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Published on 5 months ago

Postmodern Jukebox Lounge Style cover of "Can't Feel My Face" by The Weeknd ft. Casey Abrams.
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PMJ Idol Casey Abrams returns -- in his own inimitable way -- to pay homage to lounge legends Martin, Newton, and Cheese in this Las Vegas Lounge-styled rendition of The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face."


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Casey Abrams (Vocals)
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Jake Chapman (Vibraphone):
Ian Solomon (Bass):
Dave Johnstone (Drums):

Scott Bradlee (Piano & Arrangement):

Engineered by: Thai Ly Long
Video by: Guy Livneh

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PostmodernJukebox PostmodernJukebox . 5 months ago
Thanks for watching our very first video of 2022!! Lots more to come :)
jade jade . 1 day ago
Casey Abrams is the Will Ferrel of jazz
Aaron Wakely Aaron Wakely . 3 days ago
Amazing....but I can't help "feel" that I'm watching Will Ferrell singing this..
Carla de Miranda Carla de Miranda . 3 days ago
going nuuuuuts with this one that i love!!!!! you're so neat i wanna sing with you guys
_anon_ _anon_ . 3 days ago
INTPMonica INTPMonica . 5 days ago
Casey basey!!!! Love this so much. It was so fun to watch and lovely to listen to.
Ben Pratt Ben Pratt . 1 week ago
Bass-Man YEAH!!!
Lisa is OVER it... Lisa is OVER it... . 1 week ago
Amazing! A Big Band rendition.
This is the best YouTube channel I've come across in a long time, absolutely gobsmacked, just wow!
Alexandra Cathrine Hansen Alexandra Cathrine Hansen . 1 week ago
omg Casey's face while he's singing. Makes my day!
yao wang yao wang . 2 weeks ago
Oooh yeah, u killed it slick
Stanislav Skarupke Stanislav Skarupke . 2 weeks ago
Блин. Что с ним произошло за пять лет ??? Что его так разнесло???
Rick Wieland Rick Wieland . 2 weeks ago
Man, you’ve come a long ways as a singer from your American Idol days. Good to see.
Khánh Trang Khánh Trang . 2 weeks ago
I subcribed and like when i see "the weeknd"
Rocco the sleepy gamer Rocco the sleepy gamer . 2 weeks ago
omg the voice 👁️👄👁️👁️👄👁️
Prolinium Prolinium . 3 weeks ago
Casey's voice. Kick my shoes off of an evening....headphones on and I just melt. Incredible sound. Most of PMJ have this effect. Sara, Effie, Tia, Haley to name just a few of the best artistes around right now. Judging by the reactions of the European Tour I ain't alone. *Nùmero Uno Estoy Seguro* ;-)
Oxim2100 Oxim2100 . 3 weeks ago
windfall windfall . 3 weeks ago
Wow! Casey your such a solid and diverse talent. You look good with you hair down.
Thank you for sharing your art.
inkagiz inkagiz . 3 weeks ago
That was absolutely stellar brilliant and completely caught me off guard.
Michelle Dennelly Michelle Dennelly . 3 weeks ago
The energy is literally everything 🤩🤩
Sherry Faith Sherry Faith . 3 weeks ago
Bravo Bravo 👏👏
Japo Lieb Japo Lieb . 3 weeks ago
xylophone guy is amazing!
Arlette DUYTSCHE Arlette DUYTSCHE . 3 weeks ago
J'adore !!!!!!!!!!
Queen PushyCat Queen PushyCat . 4 weeks ago
i actually like Jimmy Fallon rendition of this song when he had the musical impression with Ariana Grande.
Syazween M. Sharif Syazween M. Sharif . 4 weeks ago
I am in love with this!
From start to end <3
SnoOpDoGGfan100 SnoOpDoGGfan100 . 4 weeks ago
Is there a band on YouTube that plays, in this style, actual old songs and jazz? Would be cool if PMJ makes a second channel where they cover classics.
Sandra-Louise at Mumma2s Place Sandra-Louise at Mumma2s Place . 4 weeks ago
Wowsas 🕺💃🏻💜
oppie p oppie p . 1 month ago
subs! love it!
LowKeyOP LowKeyOP . 1 month ago
Is that Howard Stern on the xylophone?
Zhanna Zhanna . 1 month ago
The moment he pulls out a mouth piano
Zhanna Zhanna . 1 month ago
tevvya tevvya . 1 month ago
This is the first PMJ video I have seen with a *male* lead singer. Nice. Good work, Casey.
Mafia Chayanee Mafia Chayanee . 1 month ago
OMG! I LOVE this!!!!❤️‍🔥✨
Finn Sunflower ♪ Finn Sunflower ♪ . 1 month ago
ARRGGG, this is amazing; keep uploading this kind of Jazz version of every modern song.
Duh6666666 Duh6666666 . 2 months ago
Sarianos Black Sarianos Black . 2 months ago
Is it just me or does Casey look somewhat uncannily like a younger Francis Pryor from Time Team?
Salih Emre Salih Emre . 2 months ago
After Iron Man's death, Happy seems find a new job as a drummer..
Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny . 2 months ago
This is so cool 😎
Dio Trianda Dio Trianda . 2 months ago
i think , "call out my name" also would be great on this vibes
Tighe Carroll Tighe Carroll . 2 months ago
best post modern performance by far
Gia Gia . 2 months ago
Trying to figure out what the song means. Is it about someone in love with alcohol or someone that has been kissing someone that has left over meth in their mouth or maybe someone who made out with someone so much that their face is numb?
Antonio Guerrero Antonio Guerrero . 2 months ago
I love It 🖤
Paula Moral Paula Moral . 2 months ago
GROSO! in english ... YOU ARE THE BEST!
Marcela Oyarce Marcela Oyarce . 2 months ago
It's great! Please let ur hair loose in the next one.
galaxy galaxy . 2 months ago
It's soooooo beautiful 😍😍😍 on repeat every day 🤩🤩🤩
take it easy take it easy . 2 months ago
very talneted
MISFIT 1NE MISFIT 1NE . 2 months ago
jacobianmail jacobianmail . 2 months ago
"I can't feel my face when I'm with you"...........cocaine?
Enoch Enoch . 2 months ago
Imagine doing coke to this.
Gary Smith Gary Smith . 2 months ago
Glad that I stumbled across this. Just opened up a lot of music to me!
PiOrionis PiOrionis . 2 months ago
Casey, always making it fun.

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