Play / Download Stephen A. on Kyrie Irving possibly leaving the Nets: He isn’t going anywhere! | First Take
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Published on 2 weeks ago

Stephen A. on Kyrie Irving possibly leaving the Nets: He isn’t going anywhere! | First Take
Stephen A. Smith, Chris “Mad Dog Russo and JJ Redick discuss whether the New York Knicks should be interested in Kyrie Irving.
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James Dawny James Dawny . 1 week ago
Tell a bball player how another ball player has no fans 😂😂😂😭. By
Virginia Coleman Virginia Coleman . 2 weeks ago
Right! But he wants to act like he's going somewhere so the Nets Kevin Dirant will leave..

Moe Moe Moe Moe . 2 weeks ago
he will be a knick 2022-2023 let's go kyrie
Drac Whitlow Drac Whitlow . 2 weeks ago
This Mad Dog M...F is one of the most Racist person that I have ever seen on these shows. He has never said anything positive about a black man or woman. This Lucifer devil Satan Mad Dog devil 👿😈👺 person needs not be on this show.
832P Dot 832P Dot . 2 weeks ago
Funny how Stephen just said the mandate was stupid....🤔🤔🤔🤔
Christine Christine . 2 weeks ago
Highkey irritates me the way they talk about the vaccine mandate. New York was hit the hardest and so many ppl lost their lives. I know anti vaxxers that used kyrie as one of a few example for why they didn’t need it. A lot of New Yorkers changed their opinion of him after that. However I don’t understand why the other teams who were unvaccinated were allowed to play. The NBA handled the vaccine situation very badly is all I’m gonna say
Onset Zel Onset Zel . 2 weeks ago
tf is white dude talking about
CJ Wise CJ Wise . 2 weeks ago
Yall still left the typo in the thumbnail lol
whip game flawless whip game flawless . 2 weeks ago
Fans come to watch Kyrie play but problem is he don't ever barely play
Marcus Williams Marcus Williams . 2 weeks ago
These Gms don’t think about basketball chemistry when the bring these stars together. It’s really that simple. KD & Kyrie are essentially the same player on offense. Neither are facilitators & neither play off the ball. That’s why it won’t work.
Jay Caso Jay Caso . 2 weeks ago
I agree with Kyrie it's his body and he doesn't have to put things in his body that he doesn't know anything about
Joseph McManamon Joseph McManamon . 2 weeks ago
Kryie is an idiot ! I hate watching him play
Corner Sportsnet Corner Sportsnet . 2 weeks ago
I agree he isn’t getting a 4 year Max deal
Angus Cooper Angus Cooper . 2 weeks ago
The problem with Stephen Smith is often times his mouth is wrong and he embarass himself on national TV because of his false predictions. The Nets wont let Kyrie go because Kyrie and KD are a package. If Kyrie goes, then KD will request for a trade as well. The NETS will give Kyrie a 1 year deal with max $$$$, subject to an extension perhaps after the 1 year if he and KD can bring a title to the NETS. But if Kyrie fucks up again like he has done last year by being AWOL most of the time due to many reasons, then they wont give hum an extension after the 1 year expires. As for kD, he will be older after this season, so he will be an irrelevant superstar come the season after this coming season. KD is now just an elite scorer but a defendable superstar. The young guns like Tatum, Giannis, Embid and Ja Morant are becoming the dominant players now in this era of the NBA. So the NETS will be ready to trade this older stars come after this coming season if them both fucks up the NETS season one last time as they both have doen duringtheir last 3 years in Brooklyn. Ordinary dudes like us know better than Stephen Smith of whats really happenin out there, and we dont get paid the bg bucks lol.
naughty codi naughty codi . 2 weeks ago
Kyrie will break Steph boots over and over ....NO. ONE can guard him however Steph can be shut down...and didnt he hit a Championship shot over Steph before???? He's a Champion.
Josh Gross Josh Gross . 2 weeks ago
Kyrie & KD could not wait to leave Boston & Golden State. Both squads reached the Finals & are playing their best basketball w/o them.
Another Elvis Another Elvis . 2 weeks ago
Mad Dog Russo is like a stupid Skip Bayless.
Franchesco Murcia Franchesco Murcia . 2 weeks ago
JJ coming for heads on first take
Evin Grindle Evin Grindle . 2 weeks ago
I respect Kyrie for sticking up for his beliefs, whether you want the vaccine or not is up to you, you’re not wrong to get it or not. But he’s been incredibly selfish these past few years. Everyone struggles with something but he’s getting paid millions to do a job and he’s just sitting out without a care in the world. It feels like he doesn’t love the game that much anymore despite still being tremendously good, he should just retire if he doesn’t want to play so he’s not causing his team to suffer by allowing his contract to eat up their salary.
NETBU NETBU . 2 weeks ago
y'all realy think these teams speak to stephen A abput player contracts?
BigSky BigSky . 2 weeks ago
nobody likes crazy flat earther kryie irving dudes a joke and without lebron to carry him hes a nobody that can dribble
Akil Boatwright Akil Boatwright . 2 weeks ago
Please get mad puppy off the show please
💰 Make $750 Per Day 💰 Make $750 Per Day . 2 weeks ago
"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." --Mark Twain
Ray _ Ray _ . 2 weeks ago
Kyrie literally has the best shoe line in the league
Justin Walls Justin Walls . 2 weeks ago
You can't fix stupid
john Doe john Doe . 2 weeks ago
Wow this man Stephen a was first to say kyrie irving was selfish for not getting vaccinated n this n that now he's singing another tune
yerpyaboy yerpyaboy . 2 weeks ago
Who's this weirdo fake Skip Bayless look alike 🤣🤣🤣
Dane Dane . 2 weeks ago
Why is there an obnoxious old white man on this show. Fken pisses me off wannabe stephen A
Daniel Moreno Daniel Moreno . 2 weeks ago
This Mad Dog dude is terrible lol
Dimitrius Rivera Dimitrius Rivera . 2 weeks ago
mike portnoy mike portnoy . 2 weeks ago
JJ gains more fans everytime he's on FIRST TAKE. He's the only one that makes sense here.
ATL4L ATL4L . 2 weeks ago
How old is Mad Dog to not realize that Kyrie has a huge
Shockin CJ Shockin CJ . 2 weeks ago
Totally agree with that one guy.. Kyrie is NOT POPULAR.. legit people DESPISE him for his antics.. JJ Reddicj always thinking he’s right is annoying
Raymond Yu Raymond Yu . 2 weeks ago
Molly is so annoying. She’s like the Peggy Hill of ESPN!
Boba Fett Boba Fett . 2 weeks ago
Stephen A is a broken clock, if I hear him say “Kyrie irving is box office” I’m gonna blow my brains out
Boba Fett Boba Fett . 2 weeks ago
Kyrie does have fans
Jo G Jo G . 2 weeks ago
Kyrie is definitely one of the most popular players in the league.
Jack Ross Jack Ross . 2 weeks ago
My concern is that if Kyrie isn't given a long-term deal and decides that he doesn't feel that he has enough job security in the league, he could retire to quit basketball altogether. And basketball and the league would be diminished not having his greatness on display. That would be sad.
Arsenio Lacson Arsenio Lacson . 2 weeks ago
I don’t get why there are teams that still interested with this guy that says the earth is flat. Everyone in this efffing world knows that it is stupid. Every team he joined , he destroyed it. A lot of drama .
Dee Tee Dee Tee . 2 weeks ago
i think coach Tibs will bring the best out of Kyrie bcuz he holds everybody accountable
DJ UwU DJ UwU . 2 weeks ago
*Stephen A low key REALLLLYYYYY knows his stuff regarding basketball. From the Warriors 2022 Title prediction in the analysis he gives here...* Now if he would just stop talking about boxing and MMA.....
Bay Area Elite (Tampa) Bay Area Elite (Tampa) . 2 weeks ago
Facts kids love him
Syed M. Ali Syed M. Ali . 2 weeks ago
send Ben and Kyrie to blazers for Damian Lilard..
sendthese two clowns in basketball purgatory
brandon warner brandon warner . 2 weeks ago
Molly is so dumb she Interrupted them to state the obvious lol
Millard Thomas Millard Thomas . 2 weeks ago
Who cares? He is 30. He not a impact player. He doesn't play half the time. He has as much impact on the championship as you and I. What has he done since 2016? Why are we talking about a 30 year old who barely plays, is the 2nd best player on his team that just got swept in 1st round
raj kinra raj kinra . 2 weeks ago
Mad Dog's take couldn't be more wrong; Ky is 4th amongst active NBA players in IG following...he's definitely incredibly popular lol
top notch sports top notch sports . 2 weeks ago
stephen asinine kinda delusional. nets declined to a max so he GOT TO OPT-OUT. what part dont you understand that? or the report aint true. which one is it.
MTA MTA . 2 weeks ago
Everytime I build a custom team on 2K22 the first person I take is Kyrie and save because I'm scared he might not be there when I reset the game.
DrDoge DrDoge . 2 weeks ago
Irving is just so bipolar. A new contract would have conditions that he plays in order to get paid. It should not be guaranteed.
Hoop Beast Hoop Beast . 2 weeks ago
SAS was spot on at the end @ 6:08. Just don't like how Molly couldn't let him finish.

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