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Ryan Trahan

Ryan Trahan

Published on 2 weeks ago

Day 22. 1 penny. 1 MILLION MEALS BABY!
donate here -
Chris Facebook —

Harry Baby Harry Baby . 2 hours ago
1:40 he’s flipping off the camera
Johnny Cake Johnny Cake . 5 hours ago
I love Chris he is just too wholesome
FOXY Plays FOXY Plays . 7 hours ago
It’s so ironic that some of my favorite YouTubers activated the GRAPE RESET
kareemmaly kareemmaly . 7 hours ago
I think I'm a slow eater but Bro takes the smallest bites
Olivia Nichole Olivia Nichole . 8 hours ago
Wait im so confused bc the great reset is caused by 50,000 or more, right? But shopify donated 69,000 and he didnt reset????
Mariah Austreng Mariah Austreng . 9 hours ago
Ryan really said Material Girl
Flaavor Games Flaavor Games . 12 hours ago
Bro Ryan has spent like $50 bucks on coffee throughout the whole 22 days so far lol
itsHollowBoy15 itsHollowBoy15 . 12 hours ago
Let's go
itsHollowBoy15 itsHollowBoy15 . 12 hours ago
This was a good and fun video to watch today, you are a lenged dude :]
Evan Anderson Evan Anderson . 14 hours ago
Great video! Keep trusting in Jesus Christ.
Goose Goose . 17 hours ago
what happened to the dude that donated $50,000 then $100,000 at like day9-14 or something
rune hansen rune hansen . 21 hours ago
The way he is happy when speaking to everyone is just Heartwarming :)
freshishi mohammed freshishi mohammed . 1 day ago
"we got to catch some balls" Ryan-2022
ImNate_ ImNate_ . 1 day ago
I really fucking love this bro
Dream y ghh Dream y ghh . 1 day ago
Amazing work!
Avani Dhawale Avani Dhawale . 1 day ago
"Oh it's free, freee kids "
Had me -😂😂😂😂
BaconHairGamezz BaconHairGamezz . 1 day ago
Asbandes Asbandes . 1 day ago
Through this entire series I have wondered... how is he charging his phone???
First Name Last Name First Name Last Name . 1 day ago
They are giving away free kids ☠️☠️😳😳
Ava Flys Ava Flys . 2 days ago
Ryan, Great job on getting 50M subscribers! You deserve it
Baste rejano Baste rejano . 2 days ago
bbq looks good
Delay The Obbiest Delay The Obbiest . 2 days ago
Why did the front cover look like Tommyinnit
Erik Proper Erik Proper . 2 days ago
SB737 is so cool. i watch him on youtube.
Hyrul Hyrul . 2 days ago
Just wondering what does he do with the money when the GREAT RESET happens?
maxine stright maxine stright . 2 days ago
I no joke thought I was subed but I was not lol now I am
Jewell Dover Jewell Dover . 2 days ago
When he went to juice world I though he might sneak a veggie in there… NOPE
matthunter54 matthunter54 . 2 days ago
No one gonna talk about the hotel giving away free kids
Christopher Murphy Christopher Murphy . 2 days ago
i feel like one day ryan is going to do a “going around the whole entire earth in 1 years starting from $0.01
nina soto nina soto . 2 days ago
Though I’m so many days over it’s July 4 soooo this already happened
nina soto nina soto . 2 days ago
I know how people have donated 50k but why don’t they donate 49,999?
G&H G&H . 2 days ago
Why didn’t u say it epic 😿😂😹😢😭🤣
Felipe Gandra Felipe Gandra . 2 days ago
When he lost the 95 challenge you can see the pain in his eyes
Thrubington Thrubington . 2 days ago
your friendship with chris is beautiful.
Jasmyne Hilde Jasmyne Hilde . 2 days ago
Happy 4 of july🇺🇸❤❤❤🤍🤍🤍💙💙💙🎆🎇✨🎉🎉🔴⚪🔵🟥⬜🟦
Mrduck 925 Mrduck 925 . 2 days ago
So don’t read this comment if you haven’t finished this vid but when Preston great reseted he did that to stop Ryan
Savanna Bloem Savanna Bloem . 2 days ago
my name is also savanna
Diamond Diamond . 3 days ago
Someone say free kids??
DanPlayz Gaming DanPlayz Gaming . 3 days ago
Who else saw turdboi420?
Cosmic Strike Cosmic Strike . 3 days ago
Bbhavya Ggajmer Bbhavya Ggajmer . 3 days ago
Lovet ur content
Xixux90 Xixux90 . 3 days ago
it only matters than SB737 cant play donated
Shefle Shefle . 3 days ago
Anyone else coming back to watch?
Higher Standard Higher Standard . 3 days ago
Lol when they didn’t give you the 95 you got the thumbs up. That’s my life lol
Nightster Nightster . 3 days ago
The part where it says "Free Kids" had me bursting in laughter
Un1t Un1t . 3 days ago
i was laughing so hard on 13:52
Bridget Bridget . 3 days ago
Kurt Morse Kurt Morse . 3 days ago
Oh it’s free… kids, even better
Abstrac7s Abstrac7s . 3 days ago
9:28 my favorite part of the series so far just because the way the ball just disappeared

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