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Don't Hug Me .I'm Scared

Don't Hug Me .I'm Scared

Published on 2 weeks ago


The weirdcore world The weirdcore world . 33 minutes ago
If You don't have the money, we need another video of HELP
icecream cat icecream cat . 50 minutes ago
omg finnaly
The_hsg1 The_hsg1 . 1 hour ago
I can’t wait this was a huge part of my childhood
Nil Nil . 1 hour ago
When I first met my girlfriend I gave her a green jumper i printed with "*green is not a creative colour" written on it.
It's now 10 years later,
She's now my wife and we are renovating our first house and she wears it as overalls, currently painting our kitchen green. Crazy
Killer! Killer! . 1 hour ago
el comentario en español que estabas buscando jaja brr
Lonely Replica Lonely Replica . 1 hour ago
And I thought the madness would be over
Capybara Capybara . 2 hours ago
😭😭 I'm so happy to see this
Kolby Kolby . 2 hours ago
N-no it can’t be back
Char10tti3 Char10tti3 . 2 hours ago
Alma Lara Alma Lara . 3 hours ago
There’s canned duck beneath the tv
Buddy Games Dev Buddy Games Dev . 3 hours ago
Episode 1 came out just before high school. Fitting Season 2 will drop just before university
Spinach Spinach . 3 hours ago
I'm excited about this
duolingo duolingo . 4 hours ago
the fact that this channel was made after 6 months and 4 days after I was born makes me have the same age of this channel (12 years old)
charisse gagne charisse gagne . 4 hours ago
TheFelix0503 TheFelix0503 . 4 hours ago
Pelease don't stop making videos!!! You're my heroes 💙
thegreek2010 thegreek2010 . 5 hours ago
0:37 you can see Roy
Mi Nombre es Delli ! Mi Nombre es Delli ! . 5 hours ago
waiting is the best weapon of any person
Infinitenik Infinitenik . 5 hours ago
Was literally thinking about DHMIS recently.
Viso Viso . 5 hours ago
Mackerel_Gaming Mackerel_Gaming . 5 hours ago
The boys are back in town
Justina Justina . 5 hours ago
Zack Whitehead Zack Whitehead . 5 hours ago
Just in case y'all didn't check the description, it's coming out in September on channel 4. Which channel 4, I don't know. British maybe?
Dorothy .*• Dorothy .*• . 6 hours ago
Alguien sabe qué pasó con Wakey Wakey?
Karl Weezer Karl Weezer . 7 hours ago
Someone replugged it in, Was it Dad?
So Breezy So Breezy . 7 hours ago
Good lord you guys are back...
ceaser yt ceaser yt . 7 hours ago
milan productions milan productions . 7 hours ago
Wow i can't believe im actually back here watching don't hug me im scared
vector mega 26 vector mega 26 . 7 hours ago
Dont touch me im angry
RaptureKilljoy RaptureKilljoy . 8 hours ago
Is it happening?
Juan Zabarburu Juan Zabarburu . 8 hours ago
La comunidad en español también es muy paciente
Bobby Brown Bobby Brown . 8 hours ago
я дождался
DiaperBoyDom DiaperBoyDom . 8 hours ago
I’m so excited for this
Qazim Shala Qazim Shala . 8 hours ago
What happend to wakey wakey?
Life is annoying. Life is annoying. . 9 hours ago
After *6 years*. 6 YEARS. FINALLY.
Shadow `Mella` Shadow `Mella` . 9 hours ago
V excited for sept😍
A N A N . 10 hours ago
Ian Roistacher Ian Roistacher . 11 hours ago
That gamerboy That gamerboy . 12 hours ago
these are one of yhe very few series to actually scare me good job
tag pres tag pres . 14 hours ago
okay that gave me goosebumps.
* * "Cherry Clown" * . 16 hours ago
Every time " *PeSkkU bEEEe* "
ace Dimalanta. castro ace Dimalanta. castro . 16 hours ago
The lore will be bigger in September 4 2022
Dav inthe TV Dav inthe TV . 16 hours ago
I am overly excited for this.
Kurt Nathan TUAZON Kurt Nathan TUAZON . 17 hours ago
"Pesky bee"
That triggered some ptsd and nostalgic flashbacks
Officer Jhon 117 Officer Jhon 117 . 18 hours ago
I'm telling mat pat from game theory
Hydreigon Commander 204 Hydreigon Commander 204 . 18 hours ago
There's always time for a song
r3ys r3ys . 18 hours ago
wait, what???
robotguy 3000 robotguy 3000 . 19 hours ago
o wow veo esto 33243 horas despues de su subida

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