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Don't Tell Comedy

Don't Tell Comedy

Published on 3 weeks ago

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David Davundree Holmes David Davundree Holmes . 15 minutes ago
Funny Bit More Than That Originalhttps. ://
Tom Lawrence Tom Lawrence . 38 minutes ago
That's freaking hilarious.
JS Niagara JS Niagara . 39 minutes ago
Hilarious 😂 😃 😄
Bro reminds me of Ryan Davis😂😂 gotta be his half sister/brother 😂
Dylan Roach Dylan Roach . 1 hour ago
Bruh I’m so high I thought the joke was that he looks like a lesbian. Now Idk which version is funnier 😂
Marjorie Jonas Marjorie Jonas . 1 hour ago
Chidera Wills Chidera Wills . 2 hours ago
Rob Let’s do it Rob Let’s do it . 3 hours ago
Abbie Brock Abbie Brock . 3 hours ago
That is true comedy
Tiffany B Tiffany B . 4 hours ago
I can’t stop laughing
Oldest joke in the book but well delivered
T Buntyn T Buntyn . 4 hours ago
BananaSawyer BananaSawyer . 6 hours ago
The guy that said “ less go “ got me 🤣
Sagittarian Sage_22 Sagittarian Sage_22 . 6 hours ago
gotmilk2070 gotmilk2070 . 6 hours ago
KETO In the Kitchen with Jasmine KETO In the Kitchen with Jasmine . 6 hours ago
🤣 nice.
Kevin Adams Kevin Adams . 7 hours ago
PERFECT !!!!!!
6FT3 SOLDIER 6FT3 SOLDIER . 7 hours ago
This is BABYLON!!
☆luvly_lina☆#TYSMFOR500 ☆luvly_lina☆#TYSMFOR500 . 7 hours ago
plot twist: the girl that was apart of this story was there
The One N Denis The One N Denis . 8 hours ago
Call em out!!! Hahahahaha “he didn’t like that one bit”!!!
Aries Matthews Aries Matthews . 9 hours ago
I was misgendered a lot as a baby on up until I was in my 20s now it only happens on the phone but I've never ever wanted to be a boy. Nevertheless, who I am is masculine and I've never shyed from that so I hate jokes like this. It's unbelievable how hard people work to turn a phrase to run right off the tracks
Angela H. Angela H. . 9 hours ago
Charles Lewis Charles Lewis . 9 hours ago
Mario Mirquis Mario Mirquis . 9 hours ago
God loves yall and Jesus Christ is returning soon and repent
alden altine alden altine . 9 hours ago
That was a good one. Lol
Sherri La Nicca Sherri La Nicca . 11 hours ago
By "his" logic, you were correct sir, I mean ma'am. (BC you had on a pink shirt, but you're in blue now!! I'm confused by you too!!)
Jim Westbrook Jim Westbrook . 12 hours ago
We need to see more of this lady
mrchadwick40 mrchadwick40 . 12 hours ago
Dumbazz joke
Maria Jason Maria Jason . 12 hours ago
Pink became women colour I believe in 80s ....or not?
Erin Jenkins Erin Jenkins . 13 hours ago
Random Human Random Human . 14 hours ago
"You can't hit a lady! Nonono," best thing iv heard all day
Patty Freeman Patty Freeman . 14 hours ago
Derice Robert Derice Robert . 15 hours ago
This so funny 😁 man
༈෴ะRUNAYะ෴༈ ༈෴ะRUNAYะ෴༈ . 15 hours ago
Melanie Anne Melanie Anne . 15 hours ago
That’s really funny
Love Pharaoh Love Pharaoh . 16 hours ago
NOLIMIT 3 NOLIMIT 3 . 17 hours ago
You were great in the Wire
Chrizzie 78 Chrizzie 78 . 17 hours ago
I just cant laugh at someone who uses the verb 'misgendering' unironically.
Fujoshi at heart Fujoshi at heart . 17 hours ago
Watching this wearing blue pyjama pant and pink t-shirt....
I'm 2 in 1.
areejimi areejimi . 17 hours ago
it used to be the opposite
Haley Scomet Haley Scomet . 17 hours ago
Well my gender is a girl I'm just going to wear blue for the rest of my life turning into a boy
Jonas King Jonas King . 18 hours ago
bro this dude is so funny 😭
-WoF- DarkNewton -WoF- DarkNewton . 18 hours ago
This man out here playing 4D chess to show how stupid this lady was, and I’m all for it
Roderick Childress Roderick Childress . 19 hours ago
Damn that's fucked up but it's real.... confusing
a e a e . 19 hours ago
Stevey Ray Stevey Ray . 20 hours ago
So good, so clever, love it
Reynaldo Molina Reynaldo Molina . 20 hours ago
Lol 😆
Barby Bubbles Barby Bubbles . 20 hours ago
Glen Mashaba Glen Mashaba . 20 hours ago

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