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Published on 2 weeks ago

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Trash Taste boys:

Emirichu Emirichu . 2 weeks ago
If you've been watching these since the very first one I uploaded in 2019, thank you so much!! Q___Q I really love the conversation-format style of videos but I think it's time I retire Childhood Crushes and illustrate other topics! (idk maybe one day I'll make a 5th one but there are no plans for it)
I was really really nervous about whether people would like this one bc I know it's been a while since the last one but I hope you enjoyed!!
Ellie Ellie Ellie Ellie . 28 minutes ago
I love Emily just sniffing all the food. 1🤣
Caleb Kopp Caleb Kopp . 54 minutes ago
1st crush video: pure judgement
2nd crush video; mic speaks
3rd crush video: team 1 vs team 2
4th crush video: naw I get that.
Elias Q Elias Q . 1 hour ago
Komail / koms Komail / koms . 1 hour ago
shocked how scarlet overkill wasnt mentioned
Chr1s.does.videos Chr1s.does.videos . 2 hours ago
17:15 Connor really calling daidus over here basic 😭😭😭
Ballistic Dummies Ballistic Dummies . 5 hours ago
18:05 good call
Yungchylde Yungchylde . 6 hours ago
I kinda agree with wind waker Zelda. Also oot zelda is less hot
jasmijn van denberg bouma jasmijn van denberg bouma . 10 hours ago
my biggest flex is that i never had a crush on a fictional character
Albert Einstein Albert Einstein . 10 hours ago
Rip Daidus XD
Noobjesus 13 Noobjesus 13 . 11 hours ago
Not gonna lie a mix of Goofy and Black hair Anime Character would be Pikachu I mean it had Black Fur/hair on the tips of its ears and Can be Goofy from time to time especially in the indigo Plateau
Angel Buppa Angel Buppa . 12 hours ago
Well if you need people will crushes just ask me I got loads
Ezinne OK Ezinne OK . 14 hours ago
This was great
More please 🙏🏿
Thanthwe Chikuse Thanthwe Chikuse . 15 hours ago
I really love Ur drawing style!!💓
Zeynep Aras Zeynep Aras . 15 hours ago
projectbutter69 projectbutter69 . 15 hours ago
17:33 the first thing I think of is slayer from GG
Very cool vampire man in suit.
Bella Nubs Bella Nubs . 16 hours ago
I know im a bit lat but you should do childhood crushes with everyone from scribble showdown
DoDo DoDo . 17 hours ago
9:48 we are the same bro
DoDo DoDo . 17 hours ago
3:26 goddamn Tanner
Carolyn Done Carolyn Done . 18 hours ago
hey Emilyare you feeling weird Skype because you're surrounded by all these Asian
Krew_noodles Krew_noodles . 18 hours ago
hearing men show their hate for Sakura is so cringe for me like 💀
Almighty170boat Almighty170boat . 22 hours ago
I’m number 2# bakugo hater
risker34 risker34 . 22 hours ago
I feel like this Childhood crushes series is really just Emi getting experience drawing a specific kind of art lol
•~Ivery~• •~Ivery~• . 23 hours ago
I saw alt girls in the thumbnail and I knew this video was for me
Randomized_author4213 Randomized_author4213 . 24 hours ago
Ayo why you bashing kronk guys I’d fuck with kronk and im a guy like what his chin line his deep riveting voice and his dumbness like who wouldn’t love that type of guy like come on
Randomized_author4213 Randomized_author4213 . 24 hours ago
Uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh really calling me out here with amy lee huh?
The Baku-Bey Shop The Baku-Bey Shop . 1 day ago
Teen titans yall wrong jynx jynx is best girl
The Hmmmmm Gamer The Hmmmmm Gamer . 1 day ago
I have I weird crush on young Ahsoka Tano from The Clone Wars 🤣
John Leone John Leone . 1 day ago
Who is the girl at the bottom of the screen at 11:18?
That one gay friend That one gay friend . 1 day ago
The fact that daidus was in the other room 😂
That one gay friend That one gay friend . 1 day ago
Joey : *likes alt girls with eye liner*
Maaz : hmmm yes I see you are a man of culture
Dragon ball Maniac Dragon ball Maniac . 1 day ago
I would like to see a childhood crushes but it's like, crushes in yalls school instead of actors/anime girls
Skits and Bits Skits and Bits . 1 day ago
more, More, MORE
Altalune -chan Altalune -chan . 1 day ago
11:19 yessssss Higuchi/Mars
Musa Motin Musa Motin . 2 days ago
Child hood crush 5
Patrick Rosales Patrick Rosales . 2 days ago
Number #0 Baguio hater I love him
EZ2KME EZ2KME . 2 days ago
I'm surprised none of them mentioned rengukos mom
Renxall Keohan Renxall Keohan . 2 days ago
Razer Blade Razer Blade . 2 days ago
Stanley Smooth Stanley Smooth . 2 days ago
You're telling me you got all the guys from Trash Taste but didn't get Sydsnap? Shame
Don’t burst my bubble Don’t burst my bubble . 2 days ago
This is just 20 minutes of roasting connor.
P.O.L.A P.O.L.A . 2 days ago
DAAAAAAAAM it’s sad when you find out your crush is gay😩😩😩
P.O.L.A P.O.L.A . 2 days ago
YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES Sakura is the greatest Wifu in Anime hands down
P.O.L.A P.O.L.A . 2 days ago
I was into Shigo
TalaIsDarker TalaIsDarker . 2 days ago
Hillary duff is amazing and avril lavagn
Richard Landgraf Richard Landgraf . 2 days ago
I listened to the entire uncut audio of this video just to hear the cut bit about Lisa Lisa, worth it.
The Goose The Goose . 2 days ago

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