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Published on 4 years ago

Cee Lo Green-Fuck You live at Taratata

Hernán Salto -Dumb Attempt Productions- Hernán Salto -Dumb Attempt Productions- . 1 year ago
Damn Big Smoke just got a fucking pink suit
sixstringsoneway sixstringsoneway . 1 year ago
Great song!! I have a video of my last band playing this live at a WILD Halloween party on my channel. We didn't swear, although we did drink...
Ashley ImagineNation Ashley ImagineNation . 1 year ago
I love this performance so very much... and never have I ever wanted to squeeze a tiny black man more then I do when I watch this. He is so fucking cute!
Camilo Saleme Camilo Saleme . 2 years ago
Guitarra não tá no tom da música. Os backs gravados tão fora do tempo. Que doideira é essa?
Mylo the Zoo-loving Scientist Mylo the Zoo-loving Scientist . 2 years ago
2:01 - Lol, that timing, though.
Cool Guy83 Songs Cool Guy83 Songs . 2 years ago
yes yes he did
FJD S FJD S . 2 years ago
Monster on the masked singer Uk
Tay-Taay and Ronnie Tay-Taay and Ronnie . 2 years ago
Jesus hes sweaty. It's that suit ain't it.
xXLili GachaXx xXLili GachaXx . 2 years ago
Sorry. ISNT THAT EMBARISING??? And I perfer the original. BuT i GuEsS iTs gOoD???
Tsune Tsune . 3 years ago
Fuck you very much hahahahahahahahaha LMAO
hafid leg hafid leg . 3 years ago
Lok her lok her ....fuck uou
Bwazes Tanks Bwazes Tanks . 3 years ago
M M . 4 years ago
Did he say pain in my pocket?
Bill Furlong Bill Furlong . 4 years ago
Drummer is killing it.

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