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Published on 2 weeks ago

John Oliver discusses why rent has become increasingly unaffordable, what we can do to combat a system that is stacked against tenants, and, of course, Dakota Johnson’s complex relationship to limes.

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Toussaint Crawford Toussaint Crawford . 51 minutes ago
Rental Assistance sounds good. I wonder would it pay for itself?
- S L D - - S L D - . 1 hour ago
A contract composed of 64 plus pages of 11x17 sheets — filled with technical legal jargon that necessitates a thorough background knowledge of city, municipal, & state housing law in order to properly interpret — all of which you’re encouraged to immediately understand & sign in the leasing office during the day of the approval process.
All this,
all of it,
the very moment when you need a home.
Pinkie Promise Pinkie Promise . 2 hours ago
Welcome to the World of The HAVES. AND HAVE NOTS and WHERE the Middle Class stays in the Rat Race and Pays all the dues for both the RICH AND POOR !!!
Μια Σμυρνιά μαγειρεύει Μια Σμυρνιά μαγειρεύει . 2 hours ago
You want capitalism, don't you?
It's a free market (that creates inequalities).
If you don't like it stop supporting it.
Sharon Ross Sharon Ross . 3 hours ago
Excellent report. Thank you so much.
Geoffrey Hale Geoffrey Hale . 3 hours ago
Victim mindset media
Beccsz Beccsz . 4 hours ago
I don’t know if this is a problem that other countries encounter as well, but you guys should make a video about all the (Dutch) universities recruiting / luring in international students and then not having a place for them to live so they end up putting up tents in local parks and having to drag their luggage to uni classes with them every day
imabadfish1 imabadfish1 . 6 hours ago
Maybe... instead of sending 50 billion to Ukraine, use that for subsidies to encourage developers to build affordable housing. What developer would even consider building mediocre rental properties? It makes no sense without an incentive for them.
Pinkie Promise Pinkie Promise . 8 hours ago
Landlords get away with a lot and the most last
Jonathan Becker Jonathan Becker . 11 hours ago
The only way we are going to solve any of these enormous problems, including housing, healthcare, higher education, voting rights, gun reform, and etc is to get the corporate and other special interest money out of politics. By overturning Citizen's United, we can prevent corporations and rich people from bribing our elected legislators to screw us over. The entire Republican party in Congress regularly ignores what working class Americans need and want them to vote for because they're busy rigging the tax code, the healthcare system, the economy, and the judiciary to only work well for their wealthy donors. Everyone else gets screwed!
Greed and corruption are tearing our democracy apart at the seams. Corrupt Republican legislators and Conservative Supreme Court justices are killing our democracy and dismantling laws designed to protect it. If we don't stop them, they'll succeed in turning the US into another Putinist Russian cleptocracy.
SAIVSS SAIVSS . 15 hours ago
yeah our rent rose 55%
Karin [CAR-in, not CARE-en] Karin [CAR-in, not CARE-en] . 15 hours ago
One stop-gap policy that's been successful in some places is vacancy tax. The purpose of it is to deal with landlords who refuse to follow actual supply and demand when setting prices. Specifically, vacancy tax means you have x amount of time to get a new tenant into the home before you start accumulating fines. And the best way to set the level of the fine is by completely reversing the asking price. (meaning if a landlord has 50% empty apartments they're not earning any money).

The way it's supposed to work is by lowering the rates on the most expensive housing to allow people who don't have sufficient housing to upgrade. Since they've been building all those fancy apartments that no one can afford, we push their arm until they set the rent at a rate that middle class can afford. Which then means the low-income housing currently occupied by middle class becomes empty, so then the low-income housing prices have to be set at actual supply and demand rates.

Obviously the actual solution is to make sure housing is legislated as a human right. But, if you find yourself having to work within the framework of capitalism, vacancy tax can at least help stabilize the situation while we convince soulless land parasites to grow a conscience.
Fazakas Zoltan Fazakas Zoltan . 16 hours ago
Average UK salary is 2000£/month 2bed apartment cost 1250 +200 council tax and 100 utilites. That's not even London
Troy Boatright Troy Boatright . 18 hours ago
Make it illegal to profit from rent.
IceCreamRats IceCreamRats . 24 hours ago
Just go full Mao. Simple solution.
Brian Steele Brian Steele . 1 day ago
During the pandemic when people receive giant stimulus checks did they attempt to pay some of the rent owed. No. They bought tvs, every night fireworks, motor scooters. Tell the whole story
Brian Steele Brian Steele . 1 day ago
Blame your tax raising politicians. Blame your insurance company for raising rates. Blame your greedy corporations for raising the cost of building materials. Workers wanted raises guess what the cost of doing business goes up. People want more but give less
Brian Steele Brian Steele . 1 day ago
A lot of section 8 tenants are horrible. They don't care because they don't own the property. They won't clean up inside or out
Walter Kruggan Walter Kruggan . 1 day ago
And who is evicting the Africans American -- thejewof courese
Underfunded Scientist Underfunded Scientist . 1 day ago
I spent a year homeless, living in hotels . Because we went to court for eviction. And like John said , we even won our case and it didn't matter. No one would rent to me, I have a wife , 2 kids, and we made roughly 60 k a year with both our incomes . It's insane . We have a place now, and make roughly 100k a year, we want to move somewhere better , but can't find anywhere because eviction court on our record
imp3r1alx imp3r1alx . 1 day ago
While this is very sad.. but i also like to look both ways.. what happen to the land lord if renting is his only income..
from renovating.. maintenance.. lively hood.. not to mention paying for his own family bills that keep rising..
it is sad.. but if the renter really do have to pay a high price that is not reasonable..
maybe that rent that is so high like they said... can be used to start monthly payment for a house..
if it is not enough to pay the installment.. then the problem might lies else where..
Mike W. Mike W. . 1 day ago
Average house in US is 2400 sq ft, average in Europe is about 1000 sq ft. There is your problem, wasted land area in sprawling suburbs and terrible codes that prevent micro units for those trying to get a start. Just allow landlords to cut up stupid large houses into micro units and we won't need to build new public housing, we've got all the sq footage of shelter that we need.
Pauley Wallnutz Pauley Wallnutz . 1 day ago
It's why RV's are selling like HOTCAKES! It's the New AmeriKKKan Dream!
flygirlbobo flygirlbobo . 1 day ago
The rich get richer as the poor stay poor. John Oliver himself just said he's benefiting from housing subsidies he doesn't need I stead of a person without the means. The love of money is the root of all evil for sure.
DJ Ggl DJ Ggl . 2 days ago
Biden: Capitalism without competition is exploitation. see? So if landlords "compete" with value of properties, the price and rent will not stop going up. And that's the american's treasury not-exploitation capitalism.
Golgotha_Mythos69 Golgotha_Mythos69 . 2 days ago
“There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part; you can’t even passively take part, and you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop. And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!”
~Mario Savio 1964
Golgotha_Mythos69 Golgotha_Mythos69 . 2 days ago
“No food, no power, brutal police, corrupt officials, electioneering, controlled media, crackdown on protests, no meaningful opposition & no private property for the working class. Literally everything they warned us would happen under communism is happening under capitalism.”
~RD Hale
Golgotha_Mythos69 Golgotha_Mythos69 . 2 days ago
Progressive policies like this are UNBELIEVABLY popular.
The problem is, our media (and the douche in the “Rush” hat) aren’t interested in what YOU want, only what the wealthy want.

Hence, ”Bernie and AOC are Commies!!”
Get it now?
Wakey, wakey, America!! VOTE for PROGRESSIVES!!
GhostlyTavern GhostlyTavern . 2 days ago
God honestly it’s so hard I’m trying to get rent because I’m homeless I don’t know where to go for a home. I applied for section 8 but I have no idea what else to do
Mouthgina Mouthgina . 2 days ago
In New York, housing goes to wealthy college students from out of town who dont want to dorm and to gentrifies “young professionals” Every year landlords hike rents and push New Yorkers out.
Maki Maki . 2 days ago
Federal minimum wage still $7.25 . We'll see a lot more cases of homelessness :(
Theresa Finn Theresa Finn . 2 days ago
Greed! Greed! Greed!
Chris Combs Chris Combs . 2 days ago
~11:00 “god might be running out of ideas” sounds like a summary of this millennium so far
David North David North . 2 days ago
Aggressively pressing people for money , sounds like the kings bridge in the 15th century with guards pressing travelers for passage . You have to understand the disgusting way This is treating housing , the rules were changed during the restructure of the rules on housing ,brought to you by Blackrock . This one company arranged these changes because the help they provided the government during the structured changes over the 2008 investment banking fiasco that put investment banking in check. Blackrock has lead this lead and delivered this in it to its advantage . 2008 til now has brought us the reality what large unchecked companies thrive for , a government that has no say in how the warm profits , it’s a manipulation In the highest order .
LTZ_ LTZ_ . 2 days ago
AnachronicRodent AnachronicRodent . 2 days ago
I mean, I'd be happy to have more rats
ainnothin ainnothin . 2 days ago
I have roaches and my neighbors suck.
I'm moving next year no matter what I have to do.
LittleOwl LittleOwl . 2 days ago
This amongst other reasons is why I'd simply just end my life if I lived in America the way I was born currently. With being trans, on medication/ healthcare costs and having a disability and many other reasons.
Ethan Lieske Ethan Lieske . 2 days ago
I am a home owner who rents out part of my house bellow market rate, I am actually restricted from certain tax deductions because I do not charge market rate. My personal option is we should now allow housing to be a investment vehicle, cap ownership of multiple homes and the cost of rent.
Charis N. Charis N. . 2 days ago
Dave Ramsey is full of crap!
Nonya Damnbusiness Nonya Damnbusiness . 2 days ago
The housing market still hasn't recovered from the fiasco of the Frank-Dodd act or the eviction bans of 2020-21. The urban planning and building codes everywhere add tens of thousands to the price of housing, while severely restricting what can be built and where. Yet here you are advocating for the government to fuck it up some more.
Mr. Smith Mr. Smith . 2 days ago
I admire how John Oliver puts himself up as an example of someone who is benefits but doesn't need it. Most people won't put a spotlight on themselves like that
Carlitos Guey Carlitos Guey . 2 days ago
Agree 100%. But we still need SALT deductions.
Suzanne Diamond r Suzanne Diamond r . 2 days ago
There seem to either be housing for the homeless or more often for high income tenants, little for moderate (30k-70k) people. Upgrading by nonunion workers are working on my building who do not mask indoors and have been upgrading for months. Getting a house is increasingly out of reach for moderate incomes. Something must be done. Landlords decorate older buildings and upgrade by decorating the lobbies and common areas, frequently plumbing and foundational materials that are more expensive to repair often go undone and tenants dont speak up because they fear retaliation. Something must be done.
Nat W. Nat W. . 2 days ago
Tenants’ union?
WirrWicht WirrWicht . 2 days ago
Is there any hope the US society will rise to civilized behaviour?
ShieAyla ShieAyla . 2 days ago
My landlord in MN has raised my rent ONE TIME in 6 years, $30. Dammit I hate that everyone doesn't have a good landlord.
I've told my landlord at least once a year that I'm so grateful for him because a bad landlord could put me in the psych unit. I have disabilities and it's a big possibility with extreme stress.
louisaruth louisaruth . 3 days ago
it's like capitalism is wrong, or something
Alana G Alana G . 3 days ago
my dads a landlord and thinks that homeless people r homeless on purpose, they want to be. I tried very hard to change his mind
Chelsea B Chelsea B . 3 days ago
Bob Nicolls 6:30 ewwwww ick tomato tomato

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