Play / Download Watch: Jan. 6 Committee Hearing On 2021 Capitol Attack - June 23 | NBC News
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NBC News

NBC News

Published on 2 weeks ago

The public hearings held by the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot will have witness testimony and video footage surrounding last year's attack on the Capitol. Get the latest updates from The NBC News live blog here:

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LIVE: Jan. 6 Committee Holds Public Hearing On 2021 Capitol Attack | NBC News

Melissa VerDuin Melissa VerDuin . 20 minutes ago
Lock him up! Merrick Garland???
Tim Taylor Tim Taylor . 41 minutes ago
See the SWAMP RATS in boiling oil!!!
Beef And Potatoes Beef And Potatoes . 1 hour ago
It is frightening that one crook (Trump) could end a 233 years old democracy. Probably a bunch of new laws will come into picture to tighten the democracy screws.
Logan Jackson Logan Jackson . 1 hour ago
Like CNN CBS fake news 🗞️ 💩🤣
Joeni Snapje Joeni Snapje . 3 hours ago
In fact he did pull the trigger as one person already died inside the Capitol building due to his incitement. The coupe was in full swing. Sorry Joe but I think you missed the point.
Apl Brilliance Apl Brilliance . 4 hours ago
I truly hope the majority of Americans are watching these jaw dropping testimonials, it is scary,... and I don't think the average Americans understand just how close we can to a possible modern day Civil War that could've plunged this nation into its darkest times yet. These ethical and honorable men saved the integrity of everything that keeps America, AMERICA🇺🇸
Wàlter Tillman Wàlter Tillman . 5 hours ago
D. Co D. Co . 6 hours ago
Biden admitted it was rigged for him to win.
G G . 8 hours ago
Save us the millions of tax payer dollars already wasted on bogus investigations during his presidency. This too is a farce.
Kitty Kitty Kitty Kitty . 8 hours ago
Am I understanding, that all 3 of these men told the president there was no evidence to prove there was widespread fraud? tRump is recorded saying every lie about the outcome of the election
and yet doesn't care? It's very hard to refute that, right?
Apl Brilliance Apl Brilliance . 10 hours ago
Eric Herschmann, OMG!!!😂 He said, the only thing Jeff Clark knew about environmental and election is that they both start with E, and he's not sure he even knows that. I just died🙊🤪😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤪
Gregory Fuzi Gregory Fuzi . 14 hours ago
Nobody cares about here say from a witness.
Gary Carifelle Gary Carifelle . 15 hours ago
Fake news, NBC,CNN, CBC,MSNBC, all involved because they know when President Trump gets back on the stage they're all finished you will see them standing in front of military tribunals and on down to executions!
Gary Carifelle Gary Carifelle . 15 hours ago
All lies !! A movie show! Including the woman that was shot she's alive and well actors all of them!! Research it!! And see for yourself!!
Queen Justice Queen Justice . 15 hours ago
White Republican's privileges' are to perfection in congress, you can only guess what would have happened if these people were Dems.
Frank White Frank White . 15 hours ago
while I didnt like trump I will say there is something about putting a guy in office that actually had a job ever in their life to know how it feels
Donnie Peterson Donnie Peterson . 16 hours ago
Has there ever been an actual Congressional Investigation of the fairness of the 2020 Presidential Election? If not, why not? There were numerous fractual reports of discrepancies at polling places; were these actually investigated ? Were actual forensic recounts of votes conducted like the one in Arizona conducted in other states? Did dead persons vote, were duplicate ballots cast, were many illegal votes cast, were many polling place abuses, reported? Democrats in Congress spent millions of taxpayers dollars only to prove President Trump did not collude with Russians, why can't the same Democrats investigate the alleged voter fraud of the Democratic Party instead of trying to get Trump again in their show trial in which President Trump is not allowed due process. It is very obvious this J6 investigation using heresay is a get Trump Tactic because Trump haters know Trump did a good job as President and they don't want him on the ballot again.
Jack Jimmy Jack Jimmy . 16 hours ago
Why do those crooks want it televised? So they can work with Fox to twist it into a circus and try and make themselves look like victims?
Donnie Peterson Donnie Peterson . 16 hours ago
"If it's and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas" - Don Meredith of Monday Night Football.
Donnie Peterson Donnie Peterson . 16 hours ago
"If it's and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas" - Don Meredith of Monday Night Football.
Alberta Douglas Alberta Douglas . 17 hours ago
trump fraudulent and his allies provoked false worked, directed tens of thousands people to do do Wrongful and Criminally activities for the Election fraudulent lies, and so much more lies. All should be accountable and go to jail
Michi&Madi Forever Michi&Madi Forever . 18 hours ago
First of all it wasn’t Donald Trump that said the election was stolen it was hundreds of thousands of Americans, a lot of them non-partisan that watched hundreds of thousands of votes getting changed and then the dominion machines that they wouldn’t let them audit were hacked by hackers all of the world and all of that has been documented by data forensics experts that set up a net to watch this happen and they have been suppressed, the election and was stolen and it is also well documented that the FBI helped along with antifa and Black Lives Matter to break into the capital building and make it look like Trump supporters and there was even an FBI agent that waved for people to come in, about 15 capital city police run investigation for Puckett peculiar behavior during the riot and three or four of them have committed suicide, yet right they were knocked off because of what they might tell. The rate of the capital building was not to change the result of the election to favorite Trump it was so the the lectors of the states would not get heard in all of the evidence of corruption and voter fraud wouldn’t be heard.
Teresa Bowers Teresa Bowers . 19 hours ago
How can they remember what happened 2 years ago wasting tax payer money
Steve Burke Steve Burke . 19 hours ago
american people are tired of these green lefty twits.
Marie Marie . 21 hours ago
What monadas is she saying? ???? 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
LowGasCosts; OrangeMan LowGasCosts; OrangeMan . 22 hours ago
Our congress is fixed on Trump while Europe is preparing for war with Putin. It's a foolish case like Nero fiddling 🎻 as Rome burned. How foolish the Democrats are especially the bug eyed Adam Schift.
David Anthony David Anthony . 22 hours ago
*America, we must leave crazy in the past. Vote for sanity! Pete Buttigeg/AOC 2024!*
Bryon Wood Bryon Wood . 22 hours ago
I just want truth and justice and truth really be told we will see both sides are just as corrupt as the other side, actually the Biden family with Hunters laptop is probably worse. 👌
I never was a Trump fan and never new who Biden was until he started with Obama and Obama had made some remarks about if it can be messed up Joe's the man . That's pretty sad when the president bad mouth his vice president. Oh Trump did that on Pence too but Pence was far better than Biden. I don't know. I don't really care because none of them care about America anymore they only want power and a legacy. They are not for America or the poor they are for power glory and money .
Mr. Memedovski Mr. Memedovski . 1 day ago
🇺🇸 ⚖
El Atalaya (En Tiempos Decisivos) Miguel Bastardo El Atalaya (En Tiempos Decisivos) Miguel Bastardo . 1 day ago
Hey NBC, when are you going to make a report about the disaster at the mexican border and every issue affecting USA? Your puppet Biden has created this chaos, oh but that's not important, it's more important to keep brainwashing fools like Kay Miller...🤦🏾‍♂️
Rhonda Ballentine Rhonda Ballentine . 1 day ago
Trump won. The TRUTH will come out and all the liars will have their part in the lake of 🔥. Trump isn't a evil person and he loves America and the majority of World loves him and, we all know the evil in the WH and all the lies against Trump and they will be brought to light. God's Great Blessings and favor continue to be upon Donald Trump. President Trump is the GREATEST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY. He WILL make America Great Again. He Will make sure Justice is served. Evil is about to be brought down. There are many more good people than all these pedos that prey on children, and murder anyone that don't play into their evil ways. You are fighting a loosing battle with President Trump. He Won and When you know, you know .STOP LYING ON PRESIDENT TRUMP. Your big plan is dead. Now it's time for JUSTICE.
mike trem mike trem . 1 day ago
CA3053 Murray CA3053 Murray . 1 day ago
The Supreme Court is willing and ready to vote to overturn election results Republicans don't like. The Supreme Court is a total freakin' EMBARRASSMENT.
Mimi Elliott Mimi Elliott . 1 day ago
How about get TRUE THE VOTE there to testify at what has been found with Voter fraud.. how about 2000 mules? You people are a joke.. voting you out
Holy Herb Holy Herb . 1 day ago
On January 6th, for his actions, Donald Trump should be held accountable. There is no, but: he is a millionaire or owns so many properties. No. That would be too nice. The crime is a crime. And, crime pays.
Politic is politic. There is no genuflexion in politics. we don't enter politics as we enter at the church. And that, Donald
Trump should know it.
In some European democracies, he would go straight to jail.
Greg Kasza Greg Kasza . 1 day ago
This has got to be the most ridiculous investigation by our government ever.
What!cher What!cher . 1 day ago
Iya Patsy QVSQ Tarot/IfaMidwives Iya Patsy QVSQ Tarot/IfaMidwives . 1 day ago
Great Music, NBC.
benson lee benson lee . 1 day ago
It is all Republucans fault. They should have him impeached.
Sam Magliari Sam Magliari . 2 days ago
Stamford Police officer Frank Laccona and Sgt Paul Guzda are criminals caught on video concealing false arrest crimes and witness tampering crimes to conceal my complaints exposing embezzlement and 25 years of federal crimes and illegal labor practices of Stamford Government , UAW Union and Superior Court judges (concealing felony crimes) in the City of Stamford Government: @
Lempwei Roiie Lempwei Roiie . 2 days ago
Why is it that the massive coverages of the Jan 6 insurrection hardly touched basis on the strong possibility of the Kremlin's moles promise to also meddle into the the US 2020? What if there was an attempt to use greater parts of the bribes in conjuring up the insurrection???
william figueroa william figueroa . 2 days ago
Hello lawyer but an attempt to defraud the government when installing an attorney general that will turn everything on a dime for him is an attempt to overthrow the government and defraud the system it's clear that if all this paperwork and all this continuing going forward and trying to continue to go forward it's obvious what Donald Trump was trying to do I can't see anybody seeing anything else or understanding anything else
jay hillner jay hillner . 2 days ago
I seem to have stumbled, by accident, into a black whole of intellectual discourse. Literally, if you posted on hereI have perused your comments and you should consider living your life apart from your codependent relationship with the msm. Seriously, read books for a change. I say all of this out a good place in my heart. The level of intellect in here is appalling. Again, all from a place of love.
Integrito Integrito . 2 days ago
Who was advising DT! He ain't this calculating is he?
Lucinda Gaskill Lucinda Gaskill . 2 days ago
Thus show suc
Paul Chung Paul Chung . 2 days ago
Foundups Michael Trout Foundups Michael Trout . 2 days ago
This session was so damning for Trump It outlines the Clark Sunday Massacre when ALL DoJ would resign over a “Murder Suicide Pact Letter” that Trump and Clark wanted sent out to undermine the election. It is astounding the DoJ has yet to investigate Clark et al over this craziness!
John P John P . 2 days ago
You people are a waste in journalism and Chucky T with "next week it's going to be…" You've been saying that for five friggin years... I used to have so much respect for a majority of you guys and holy mother of god I didn't even realize how bad you could get! I realize you have your million dollar McMansions you gotta pay for but is that worth your integrity?? And he wasn't trying to overturn the election!!Again creating your narrative! He wanted an investigation done and with everything that has come out already he would've won. Everything happens for a reason and the reason this happened is to exposing the corruption that you guys are pushing fast and furious! And nice timing with all of this just before the midterms… You guys are useless... Maybe you should clean the mayonnaise and ketchup off of the walls
Rebecca Mireles Rebecca Mireles . 2 days ago
I think they do not have a case I know they do on the parties involved here In the other side other things they passed the wrong side I'm glad pence got vp on our side because Harris just let's this go on and on to worse was aoc lied and put more national security at risk before all this I don't care they failed as a democracy party I'm glad more people are shifting Republican bye demo" liars
ali sharegills ali sharegills . 2 days ago
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