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Published on 2 weeks ago

Akaash is on vacation, so Barstool's own Dave Portnoy joined the boys to get flagrant and talk: Call Her Daddy, Trump, the early days of Barstool and pizza reviews - INDULGE

0:00 - start
1:00 - Portnoy made Trump confess
12:00 - Portnoy and Schulz hate Business Insider magazine
34:00 - beef with AOC and unions
56:11 - Portnoy's parents saw his tapes
1:07:12 - the success of Pizza Reviews
1:36:20 - who would Portnoy fight?

El Presidente came through with a hell of an ep - COMMENT FOR THE ALGO
Josh Lowe Josh Lowe . 1 hour ago
Maybe not who we want , but who we need-shultz2024
Knob Knuckle Knob Knuckle . 2 hours ago
Portnoy 2028
bleanto bleanto . 15 hours ago
Damn i hope that black guy isn’t getting paid for this shit ill quit my job and start begging andrew for that job all day every day
Snarpsta Snarpsta . 17 hours ago
Portnoy is such a clown
fightbackfakenews fightbackfakenews . 20 hours ago
Tries not to be political until what this past week. Lmao. Dave is desperate trying to hold onto his kingdom has thrown in the towel to the left
dstir23 dstir23 . 23 hours ago
Bring on Trump next!
G D G D . 1 day ago
Go prez, go !
Clyde Burgess Clyde Burgess . 1 day ago
@1:31:52 is the viral short clip. Thank me later.
Michael Stopperich Michael Stopperich . 2 days ago
Davey took an addy
Ali Mawri Ali Mawri . 2 days ago
The mid 😂
NoSoyAllowed NoSoyAllowed . 2 days ago
Sorry Dave but the majority of your employees are far left soy boi’s and blue haired Karen’s. You’re website is slowly turning into Buzzfeed buddy.
NoSoyAllowed NoSoyAllowed . 2 days ago
Imagine admitting that you are a Call Her Daddy fan. 🤡🌎🤡🌎🤡🌎
c4n4d4 c4n4d4 . 2 days ago
Why are the other 2 guys there?
GinTV Podcast GinTV Podcast . 2 days ago
Dope interview
Ryanrocks45 Ryanrocks45 . 2 days ago
I love the description, "Akaash is on vacation, so Barstool's own Dave Portnoy joined the boys to get flagrant and talk". Like Dave didn't want to be there if Akaash was there lmfao
Kouzina Sophia Kouzina Sophia . 2 days ago
Dave You’re such a fcking goat for fighting back against the newspapers that went after you. Thank you thank you thank you that’s how you make change!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼✊🏼
bootl3gLL bootl3gLL . 2 days ago
Take a shot for everytime Dave says that he's been doing this for 20 years
Brennan Matthew Doyle Brennan Matthew Doyle . 2 days ago
Does anyone else think that Dave looks like a Mark Zuckerberg after being stranded on an island for weeks?
Sami Khalifa Sami Khalifa . 3 days ago
Only a White man in America can defend himself saying the ‘n’ word by ending his statement by attacking the BLM organization. I don’t think this dude is racist but talking about BLM organizers stealing funds has nothing to do with him saying the ‘n’ word. BLM is also an organization that stemmed from the movement of the same name. Do not mix them up consciously or unconsciously. People were screaming Black Lives Matter to bring about police reform so that their loved ones aren’t killed in cold blood as well, not to prop up an organization.
HG Wells HG Wells . 3 days ago
Still waiting Flagrant lady lumby sticking
jonesie jonesie . 3 days ago
THURSTON HOWELL WANTS HIS LIVING ROOM BACK. Hate the couch and the new set up. It sucked when Rogan was on. I haven't watched again until this episode. Funny how a couch could change everything. Andrew is becoming more like "the man", please don't polish it up anymore than this.

Old fan wavering
Anti Decepticon Anti Decepticon . 3 days ago
Fuck feelings fuck it all you know there is only 7 allowable haircuts in north korea? why are we not invading that 8-track shithole?? Because of dennis rodman COMON
Anti Decepticon Anti Decepticon . 3 days ago
If its in a song and you sing along that is the fault of the artist. dont be making catchy tunes with slurs if its such a huge problem. we coundn't even say [ussy on the radio in 1995 so check your self first why you have that hate....
Snoogcity Snoogcity . 3 days ago
Imagine trying to watch Fallon or the other late night buffoons after watching this. Great production guys, keep it away from THE SUITS!!
Amber Chu Amber Chu . 3 days ago
Don’t get how anyone can not like Dave. Genuine dude. 🙌🏼
tweakmode808 tweakmode808 . 3 days ago
This made me change my perspective on him. Along with his post about roe vs wade. He also confirms that white guys like wearing short shorts…
Brendan Kerr Brendan Kerr . 3 days ago
Flagrant to the moon. Great content. Keep it up!!!
InfiltratorNY InfiltratorNY . 4 days ago
Barstool is viewed as right-wing white boys frat.
SE11 SE11 . 4 days ago
I want Andrew to promise he shan’t wear those white shants ever again.
Caleb C Caleb C . 4 days ago
both of you are absolute jokes.
SuperJcoleFan SuperJcoleFan . 4 days ago
Barstool gave the best Trump interview hands down
After The Summer // Daniel Burton After The Summer // Daniel Burton . 4 days ago
Dude how cool would it be to have TRUMP on flagrant??
James Edward Sterling James Edward Sterling . 4 days ago
Dudes got holes in his shirt. What a baller! lol
Tom Brady Tom Brady . 4 days ago
I use to thank trump was a joke but still better than Hillary, but then I realized he’s just raw and says it how it is and straight to the point. And that he’s for the people, yes he’s a business man, yes he’s gonna make deals and do things that will make him even richer but he knows to take the people with him. He wants everybody to win!
Eduardo Thomaso Eduardo Thomaso . 4 days ago
Great episode
Fritz Jackson Fritz Jackson . 5 days ago
You could have made this episode far more legendary by trolling his fucking 80 IQ.
d a d a . 5 days ago
So far good guest lineup but I can do without the hysterical laughing at EVERY. LITTLE. THING.
Jake Marez Jake Marez . 5 days ago
Man you have to respect Dave
superPINEAPPLEmonkey superPINEAPPLEmonkey . 5 days ago
Real talk if you’re having kids simply because you think retirement is going to be boring and you need a place to focus your energy you shouldnt have children at all.
FIF_90 FIF_90 . 5 days ago
Scudd TV Scudd TV . 5 days ago
For the record I was a stoolie first
Brendanconnors Brendanconnors . 6 days ago
What’s with the black dude who says nothing but only opens his mouth to talk shit about Boston sports
st3ve st3ve . 6 days ago
Bro imagine getting will smith
st3ve st3ve . 6 days ago
Please get Tom cruise
st3ve st3ve . 6 days ago
Because of this show I haven’t even started watching the umbrella company
John Jobson John Jobson . 6 days ago
Nice!!! Your guest are getting bigger and better. Glad you did this on flagrant and not BI. I would hate to have to listen to CTG talk about mental health The Whole fucking time. Great Interview.
Chief Chief . 6 days ago
Andrew is wearing capris

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