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The Late Late Show with James Corden

The Late Late Show with James Corden

Published on 4 months ago

James asks Lizzo about her new album coming out April 14 and she lets us hear a taste of "About Damn Time" and now we're counting down the days. And Reggie Watts has a question for Lizzo and Gabrielle Union.

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Penelope Lane Penelope Lane . 15 hours ago
So we’re not going to talk about Lizzo quoting Bring It On to GABRIELLE UNION?
Elena & jesus the California boy Is back Elena & jesus the California boy Is back . 2 days ago
let me know that who have lizzo number
Elena & jesus the California boy Is back Elena & jesus the California boy Is back . 2 days ago
I think Lizzo is hot
Lucy Lucy . 2 days ago
I love her! She has the best personality!
R P Poker R P Poker . 3 days ago
Dammmmmmmmn huge
Tyler Tyler . 4 days ago
In a minute, I’m a need a sentimental man or woman to pump me up.
♡Cellfish 헤수 ♡Cellfish 헤수 . 5 days ago
Aera J Aera J . 5 days ago
Gawd Lizzo is the ideal bestie everyone wish they had ....she is such a mood uplifter
but my badluck I don't think I wud be able to meet her in real
honestly it would be real great if I could see her or listen to her BOPS live
Amanda Quest Amanda Quest . 6 days ago
She performed this at the BET awards a few days ago & killed it! Amazing talent. Gorgeous lady.
Laura Norvig Laura Norvig . 1 week ago
"will there be a TikTok dance?" well that was prophetic!
La Melidosa La Melidosa . 1 week ago
"You can hear some of it pretty soon" Like she didn't give him the record..
Then he's like "thank you for sharing" While she's looking at him like... 'I thought you had the top secret vinyl' 👀🤔🤦😏
Caligula Germanicus Caligula Germanicus . 1 week ago
I was gonna have a salad but instead I'm going to dive into a bucket of Crisco after watching this

Spirit Wiles Spirit Wiles . 1 week ago
N N . 1 week ago
Marlie Venerable Marlie Venerable . 2 weeks ago
Lizzos outfit is soo cute
D Trippy D Trippy . 2 weeks ago
That stretched out blue garbage bage
William Verlaber William Verlaber . 2 weeks ago
I just heard she received a wildcard for Wimbledon.
dji zzah dji zzah . 2 weeks ago
nothing new hear, thats flat out seventies vibe, i like it
Andrea Andrea . 2 weeks ago
EmilieSagae EmilieSagae . 3 weeks ago
Someone help me, part of the instrumental from this song reminds me of an 80s funk song that gets used in lots of cheesy commercials and video montages. I can't remember what it's called!
Carol Mcquade Carol Mcquade . 3 weeks ago
Lizzo is so good
Bobby Bobby . 3 weeks ago
Her outfit was inspired by the great Blue whale.
Mike Diamondz Mike Diamondz . 3 weeks ago
amazing how USA promotes idiocy ... Biden is the proof
She should cancel her annual McDonald's food ticket
david42na david42na . 3 weeks ago
She got the closest to hippo she could
Summzy787 Summzy787 . 3 weeks ago
That dress she’s wearing is stunning<333
Khloe Weldon Khloe Weldon . 4 weeks ago
I love lizzo she’s so postive!!!! And funny!!!
lalrindiki chongthu lalrindiki chongthu . 4 weeks ago
Its about danm timeeeee🤪
Muts2.0 Muts2.0 . 4 weeks ago
I love Lizzie so much!
Omar Bataineh Omar Bataineh . 4 weeks ago
You and your zodiac signs 🤦
X X . 4 weeks ago
no Lizzie fatquire, no.
Mike Staxs Mike Staxs . 4 weeks ago
Lizzo is gross... the agenda to make fat the new fit is NOT going to catch on. At least not for me because Im not stupid
shakoor essmaily shakoor essmaily . 4 weeks ago
안녕 안녕 . 4 weeks ago
멋진 여자
Margaret W Margaret W . 4 weeks ago
She has the BEST laugh!! Love her so much. And the 80's are back people!!! 80's dance music.
Matt yardley Matt yardley . 4 weeks ago
I love you lizzo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tswift_x_mtrain tswift_x_mtrain . 1 month ago
capri capri . 1 month ago
i love this girl.
Stephanie Theng Stephanie Theng . 1 month ago
She's so positive, she is beautiful!!
Brayden Maguire Brayden Maguire . 1 month ago
we need a carpool karaoke video with lizzo on the show.
Gribouille Le Chaton Gribouille Le Chaton . 1 month ago
Lizzo is so big god pls help her
jovanivida jovanivida . 1 month ago
I hope she tries to get healthy.
Emma Jefferson Emma Jefferson . 1 month ago
"Will there be a TikTok dance?"🤣🤣hell yeah!
Sarah Parr Sarah Parr . 1 month ago
The head boppin dance! I love it 💓💗
Barry Barry . 1 month ago
I need to know!!!! Did Lizzo and Gabby do the dance?!?!?!?!?!?
Chad Chad . 1 month ago
Cant she just lose weight
MarLa MarLa . 1 month ago
Stylist: what look you wanna go for, Gurl?
Jake Stone Jake Stone . 1 month ago
ava edalat ava edalat . 1 month ago
kalianis santana kalianis santana . 1 month ago
I heared it

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