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Life As Nique

Life As Nique

Published on 2 weeks ago

Social media :
Instagram- @niquee
Snapchat- niqueee2
Email: [email protected]

Rosalyn Love Rosalyn Love . 4 hours ago
O, yes u whipping it wit da knee it’s giving good driver
Ugh cmon Nique let’s be friends. My MFN girl 🥰💜
Talor s Talor s . 4 days ago
I love watching you’re videos, thanks for little sneak peak.
Donna Wright Donna Wright . 1 week ago
Big boss
Marty’s Kitchen Marty’s Kitchen . 1 week ago
I just want you, king, Laina, & Dewayne to have a sit down video on Nique & king ! Babyyyyy it’s gone do numbers & break the internet
Wessss Wessss . 1 week ago
I love your relationship with Kaiser 🥹💕💕💕
Kiani K Kiani K . 1 week ago
I’m so happpppy 😂 I love this for you
Bladdah Bladdah . 1 week ago
They can’t drive wit they knee cause they ain’t from Houston
She’s Favored She’s Favored . 1 week ago
What’s the website for the Jeans
Deloris Holman Deloris Holman . 1 week ago
Couldn’t see what the tripod was us was blurry or the name
Jasmine Hart Jasmine Hart . 1 week ago
I love when Nique post 🥰🥰🥰🥰
shay shay . 1 week ago
when I get me a man ima be just like nique! My mannn, my mannn, my mannnnnnnnn🥰
Deloris Holman Deloris Holman . 1 week ago
Where did you get the jeans from didn’t here
Dyra Malone Dyra Malone . 1 week ago
Those pictures was great i gotta try that myself thanks girl
Lizzie P. Lizzie P. . 1 week ago
ugh you’re just so beautiful and you being happy makes it even better! it is giving grown uppppp ok! and awww i’m so excited to know y’all will be living together🥰🥰❤️
Ruby Rizz Ruby Rizz . 2 weeks ago
Allllllllll of your videos be click bait. Not even funny nomore. Just a whole lot of repeating yourself for 15 mins straight . Never do anything that’s in the title. Been watching u for yearssssss. Please do better nique. It’s not just kids watching.
Antonia Gray Antonia Gray . 2 weeks ago
Now Nique this was VLOG!! ❤
Cailynmarie Cailynmarie . 2 weeks ago
Yesss nique eating toaster strudels and eggs that’s a me nd nique typa thing y’all it’s so good
Kicking It With The Kerr's Kicking It With The Kerr's . 2 weeks ago
I’m so happy for you babe🥰 y’all are a cute couple. Y’all continue to make each other happy keep your business and personal life to yourselves.💯 Baby because once you’re married baaaby you’re stuck 4 life. Coming from a happily married woman🥰😂
Chasity Hillard Chasity Hillard . 2 weeks ago
It’s me singing along “she’s really really buff” 😂😂
Breanna James Breanna James . 2 weeks ago
its the throwback music for me, Nique!
Rosetta Ware Rosetta Ware . 2 weeks ago
What happened to Koby?!!!
Gawana meriwether Gawana meriwether . 2 weeks ago
You Go Nique sooo happy for you a ✌ a mind stay blessed pretty woman.
Dessybeautybando Dessybeautybando . 2 weeks ago
Love it ❤
Mattress Ford Mattress Ford . 2 weeks ago
Pics beautiful nique
Breanne Robertson Breanne Robertson . 2 weeks ago
Definitely add the black throw!! It'll really tie it all together.
Scratch Off Goddess Scratch Off Goddess . 2 weeks ago
Love the hair per always, I know it was from Kendra but can you please link what type of hair is is, all them jeans are 🔥
Ms. Charee Ms. Charee . 2 weeks ago
Yes to the black throw
Mia’s World Mia’s World . 2 weeks ago
You should get a light pink throw cover on it or a white that matches the comforter
Osia Drummond Osia Drummond . 2 weeks ago
Omg I Love Nique so so much 😍 I been a supporter since wayyyyy back in the day and will always Support Nique 100%. I hope I could meet her someday 💕
Vibing With Nay Vibing With Nay . 2 weeks ago
Nique really be bringing the content 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️
Shunta Tonyy Shunta Tonyy . 2 weeks ago
15:54 Literally I feel like I was be a Great friend any day period point blank 🤪purr💁
QueenNot2Shy QueenNot2Shy . 2 weeks ago
Yass Nique! Everything is giving girl! So happy for you.. You deserve it! 💯❤️❤️❤️
Vibing With Nay Vibing With Nay . 2 weeks ago
Nique is definitely glowing and happy and I’m so happy for her like it looks good on her ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nanaaaa Nanaaaa . 2 weeks ago
Why scrambled eggs always remind me of nique tho and freakin toaster struddles 🤭😂😂
Michelle Falcon Michelle Falcon . 2 weeks ago
Is dwayne moving in with her??
celia martinez celia martinez . 2 weeks ago
Girl check your BF he out here looking bitter. You know how he talking about his BM isn’t a good look and his f roles were reversed you wouldn’t like it. As women we need not support this.
Jasmine Walker Jasmine Walker . 2 weeks ago
Look into the cabbage soup diet
Dreanna Tv Dreanna Tv . 2 weeks ago
You are adorable 😭😭😭
Laurice Kearney Laurice Kearney . 2 weeks ago
So happy for you Nique. Cannot wait to see the vlogs with you and D Bacon.
Ty_visa Ty_visa . 2 weeks ago
Dang been 2 years no Nique and king hell goin on they had half a billion views on they channel was the best YouTube channel fr🤦🏾‍♂️
Milani Milani . 2 weeks ago
The pictures came out 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.
Milani Milani . 2 weeks ago
Just follow a whole foods diet & make your favorite snacks & desserts from scratch occasionally rather than buying them from restaurants & grocery & convenient stores. They contain healthier & simpler ingredients & it saves money in the long run.
Diamond A Diamond A . 2 weeks ago
I love the long videos 💕 and I’m happy that you are happy with your relationship
Keke Life Keke Life . 2 weeks ago
Nique ur so beautiful
Jenn ForReal Jenn ForReal . 2 weeks ago
What do u use to edit your pics
Life with raquil Life with raquil . 2 weeks ago
Tell us what ???
Tiffany Michelle Tiffany Michelle . 2 weeks ago
Hey Nique! ☺️☺️☺️ Ugh where’s Koby!?🤷🏾‍♀️
Marcüs White Marcüs White . 2 weeks ago
I love the belly button ring.
Nicole Askey Nicole Askey . 2 weeks ago
Is tape ins better than clip ins I’m just curious?

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