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Safety First Boutique

Safety First Boutique

Published on 2 weeks ago

Hi there! Welcome to my self-defense keychain page! I restock every two weeks:)
Be sure to follow my instagram:
Checkout my website:

Safety First Boutique Safety First Boutique . 2 weeks ago
Hi everyone! I will be restocking on the 8th at 8pm est:) Be sure to follow my IG for updates and giveaways!
Link to website:
Katrina Boos Katrina Boos . 4 hours ago
But other companies are making them. They sell them on Amazon
nevu s nevu s . 6 hours ago
im sorry if is does not sound as constructive critisism but im trying
1 its not original your keychain is not a original thing its bunch of items on a keychain
2its bulky you camt fit it in a pocket as a whole (if you are just going for a run)
3what you should actually do is design a product that would be small enough for a pocket and have the same functions
it would ve groundbraking having those things fit in a pocket of jeans
Emma Stewart Emma Stewart . 22 hours ago
#Shark tank answer her
BeenDoverthatass BeenDoverthatass . 23 hours ago
@ Shark tanks
KrispyKremeBoi KrispyKremeBoi . 24 hours ago
I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but I've seen more than one business selling the same type of items. (Safety items - pepper spray, window breaker thing, long icicle looking thing, hand sanitizer, lipstick/lipbomb, and a fuzzy pom pom. I believe that you have to have came up with/made your product, to even have a chance to get on shark tank. I don't think the sharks would want to invest in something that others also are investing their money/time in, they are looking for never seen and interesting things that will get a lot of sells - things that they could profit off of. (Note: This is based off of what I think, could not be entirely true, however im pretty sure we all know that they want to profit off of products)
Human Human . 1 day ago
Good you shouldnt get funding your incentivising stabbings and bullying
Abigail Valkanova Abigail Valkanova . 1 day ago
H Macklemore H Macklemore . 1 day ago
Girl why would they want keychains I've seen at multiple gift stores? Stop the attention seeking behaviour
Evelyn Adams Evelyn Adams . 1 day ago
Well, All of the things on the keychain you can find on Amazon for probably around $10 while that Thing you sell is probably around $25 each.
Dat One Dat One . 1 day ago
Your not worth an interview, just because you have a product that sells doesn’t mean people wanna invest . Idiots buy things u sell
mac mac . 1 day ago
well shark tank isn't gonna do anything because millions of others are doing the same thing you are. you didn't invent anything, you're just reselling.
Ashley Guthrie Ashley Guthrie . 1 day ago
This is a neat shop and all, but definitely not the sort of thing Shark Tank is looking for
Jordan White Jordan White . 1 day ago
This is not a shark tank business it’s barely a business. Not only are you not the first you won’t be the last, how can you be so dense
Gunjan Mehta Gunjan Mehta . 2 days ago
Alexander Luna Alexander Luna . 2 days ago
So basically you’re desperate for exposure and fame. Lmao. Girl… it’s a fucking keychain. Sit down.
Vanessa Valentine Vanessa Valentine . 2 days ago
Nate Walters Nate Walters . 2 days ago
What do you even like make Otho?
Bold Bold . 2 days ago
They will crush u at shark tank
Artistic Shortcake Artistic Shortcake . 2 days ago
Probably because I've seen hundreds of people selling pretty much the exact same thing, it's not a unique invention
J AV J AV . 2 days ago
Small businesses are so weird nowadays. They wanna shove their resin-lip gloss-keychain-candle business down your throat and complain they can’t get enough attention in an already overly saturated market. Just stop.
Red Byrom Red Byrom . 2 days ago
So many people do this it’s nothing new
And you didn’t create anything just putting already made items in a bundle
abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz . 2 days ago
I gotta say the comment section does make sense all I see in shark tank are a new creation that people never see but you here miss...I feel like I've seen your product on Amazon a couple times before 💀
♡︎ʏᴀsᴍɪɴ♡︎ ♡︎ʏᴀsᴍɪɴ♡︎ . 2 days ago
U were rejected for a reason!!!❤️❤️
Avery Beck Avery Beck . 2 days ago
MegaJ MegaJ . 2 days ago
Your using us to get on shark tank
pyro buscus pyro buscus . 2 days ago
probably because your products are worthless and can be substituted for a gun
chesecakmahi chesecakmahi . 2 days ago
I wonder why lmao
Tiffany c Tiffany c . 2 days ago
Because you have cheap products
Don't go to shark tank
jacolyn Wenther jacolyn Wenther . 2 days ago
Taking others products and packaging them together does not make a new product when you don’t even make any modifications to the other company’s products (engraving,customizing,etc)
RIARO RIARO . 2 days ago
You didn't get in, it's clear. Stop crying about it
Sidnie Ruiz Sidnie Ruiz . 2 days ago
Girl don’t even know what Shark Tank is about ☠️
Ghost Ghost . 2 days ago
Give up
Kasie Cochran Kasie Cochran . 2 days ago
You’re stuff isn’t unique and isn’t patented and can be made by shops on AliExpress for half the price it simply isn’t a good long term investment and although it may be selling right now I wouldn’t recommend trying to make this a long term gig. Also either way shark tank isn’t a great way to get investments. There are better way to get a loan to start a business or if publicity of what your looking for things like YouTube will do just fine. This is coming from a business owner.
BeanSoup ♡ BeanSoup ♡ . 2 days ago
Because this isn’t an original idea. It’s a good one but you need something original and not something someone can buy from Walmart and make themselves
bianka androvic bianka androvic . 2 days ago
Nique Nique . 2 days ago
There’s more of you (to what your selling) on Instagram and TikTok
xyh.75 xyh.75 . 2 days ago
bambiixr bambiixr . 2 days ago
these are all over etsy lol wtf
⚡️••⚡️ ⚡️••⚡️ . 2 days ago
“If they don’t respond, that means your not on the show”
Also her : let’s call a million times and keep on emailing them because I have no idea why they aren’t answering me ?
Clint 151 Clint 151 . 2 days ago
How much capital are you looking for
Marcel s Marcel s . 2 days ago
Your Business isnt worth the Spot. Not rly unique or Revolutionarie
I sell “shepack” kits exactly like this that come with a Pom Pom pack to match every color. This isn’t original so they aren’t gonna want it. I thought about it. But didn’t wanna waste my time. The bald white guy basically destroyed a black woman who was selling chocolate covered pretzels with candies and stuff on them and he said everyone makes these why do they need to invest when anyone can buy pretzel sticks and dip them themselves. Just keep grinding and putting out new ideas. You’re always selling out anyway so you shouldn’t have an issue
Cat Coughlan Cat Coughlan . 3 days ago
Oh please let her get on. I would love to see this lmao
Oop Oop . 3 days ago
Are you the one that had the glass cups that kept breaking because you didn't package them right and they were made of bad material?
NfamousK Games NfamousK Games . 3 days ago
These have been done multiple times that’s why they’re not interested. This isn’t an original idea.
Peach Peach . 3 days ago
Okay but it’s not innovative though. You can get these anywhere, originally being invented in japan for school kids
Riahn Cnih Riahn Cnih . 3 days ago
Just sell it online
ℵ . 3 days ago
No offense but you guys aren’t doing anything special. These have been around for so long and there’s probably thousands of different sellers selling the same item.

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