongor Felfalusi - Ilyés . 2 weeks ago
What kind of a covard you have to be to wait for an order when your own child or wife's life is literally in danger...pathetic.
Crylok Crylok . 2 weeks ago
idgaf if they didnt get the "command". Kids were dying and they had the equipment they needed to stop it, every single officer who elected to "follow orders" and wait has blood on their hands. the entire Uvalde police department needs to be fired and replaced in waves.
Tad DeWitt Tad DeWitt . 2 weeks ago
If these religious schools are fighting for government funding, then they should be REQUIRED to be TAXED! That is the only way they should be eligible for whatever funding they're seeking from the government.
Ferris Bueller Ferris Bueller . 2 weeks ago
Kids did not have guns or body armor. Cops did. Pathetic. And I'm absolutely positive those cops had shotguns in their squad cars, such is common. Often they have ar15s as well
crazycutz crazycutz . 2 weeks ago
Whats wrong with you Philip... havent seen your videos for a while but you are rambling of the topic
scruffylooking23 scruffylooking23 . 2 weeks ago
Phily D looking like a snack in that tie dye tee.
DJ DJ . 2 weeks ago
America is such a f**ked up country, good luck with everything
Alex Noce Alex Noce . 2 weeks ago
You know what this reminds me of... Nazi's saying, "I was just following orders" ... these cowards should have stood against their orders and stormed that room.
TheHachebe TheHachebe . 2 weeks ago
to anyone with a brain its obvious that the federal government set up this false flag "attack" just to take away your gun rights people.
Benji Also the Hitman Benji Also the Hitman . 2 weeks ago
Find and kill congresspeople?
ThatGuy0742 ThatGuy0742 . 2 weeks ago
no 👍 for PDSs under 17 minutes. but 11 minutes? This ain't even a show!
Leon Rodgers Leon Rodgers . 2 weeks ago
This clown is one of the most pathetic individuals on social media. Unbelievable.
Mark Hill Mark Hill . 2 weeks ago
Is that image of Tucker modified or does he really look like a Muppet these days?
Alex Alex . 2 weeks ago
My thoughts matter very little in the shooting. I feel like ARs are too easy to come by even after all the abuse we've seen of them. Guns are like Pandora's box. Once it's been opened and its contents are available it will always be available.
hoolie gunn hoolie gunn . 2 weeks ago
Aaron Lassen Aaron Lassen . 2 weeks ago
God and his interpreted "rules" are the worst thing to ever happen to this country.
Aaron Lassen Aaron Lassen . 2 weeks ago
Oh well, Hoebarf was one to complain, in other words, no one of note.
Tierra D. Tierra D. . 2 weeks ago
How is it freedom to choose religion if there is no freedom? If there isn't equal opportunity and religion itself is not allowed to be chosen just like no religion is allowed to be picked, then how can this be called the land of the free?
Hated on by so many just because I am brave enough to stick with a belief in God- because YES it DOES take bravery to do that now and in the past- it is in itself discrimination. The freedom to CHOOSE no matter what religion or non-religion is what this country is based on.
Gavin Heady Gavin Heady . 2 weeks ago
Hey Phil, update your picture of the Supreme Court to be current please.
Eric Hitchman Eric Hitchman . 2 weeks ago
imagine the worst "after work drinks" you ever been to.... now think about the justices christmas party...
A Spooky Ghost A Spooky Ghost . 2 weeks ago
phil your dog. your dog is so good
Emperor G Emperor G . 2 weeks ago
That whole department needs to be removed and not allowed to be cops, also be sued financially.

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