Play / Download 5 Tech products that survived the Impossible.
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Published on 2 weeks ago

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Gogeta (SSGSS Evolved) Gogeta (SSGSS Evolved) . 2 minutes ago
Meanwhile nokia casually survives a nuke
TC Tahsin TC Tahsin . 3 minutes ago
What about the s8 with a bullet hole and kept working?
Yuriy Alekseevich Gagarin Yuriy Alekseevich Gagarin . 6 minutes ago
The PC worked cause the fire didnt directly touch it, it probably was 4-5m away and it was just enough to melt some of the plastic
Aaron1241 Aaron1241 . 9 minutes ago
My iphone 10 fell out if my pocket and cracked
super saiyan v1nce super saiyan v1nce . 14 minutes ago
Nokia: child's play
Sonic Sonic . 17 minutes ago
Im glad I own a 6s.
The Space Bagel The Space Bagel . 19 minutes ago
“Why do peopele buy apple”
storm trooper storm trooper . 25 minutes ago
HTC Evo 3d managed to save a man from being shot by catching the didn't survive it but the man is still alive because of this.

HTC sent him a new HTC one M7 phone and all the accessories after they found out about it
liouy cnny liouy cnny . 32 minutes ago
Nokia phone: everything
Josh Benington Josh Benington . 39 minutes ago
Oh yeah their phones survived a 6,000 foot drop but when mine falls out of my pocket it won’t turn on
Safe Gaminng ツ Safe Gaminng ツ . 41 minutes ago
Bro the minister next to the laptop just chillin
Safe Gaminng ツ Safe Gaminng ツ . 42 minutes ago
Wait did u have the specific phone
Indestructible Cow Indestructible Cow . 56 minutes ago
I’ve seen the game boy in person
Footballer Footballer . 1 hour ago
I have that phone and it destroyed
Deny Mitev Deny Mitev . 1 hour ago
BULGARIA IS the country i am born and li❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Not Elf Not Elf . 1 hour ago
Cursing is a sin and so is Insulting, using God's name in vain and Rude and Crude joking. Repent right now
Helix ACE Games Helix ACE Games . 1 hour ago
I went to an at&t store to get a phone upgrade and the person helping me said that someone had their phone in a dress shirt pocket and was in it. And the dude survived. And the phone was a Samsung galaxy.
jdjadams jdjadams . 2 hours ago
You can open a window in a jet stream at 11,000 ft???? What??? Learn something new everyday, I still don't understand how though, what about the cabin pressure this doesn't make any sense!!
Chris Vrinzen Chris Vrinzen . 2 hours ago
Nokia 3310; hold my beer. I've got a reputation.
Cocciclaque ! Cocciclaque ! . 2 hours ago
Just remember that an object thin like a phone would reach terminal velocity in only 500ft, so no difference between 500 and 11000
R-Tik Jack R-Tik Jack . 2 hours ago
I actually knew about the game boy
Adam Levai Adam Levai . 2 hours ago
BIRB BIRB . 2 hours ago
"The game boy survived being bombed"
Me: Damn
"Multiple Times"
Trevor Fenech Trevor Fenech . 3 hours ago
Any Panasonic Toughbook will survive anything
austin gattie austin gattie . 3 hours ago
Well my dad dropped his 11 pro Max in water for 2 seconds in the whole screen broke
Spin-Brickz Spin-Brickz . 3 hours ago
The Nokia laughing in the corner
Spin-Brickz Spin-Brickz . 3 hours ago
Game boy be like I'ma survivor
Pro gamer master Pro gamer master . 4 hours ago
Yeee I am from Bulgaria
Castle Castle . 4 hours ago
iPhone X: falls from an airplane, completely fine.

My iPhone X: gets dropped, lands on case, screen breaks completely
The Chrisy Show The Chrisy Show . 4 hours ago
Dff Skaffy Dff Skaffy . 5 hours ago
Lets goo I'm from bulgaria
Adam Fazlullah Sharief Adam Fazlullah Sharief . 5 hours ago
So basically they're all captain America
Oakley Davies Oakley Davies . 5 hours ago
Yet the 6s couldn't survive bending by sitting on it
çýbęř ñęø çýbęř ñęø . 5 hours ago
So it can survive a 11K foot drop but it can't survive a fall from my bed to my floor?
Aarav Tiwari Aarav Tiwari . 6 hours ago
Well the apple logo on 3rd one was purple, so we can say that the phone was DRUNK
space addict space addict . 6 hours ago
Everything else I believe but I have trouble believing the iPhones survived at that height I've dropped multiple iPhones and I know people who have dropped iPhones at waste heights and they shatter
John xina John xina . 6 hours ago
Of course the phone is gonna survive it landed on a sand
john cruz john cruz . 6 hours ago
I was expecting
DaltonPostsStuff DaltonPostsStuff . 7 hours ago
No Nokia😳
ObsidianKnight666 ObsidianKnight666 . 7 hours ago
Gamers with a game boy are set for life
Narvol503unique Narvol503unique . 7 hours ago
Meanwhile in the barracks
"Medic medic please my leg is in a rock please help"
Medic: wait hold up btch you're starting to piss me of I am playing in my god damn Game Boy shut up a second Jesus, hold up is that a bom..."
Mathias Fantoni Mathias Fantoni . 7 hours ago
Gameboy worked after being bombed… MULTIPLE TIMES. 😅
Vanny Som Vanny Som . 7 hours ago
I live in canada and ice lakes are soooooooooo cold
Zebrayes Zebrayes . 8 hours ago
i have a 6s
Saul Morbman Saul Morbman . 8 hours ago
Bro my iphone shattered into a bazillion pieces when it fell off of my bed
AmDecentgamingmove yt AmDecentgamingmove yt . 9 hours ago
Nokia 3310: noobs you cant recive a bullet get crushed by thors hammer and nor get a scratched L NOOBS
Abrianna Aguilera Abrianna Aguilera . 9 hours ago
I call bullshit on that, I have seen way too many iPhones at phone repair places for that to be true
Aple_Gamer Aple_Gamer . 9 hours ago
Im this video theres nothing about nokia, because nokia would beat all of them combined

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