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Asmongold Clips

Asmongold Clips

Published on 3 weeks ago

Asmongold Clips / Asmongold Reacts To: Amber Heard Doubles Down Attacks on Johnny Depp, announcing an appeal of the trial verdict, after Johnny Depp won the defamation case

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BadKarma BadKarma . 4 days ago
She is really milking this shit 😂
Oliver and Amms Oliver and Amms . 4 days ago
It was a live feed online. 😩 We reacted to what YOU said amber. Smh
Jojo Speechy Jojo Speechy . 4 days ago
Thank you for more non-gaming videos. I'm an older woman, non-gamer who watched all your coverage of the Depp -Heard trial. I have missed seeing your videos, since the trial ended. You present as a kind, genuine, and smart young man. Your mom would be so proud of you. GOD BLESS YOU. And keep the non-gaming videos coming for us old folks😊
Michael Hill Michael Hill . 1 week ago
Another defamation suit?
Damian Colazzo Damian Colazzo . 1 week ago
Her voice is rlly deep for how much of a bitch she is
Dee Dusty Dee Dusty . 1 week ago
I feel so bad for Amber,..😉 Johnny beat her up so bad she even loses her mind...and even her mind are so much that twisted that she had fallin for her abuser so much even developing her loved towards him without havin a feeling of any fear,..difficulty and Ladies n Gentleman,..a moment of silence for the crazy woman 🧠 that was replaced with a Mars stone.....and for the man who tends to support others in need and help them with such care.,as the power of that innocence,kindness and unviolent nature or behaviour suddenly dissappear and left his body..according to the crazy lady with a stone brain....beware she shoots out lies faster than billy the kid draws his guns..
Div Gamer 2.o Div Gamer 2.o . 2 weeks ago
How the heck is she still getting fame and interviews even after losing the case so badly ( there is really no gender equality )
Danyai Danyaiii Danyai Danyaiii . 2 weeks ago
No shade but she just doesn’t seem genuine enough. I know everyone’s response yo experiencing abuse/assault is different but idk …
Leroy VanWert Leroy VanWert . 2 weeks ago
This woman is so dramatic, she is trying so hard to play the victim, it’s obvious she is lying. They need to stop giving her time on TV
UncleBob UncleBob . 2 weeks ago
Hypocritical world whereby a man is crucified for domestic violence, yet a woman can say and do what she wants once shes proven to be a liar. This world has become a poor, weak joke, that allows maggots like this to have a voice and the idiots who interview her to make money off of it.
Olurotimi Idunnu Olurotimi Idunnu . 2 weeks ago
As she paid johnny.??
puja sharma puja sharma . 2 weeks ago
She is a terrible actor. She could not act if her life depended on it.
y2kf3iry_filmz y2kf3iry_filmz . 2 weeks ago
She needs to stop acting like she's a victim, she litteraly admitted on recording that she hit him, so idk why she's still trying to act like she's innocent
Ghanesh Rs Ghanesh Rs . 2 weeks ago
Let her rant.. more she rants.. better chances she will get sued again and finally put behind bars for purgery
baptiste270399 baptiste270399 . 2 weeks ago
why people are still inviting her in interviews
chris honegger chris honegger . 2 weeks ago
Amber heard is so pathetic
untitled untitled . 2 weeks ago
The more people entertain her lies, letting her do interviews etc., she will not stop. This kind of narci should just be ignored. She just wants attention whether it's good or bad. Good or bad publicity is still publicity. Isn't she paid for every interviews?
TroyandMilva TroyandMilva . 2 weeks ago
Somebody get her more drugs! We're not on them and living in her cloud.
Uwera Janet Uwera Janet . 2 weeks ago
Nyoko in my own language
Freddy Ramirez Freddy Ramirez . 2 weeks ago
She’s still trying to act lmao she’s so bad at it 😹
v v . 2 weeks ago
She is guilty and she know it... still she is trying her level best to defend herself by giving interviews what the hell is wrong with her and as we all know she is very bad at acting and the whole interview is filled with her overdramatic expressions 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Gabriel Adams Gabriel Adams . 2 weeks ago
She must like being sued for deformation, she's such an idiot.
She's a proven liar who's word cannot be trusted ever.
She obviously isn't living in reality. Maybe authorities she check her mental health to see if she's in some need of medical help. Also she definitely shouldn't have a kid not with her tendencies lack of control of temper.
Bartooc Bartooc . 2 weeks ago
I've seen private sex tapes with better acting than this.
Kirsten Gonzales Kirsten Gonzales . 2 weeks ago
i have seen people online that aren't fans of johhny,some of them even go as far to say the don't like or even hate johnny but side with him because what amber is saying is bullshit
Hunt Hunt . 2 weeks ago
She just proved that she's a massive hypocrite and contradicts herself.
therealbahamut therealbahamut . 2 weeks ago
"WELP, didn't get away with my big lie; better start working up some new ones!" <-- Amber, probably.
James C James C . 2 weeks ago
NBC gives her the knife....
Ryen JImenez Ryen JImenez . 2 weeks ago
she is so determined to make herself out as the hero
Nursing_girl 89 Nursing_girl 89 . 2 weeks ago
She is still badly acting in these interviews
MarkWolfe MarkWolfe . 2 weeks ago
Ross J MacGregor Ross J MacGregor . 2 weeks ago
wtf are you doing Asmon? Get away from this drama shit
Maturely Glam Maturely Glam . 2 weeks ago
I think she believes her lies!!
AlutaShade AlutaShade . 2 weeks ago
You can literally see the moment she “gets in to character” after being asked the first question 😒
Marlin Brooks Marlin Brooks . 2 weeks ago
She finna go back to court bro 😂
Linda Harrison Linda Harrison . 2 weeks ago
She don't live in the real world
Evans Fonseca Evans Fonseca . 2 weeks ago
I think Amber Turd is a test subject of Elon Musk nero link and her chip is gliching
cindy anthony cindy anthony . 2 weeks ago
Dimitris Beltsios Dimitris Beltsios . 2 weeks ago
Shut up and pay up.
Dominique Charriere Dominique Charriere . 2 weeks ago
I would have thought it would be forbidden to try to win a court case in the media that you have lost at court.
Double Double . 2 weeks ago
She a sore loser
Lazyboi101 Lazyboi101 . 2 weeks ago
Sounds like she reading from a fucking script lol
Avocado Dip Avocado Dip . 2 weeks ago
She needs help
spacebaged spacebaged . 2 weeks ago
Getting convicted for defamation and then going on TV to continue defaming the person who sued you is just mind-numbingly stupid. She needs to walk away and accept that the world saw through her lies. It's OVER.
Patrick Fleming Patrick Fleming . 2 weeks ago
Her entire team should be fired. Edward scissor hands was a movie and to reference that is this interview has to be the dumbest argument ever in the history of arguments.
DBZFanatic DBZFanatic . 2 weeks ago
I thought she wanted to be left alone after the trial?
Ramon Graham Ramon Graham . 2 weeks ago
"I just lost a $15 million defamation case, maybe I should go on national news and continue slandering the person who sued me for defamation"
Bashir Jama Bashir Jama . 2 weeks ago
The media is guilty to give her another platform to spread her lies ! should have been banned from all media !
Brutus Suturb Brutus Suturb . 2 weeks ago
She shouldn't be talking about Johnny Dept again because no matter what she says, she's already exposed as a liar. EXTREMELY DUMB!
The Greatest The Greatest . 2 weeks ago
tbf u speak fax sometimes so it's a possibility
Ybot Ybot . 2 weeks ago
how is she not in jail for domestic abuse yet???

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