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Published on 2 weeks ago

After YEARS of work I’m finally allowed to share what we’ve been cooking up! Collaborating with so many amazing people has been a dream come true and I hope you all enjoy the show later this year!
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Vlogmations Vlogmations . 17 minutes ago
Really Excited To Watch 😁
Congrats James 👏
☆ NoobInRobloxLol ☆ ☆ NoobInRobloxLol ☆ . 32 minutes ago
yes a cartoon show about u!! great job! keep it up
TheAsTRIAL1550 TheAsTRIAL1550 . 37 minutes ago
The Candy Axolotl The Candy Axolotl . 53 minutes ago
captain adenx captain adenx . 1 hour ago
I got your game
Gacha_pave Gacha_pave . 1 hour ago
I can’t wait to watch itttt
Gacha_pave Gacha_pave . 1 hour ago
Omg James congratssssss
Evans Evans . 1 hour ago
Que su doblaje sea max dubs
BlaBlaBla BlaBlaBla . 2 hours ago
BROOOO this is so cool
Kawa Bean Ch. 中原かわ Kawa Bean Ch. 中原かわ . 2 hours ago
OMG IT LOOKS AMAZING!! I hope there's loads of episodes to watch cos I won't be able to get enough 😍😍
Anthony Colon Anthony Colon . 2 hours ago
Good News: TheOdd1sOut made a show.

Bad News: TheOdd1sOut made a NETFLIX show.
Lucy Baez Lucy Baez . 3 hours ago
Awww it looks so cute and made me giggle the entire time ^-^
Keisha Bahadur Keisha Bahadur . 3 hours ago
I can't wait for this to come out....keep up the good the good work james 😀😀😀😀
ДеТём ТВ ДеТём ТВ . 3 hours ago
привет из России
OzGaming OzGaming . 4 hours ago
Aaron Travis Aaron Travis . 4 hours ago
Please put a greenstone for technoblade
Chloe Chloe . 4 hours ago
CONGRATS!!! THIS LOOKS AMAZING AND I CANT WAIT TO WATCH IT!!!!!!! And if you ever need any extra voice actors i’m here lol. ANYWAYS CONGRATS AGAIN!!!!!!!!
GingerPale GingerPale . 4 hours ago
Congratulations :) Excited to watch
Mason Niebergall Mason Niebergall . 4 hours ago
Odd ones out I have a question is the show still in development because according to another video that the show got canceled is it true or false?
Tamera Tullos Tamera Tullos . 4 hours ago
Hey James do you know hamimations
expurgation tricky expurgation tricky . 5 hours ago
Can't wait to see it :)
Squeegee Squeegee . 5 hours ago
Jw8782 Jw8782 . 5 hours ago
Hi, James I bought your board game and you expansion pack bundle.
P.S. I really like your videos.
Xavier Ortiz Xavier Ortiz . 5 hours ago
It’s sad growing up with James and watching his videos and seeing him stay behind make content for the younger generation. I’m happy for you James, thank you for making my child hood and can’t wait to see you make more kids child hoods
Jessica Jones Jessica Jones . 5 hours ago
I am so excited!
Heidi Tioran Heidi Tioran . 6 hours ago
Charmaine Doney Charmaine Doney . 6 hours ago
hey james idk if you read this but my friends is starting a small channel like yours plz dont do anything big but is you could comment on her video i think that would help her ps channel name is im not french
Miguel Berteli Miguel Berteli . 6 hours ago
Will it come dubbed in Portuguese br?
Honkers Bonkers Honkers Bonkers . 6 hours ago
The N
blue dawn animates blue dawn animates . 6 hours ago
I'm not tryna hate but James? Did you copy off the Netflix kids show "oddbods" cuz it was made in 2020
Fearlish Fearlish . 6 hours ago
This is real?
Slow Bro Slow Bro . 7 hours ago
PizzaHunter PizzaHunter . 7 hours ago
ok im waiting for the show.

I am waiting faster
Hazel Chipangura Hazel Chipangura . 7 hours ago
James am so sad my mom doesn't have money for nef sub and am in Zimbabwe 😭😭😭😭
MoltenSharky MoltenSharky . 7 hours ago
Hey James when is it starting? HEy jAAAmmmees?????/ James when will we see it huh huh? HUH!? JAMESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
Ashdatguy Ashdatguy . 8 hours ago
I look up to you James. I have tons of your merch and I love all your vids. You also helped me get really really into making animations. Thanks for Everything that you did for all of us.
Starge Starge . 8 hours ago
is the show about a man with cancer who cooks meth in an rv with a friend
Sooub way should be part of the Netflix show
arrested Pikachu arrested Pikachu . 8 hours ago
Been watching you for like my whole life and I love your content I'm going to watch that show until I die and I will find your house and I will give you my art
RetroLotl RetroLotl . 8 hours ago
OMG Dude thats so cool i'll wait until next year!
Dylan Liang Dylan Liang . 9 hours ago
Cool netflix yeah, but aas rtge start a sanders reference?
Monkey Man Monkey Man . 9 hours ago
theses videos gone down hill
AYJayeh AYJayeh . 9 hours ago
so you're not going to talk about your boxing match ??
J B J B . 9 hours ago
Its on Netflix already but no episodes
cocomilo cocomilo . 9 hours ago
Axolotl army 2022 Axolotl army 2022 . 10 hours ago
Can I be I. The show. Well just make me a turtle. And, make. Me like always climbing an endless tower and show me like... every 5 episodes if you can
Molly Vaillette Molly Vaillette . 10 hours ago
Deashawn the Heathcliff Fan Deashawn the Heathcliff Fan . 11 hours ago
I see what you did there at the beginning
Marli Ensil Marli Ensil . 11 hours ago

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