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Published on 2 weeks ago


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MaxTheGameBoy MaxTheGameBoy . 1 hour ago
Rex’s Rap was easily one of the best moments of Simulacra 2
Sean Metzer Sean Metzer . 2 hours ago
So.....Mark got the bad end?
gawk gawk 3000 gawk gawk 3000 . 3 hours ago
My Nguyen My Nguyen . 6 hours ago
Just realized this video was made 1 day before my big ol’ dog, Grace died in my grandma’s backyard. No need to be sad though, she was older than me, and in dog years I am around 63 years old. Don’t do the maths to get my age, but multiply your age by 7 to get your dog age. And if you can, reply to this comment with your dog age. But please, do not figure out anyone else’s age.
Jessica Caldwell Jessica Caldwell . 8 hours ago
Play more of this game I watched this series every afternoon please play more
Billy Loper Billy Loper . 8 hours ago
I don't care what anyone says. The good ending is the one where all of the main characters die.
Tim D. Tim D. . 11 hours ago
This already happen. Right?

nothing funny here
Eddie Munson Eddie Munson . 14 hours ago
Bro my vape fell out my bra and I had to pretend it was a rock in front of my mom
Snailwrathias Snailwrathias . 1 day ago
The good ending quite possibly just needs you to get the items to end the simulacra.
Because i, pissed, them all off- but some how they all agree'd to help anyways- and after a proper heist and exorcism, i got the good ending.
Shay Bester Shay Bester . 1 day ago
this was awesome
_Earthquake_ _Earthquake_ . 1 day ago
Imagine thinking likes are worth a human life
Yourlocalsimpcracked Yourlocalsimpcracked . 2 days ago
Didn't hear a thng
BlackPix_ BlackPix_ . 2 days ago
Are we gonna get an all ending video?
FinalFantasyFan66666 FinalFantasyFan66666 . 2 days ago
Remember when let's plays used to explore every possible ending and every single Easter egg of the game? Yeah, I remember that. Too bad none does that anymore, am I right? 😐
verteabrae verteabrae . 2 days ago
“Now we are luminous. A bright star. All will see us… AND DESPAIR!”
Tohkrit Xhaln Tohkrit Xhaln . 2 days ago
Before video finishes, I feel like Murillo would take the deal for his Simulacra to be successful. Dude is nutty af.
Blaize Ann Blaize Ann . 2 days ago
"Seeing things, captain?"
33:26 AHHHH
Bradford Saunders Bradford Saunders . 3 days ago
Mark you need to do 100% completion
Thomas T. Thomas T. . 3 days ago
Truly seeing many ultra awesome horror beings slender man, the rake, momo, siren head, Jeff the killer and many many more but, Simulacra the ripple man is just unbelievable just well made and weirdly thought out that it breaks all of my philosophy theories very impressive nonetheless.
SP64 SP64 . 3 days ago
Phone: glitches
Markiplier: uh oh
Ad: we'll be right back
gru gru . 3 days ago
sousa didn’t invent the sousaphone it was named after him
Mr.Jordwell Mr.Jordwell . 3 days ago
Not gonna lie... I kinda want to **** a toaster right now!
T. Muller T. Muller . 3 days ago
I like how the three ring binders Murilo is packing at the end are clearly brand new and completely empty.
Trish King Trish King . 3 days ago
MagicMulett MagicMulett . 3 days ago
Ok.. I started this video it said 9:40 pm on the game. It was 9:40 pm where I am… the time is the same
Aidan Christopher Aidan Christopher . 3 days ago
Markiplier needs to play a game called "the healing". It's just like this but it has better acting.
K.R. Jester K.R. Jester . 3 days ago
Some awesome yoga Maya, she should try it with goats
Rain Baka Rain Baka . 3 days ago
Can you do another run? More? Mark? Moooooore!!
Brony Inc Brony Inc . 3 days ago
So now Mark has to get the Good Ending
Hannah Crabtree Hannah Crabtree . 3 days ago
i was shouting so much its not even funny, i read the convo in the last video and my god fucking springwood was right there!! FOR GODS SAKES MARK
Luiza Melki Luiza Melki . 3 days ago
mark you HAVE to play the good ending to this. there is even a heist at the police station! you will love it!
Seán Carper Seán Carper . 3 days ago
Watching while eating sushi doin good
ZippedMouthGaming ZippedMouthGaming . 3 days ago
17:54 Trigger warning - SoundCloud rapper
Anonymous Anonymous . 4 days ago
Rex looks like Your Narrator
meow meow . 4 days ago
ray the ugly musician ray the ugly musician . 4 days ago
If I were judging just from the thumbnail, i’d say this game was about a backrooms version of moistcritical chasing you.
CourtneyAHolmes CourtneyAHolmes . 4 days ago
So glad to see this game make a come back. Gives me flashbacka of Markiplier playing the first game and S.I.M.
Darkside Gaming Darkside Gaming . 4 days ago
Mark guessed it but only after he gave wrong Intel and I think he didn't notice he had the chance to get it right earlier
Basim Aziz Basim Aziz . 4 days ago
48:54 Ok so, I skipped around a bit to see if this game would be something I'd be interested in seeing... And uh...
Please, someone tell me the game doesn't have this kind of acting often. : |
Or that this is the ONLY time we have to see it.. :|

I'll watch part 1 and give it a chance but, I could really use some assurance that I won't have to see this kind of acting often.
Random Pics Random Pics . 4 days ago
supa flop supa flop . 5 days ago
23:27 bookmark due to headphones dying
Lucas ClockworkLethe Lucas ClockworkLethe . 5 days ago
Why is nobody talking about the music video, it's he only good thing about this whole game
imRed imRed . 5 days ago
I like this game, tho, it really brake the immersion when they act :S
Helvar Stark Helvar Stark . 5 days ago
The AdMech would like to speak with you
rex= andrew tate
Mark 2702 Mark 2702 . 5 days ago
55:23 thought he hated pokemon? thought that was his hill to die on... interesting...
Sinlessdeath45 Sinlessdeath45 . 5 days ago
i wanna see more so i comment lol
SantaHatGuy SantaHatGuy . 5 days ago
Bro the fact there are more endings and more spooks are things I really want to see, MAKE PART 4!!!!
Nico Cerceo Nico Cerceo . 5 days ago
I know I’m late to the party, but the Rex rap was not okay.

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