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Glee Forever!

Glee Forever!

Published on 6 years ago

trishapaytasfan06 trishapaytasfan06 . 3 days ago
“at least i didn’t fall and break my talent” THIS LINE 💀
trishapaytasfan06 trishapaytasfan06 . 3 days ago
“at least i didn’t fall and break my talent” THIS LINE 💀
mr•gh0st mr•gh0st . 7 days ago
it’s amazing seeing them have so much fun !! if only she wasn’t just a substitute ☺️☺️
Cormac Bowman Cormac Bowman . 1 week ago
Is this a class or an after school club?
Kinley Harris Kinley Harris . 1 week ago
Can we talk about how in season 1, Fin mentions how “Gwyneth Paltrow named her child Apple” while he was talking to Quinn ab baby names, and then Gwyneth Paltrow shows up on the show as this girl and no one seems to remember that he talked ab her as an actress…
teamorusita teamorusita . 1 week ago
i think glee had some effect on my adolescence
Pete Shields Pete Shields . 1 week ago
butter is yellow not white.
Ethan Hand Ethan Hand . 1 week ago
Seriously what WAS that Girl’s issue here? That Sub was Awesome!!
msushi98 msushi98 . 2 weeks ago
Artie’s blaccent did not age well
Cpt. Cool Cpt. Cool . 2 weeks ago
strange seeing puck look at a girl that is older as ten
Ron Casallas Ron Casallas . 2 weeks ago
Shes so hot!!!:)
Samonelly Samonelly . 2 weeks ago
I love her outfit though
Sandra Sader Sandra Sader . 2 weeks ago
I can't afford a Ferrari or a Lamborghini BUT I can DESIGN them :D
Dyodoleu Dyodoleu . 2 weeks ago
Dyodoleu Dyodoleu . 2 weeks ago
Seeing Pucks actor is so fkn weird after having watched an entire documentary about how deranged this man already was during this time of filming 😐
Javier Caruso Javier Caruso . 3 weeks ago
Glee was cringe asf.

Still is.
Berkless1 Berkless1 . 3 weeks ago
“I’m Mike Chang”
Antônia Mota Antônia Mota . 3 weeks ago
Aimee Bonham Aimee Bonham . 3 weeks ago
My son loves Glee
Holly: I want you to have fun
Rachel: what

like her face in that moment
James Lachapelle James Lachapelle . 3 weeks ago
The Cheerleaders are Smoking Hot
Yoshua Bolt Yoshua Bolt . 4 weeks ago
I hate this song but I love their performance of it ❤️
Koriander Al-Ghoul Koriander Al-Ghoul . 4 weeks ago
Woah, add singing on to her list of talents
rohl1979 rohl1979 . 1 month ago
Гвинет классная!!!
edgarsky edgarsky . 1 month ago
When you see Gwyneth on screen, you just can't take your eyes off her and see the rest.
Jacey Fruitcum Jacey Fruitcum . 1 month ago
There goes the band just— blasting off at a “HIT IT” poor, talented bastards.
twit twit . 1 month ago
Calm down Rachel, she's just a substitute teacher no need to feel threatened and send her into a crack house, she ain't stealing your solos.
Cyb3r_gh0st Cyb3r_gh0st . 1 month ago
holly gives me jareth from labyrinth vibes and idk why but i love it
arctic bear arctic bear . 1 month ago
"you're psychic" hahahahahahahaha
Avery Joy Avery Joy . 1 month ago
I miss naya 😭
CB_Edits CB_Edits . 2 months ago
So pepper potts used to be a substitute teacher huh?… neat!
Lava Blasst Lava Blasst . 2 months ago
Ugh my gosh, Rachel is so annoying, if it's not about her, it's just eye roll and shrugs, like shut up
Inna Inna . 2 months ago
.. and that's how she got Mr. Brad Falchuk 😆👏💞😆👏
valley valley . 2 months ago
Kurt looks like he's having so much fun in this it's warming my heart
Albert Snijders Albert Snijders . 2 months ago
This series is so addictive.
morbidsearch morbidsearch . 2 months ago
Gwyneth may be a very messy person irl but her character on Glee was phenomenal
Maltos Patutoa-Tauelima Maltos Patutoa-Tauelima . 2 months ago
Quinn Hannah and Britney: ain't that some shh

Me:IT! :)
Fan-Made Guy Fan-Made Guy . 2 months ago
Gwyneth Paltrow is just so very hot, pretty, beautiful, gorgeous and good looking. Her hair, her legs and her face is just amazing and sexy.
Hamil cat Hamil cat . 2 months ago
I will forever be convinced that the reason rachel hated Holly so much was because she knew that Holly would not be the type to let her have every solo
Madlen Unger Madlen Unger . 2 months ago
Dieser Anfang 😂😂😂
John3:16 John3:16 . 2 months ago
For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.(John 3:16)✝️
W D Massey W D Massey . 2 months ago
I thank that the real reason why they would come in last is because of Sue Sylvester's sabotage and also the real reason why will Schuster doesn't want a celo green like that song is because when that season of Glee coming out it was because it was currently recent at that point of time of the 2010s
Julia Key Julia Key . 2 months ago
i was waiting the whole time they were dancing for someone to slip on the butter mid song
Eleventyseven Eleventyseven . 3 months ago
Artie using AAVE is not the vibe 😑
Andres Urena Andres Urena . 3 months ago
Is this a thing? Buttering the floor for substitute teachers in the states? Where does it come from? Quite puzzled by that…
Cierra Dunham Cierra Dunham . 3 months ago
Song starts at 2:12 for those who want to know
Jay Cavinder Jay Cavinder . 3 months ago
That teacher can give me detention.
oliver oliver . 3 months ago
i can forgive gwenyth paltrow for goop because she slayed this
oliver oliver . 3 months ago
that felt like a spiritual and religious experience
Eleanor Holland Eleanor Holland . 3 months ago
At 2:48 Kurt's dance made me laugh so hard

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