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Published on 6 years ago

The Weeknd - Secrets/Can’t Feel My Face (Vevo Presents) an exclusive live performance for Vevo.
The Weeknd performed for fans at the LA Hangar Studios on December 17, 2016, highlighting music from his ‘Starboy’ album. Kendrick Lamar was his guest during a performance of “Sidewalks.”

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Judith Ajoku Judith Ajoku . 4 days ago
That guitarist!!!!! Did justice to this show !!! Whattttt
sadiccha sedai sadiccha sedai . 1 week ago
Best one till this very moment
shea teague shea teague . 2 weeks ago
Great band
shea teague shea teague . 2 weeks ago
💕 the stage
shea teague shea teague . 2 weeks ago
Melzinhaandressa@gmail Andressa Santos [email protected] Andressa Santos . 3 weeks ago
Perfeito ❤️❤️
Romina Garmendia Romina Garmendia . 3 weeks ago
Discovering Secrets in 2022...
каналKVA каналKVA . 3 weeks ago
Я бы даже подумал о том, что это работа одного мастера. В общем респектосик.☺
каналKVA каналKVA . 3 weeks ago
Блин... тут все "мое" и шоу, и цвета, и сьемка, и weekend всем нравится: выглядит/поет/двигается. И даже вступительная картинка клипа; в инсте fc liverpool выкладывает свои посты и то как они выполнены... очень похоже на "это".
Brandon 01 Brandon 01 . 3 weeks ago
at 3:15...
Kendall March Kendall March . 4 weeks ago
Love this live performance. He sounds even better live. He can move too.
vishnu dg vishnu dg . 1 month ago
Love youu
matthew barcomb matthew barcomb . 1 month ago
You’re talent on stage is perfection, you have the crowd all the way through, gods watch over you brother, much respect
Birdnest Birdnest . 1 month ago
the visuals so crazy he looks like he's in heaven 3:02
xdecipherousx xdecipherousx . 2 months ago
Talent is just whariris💯👌🏾🤟🏾
Otirda Rohorp Otirda Rohorp . 2 months ago
The voice ohh
Leonardo Carpio Leonardo Carpio . 2 months ago
Danny H. Danny H. . 2 months ago
Cuando sonó can't feel my face y se prendió el público alv y sentía como si estuviese allí ☺️✨❤️
Naruto FF Naruto FF . 2 months ago
4MFILMS oficial 4MFILMS oficial . 2 months ago
영지 영지 . 2 months ago
3:40 얼굴못느껴
Donna Lister Donna Lister . 2 months ago
But I love it hey!!!
Santiago Iván Luna Santiago Iván Luna . 3 months ago
cuando viene a la ARGENTINA WEEK ????
Tiff The Piff Tiff The Piff . 3 months ago
I feel like he performs better as his regular self than when in costume for after hours and dawn fm, hope it performs without that extra makeup and such so he can be more free
Gina Steadman Gina Steadman . 3 months ago
Hi l am gina daughter l watch him like a thousand tomes and l watch he's super bowl in 2021 and he is celebrity crash since 2019
Jonathan Doherty Jonathan Doherty . 3 months ago
Best performance and tightest jam ever
TiCTAC2930 TiCTAC2930 . 3 months ago
I would love to go to one of his concerts.
Daniel Garcia Daniel Garcia . 3 months ago
👍👍👍👍 Like Cool 👍👍😎
Armin Hosseini Armin Hosseini . 3 months ago
José Luís José Luís . 3 months ago
The Best Music of All....I Love it ....
MoonWalker1790 MoonWalker1790 . 3 months ago
Weeknd is one of the few artists who have a unique talent, my respect for Lord Abel, i love your music ❤❤❤
Jessica Blackmore Jessica Blackmore . 3 months ago
Work it Abel! I see you x
Ashanti Lloyd Ashanti Lloyd . 4 months ago
I want to go to his concert badly
ZOVIO ZOVIO . 4 months ago
hands-down on of my favourite abel's live performance.
TheCrazedClasher TheCrazedClasher . 4 months ago
This man is the king of transitions, facts!
Sonia Teacher MGPS. Sonia Teacher MGPS. . 4 months ago
Anupal 007 Anupal 007 . 4 months ago
It’s been long 5 years still fresh as new af ❤️
Abel Supremacy
Erica Ridenour Erica Ridenour . 4 months ago
Love these songs tonight.
vishnu dg vishnu dg . 5 months ago
Raquel Flauzina Raquel Flauzina . 5 months ago
Euvose junto amor lehau novela agora noite
Raquel Flauzina Raquel Flauzina . 5 months ago
Novela agora noite 🌃 aqui iba
Raquel Flauzina Raquel Flauzina . 5 months ago
Sempre juntos 🙈 aqui vose junto
Raquel Flauzina Raquel Flauzina . 5 months ago
Já tinha visto gosava muito especial sumusica TV
Gildas Gildas . 5 months ago
Je fais le même rêve tous les soirs
Ro Bustos Ro Bustos . 5 months ago
Happy birthday Abel🖤🇦🇷. Amo tu voz y tus letras
Mо Caт Mо Caт . 5 months ago
Luol Luol . 5 months ago
this is the most amazing apreapres and live I've ever heard and watched wonderful stand congratulations I love it so much ❤️🖐️💋 kisses from Brazil
ranbir Das ranbir Das . 5 months ago
still giving chills ✨✨
Jesus Flores Jesus Flores . 5 months ago
Excelente música puede faltar esos sonidos ala vieja escuela

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