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Published on 2 weeks ago

Minecraft But You Can Mine Anything with PrestonPlayz 👊


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Alexia Simpson Alexia Simpson . 11 minutes ago
Do some poke channel more
Megan Meier Megan Meier . 36 minutes ago
Pancakes Our Better than waffles
Rita W Jackson Rita W Jackson . 1 hour ago
YouTube commented ????
Cannan Cannan . 1 hour ago
Preston you can’t hold air stick your hand out you’re holding air
JaiDyn Winfield JaiDyn Winfield . 1 hour ago
Every time a youtuber says watch to the end I think about skipping to the end
Tyler Tyler . 2 hours ago
1:51 I wanted to leave a like on the video
Talking Ben Talking Ben . 3 hours ago
W YouTube Team for ACTUALLY commenting on Preston
Carter 1j Carter 1j . 4 hours ago
Yes you do But can you do it Minecraft but you can mine Bed walk
Owen Smith Owen Smith . 4 hours ago
I don’t need to look amazing when I am amazing
Liliana Gordon Liliana Gordon . 5 hours ago
Liam White Liam White . 5 hours ago
I meant to say how come I see the movie the distance
Liam White Liam White . 5 hours ago
I’m sorry you destroy the moon how come is on the moon in the distance
Liam White Liam White . 5 hours ago
I’m sorry Preston but I like pancakes more
Chrissie C. Chrissie C. . 5 hours ago
"tell your brother the sun" actually the sun and the moon are sisters its a fact
Crystal Long Crystal Long . 5 hours ago
Preston”: ohh it’s working Me”: NOO THE PIG :( (RIP)
Crystal Long Crystal Long . 5 hours ago
Preston: the pants: Me: u mean shorts 🫥
Dinomity001 Dinomity001 . 6 hours ago
You weird
James DeTrolio James DeTrolio . 6 hours ago
I don’t like waffles at all pancakes are way better and I love your videos so much make more
Brielle3 Karijodiwongso Brielle3 Karijodiwongso . 6 hours ago
Gabriel Lopez Gabriel Lopez . 7 hours ago
10:32 you can see the moon
Shanice Robinson Shanice Robinson . 7 hours ago
Can’t do that right now my teeth is falling out
Christy Senter Christy Senter . 7 hours ago
The pig
Diana Vorwaldt Diana Vorwaldt . 7 hours ago
you should've mined the health bar
Accelerator Accelerator . 7 hours ago
Youtube please ban these cringe kids
Cheyenne Druce Cheyenne Druce . 7 hours ago
jhostin masariegos jhostin masariegos . 8 hours ago
Youtube what ate you domingo here
AwsomeTanqRWarrior AwsomeTanqRWarrior . 9 hours ago
0:32 kids, this is how technoblade died
Devon Devon . 9 hours ago
You snak lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol o lol lol lol lol lol lol lol ok loolo
Roblox ⚡️LOVE⚡️ Roblox ⚡️LOVE⚡️ . 9 hours ago
I literally fell off my chair because my laughing that from “subscribe for pigs revenge” that was just really funny!😭😹🤣
Rudy Magdaleno Rudy Magdaleno . 9 hours ago
Pancakes are better but I’m still subscribing and liking the video
ميم العازمي ميم العازمي . 10 hours ago
I love waffles and pancakes by the way I love both of them I wish I could just like eat one right now you’re making me right now hungry man you look like 28 years old lol me irl: l wanna eatmom ._.
Delmore Reeves Delmore Reeves . 10 hours ago
Waffles are better then pancakes
Isabel Moreno Isabel Moreno . 10 hours ago
What is that mod?
ghassan hassan ghassan hassan . 10 hours ago
Aiden Brandon Aiden Brandon . 11 hours ago
Pancakes or better than waffles sorry to say!
Tyler Sandridge Tyler Sandridge . 11 hours ago
Waffles are far superior than pancakes (i love them both though)
Owen McCrone Owen McCrone . 11 hours ago
I love you Preston
Kid Gamer Kid Gamer . 11 hours ago
I have a channel
Julia Heckrow Julia Heckrow . 12 hours ago
Waffles are better than pancakes
Aiden Ormeno Aiden Ormeno . 12 hours ago
I agree it’s not cam man it’s can man
Tomáš Tržický Tomáš Tržický . 12 hours ago
Martha John Martha John . 12 hours ago
I. Have. That. Game. It's. fun
Eva Simon Eva Simon . 12 hours ago
not you
BeanieBoo12 BeanieBoo12 . 12 hours ago
Eggo Waffle
Yogurt pickles in my name Yogurt pickles in my name . 12 hours ago
gay gay . 12 hours ago
I saw Preston bullying people
Faceless Faceless . 12 hours ago
Waffles are better then pancakes
Imbroken Imbroken . 12 hours ago
that’s what she said
Selina backpacker Selina backpacker . 13 hours ago
Preston: Tell your brother the sun i'm coming!

me: wait, so you blew up the moon. How is there still a moon in the sky behind you..?

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