Play / Download Our Porsche Catches On Fire And I Go To The Hospital!!!
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Published on 3 weeks ago

What a crazy span of events!!! As we make progress on all of our projects, we end up running into a few road blocks here and there. After watching the house, barn and Porsche get a little more things done, we run into the unexpected. Cant wait to share it all with you guys! Thanks For Watching!!!

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Barry Kelly Barry Kelly . 2 days ago
Your lucky brother, because it happened to me when I was probably 16, 17 years old not knowing anything about a pressure pot but it got me face chest shoulders and my stomach and 56 years old now and you still see the mark's if left me with 3 degree burns I'm was lucky it didn't. Blind me.. dude It was so scary when I finally got the eye patch off but thing goodness I didn't loose eye Sight and one more the brother I've never touched another pressure pot again, I want even let my wife cook in one so good πŸ‘ luck and hope you get well soon because those burn spots πŸ™ is no joke when they get to hurting and your said you don't like taking Tylenol , good for you and that shit the Dr's like putting u on like Percocets lorcet or any of that narcotic s*** cuz it will mess you up my friend really bad, trust me I know.. later
Alex Alex Alex Alex . 3 days ago
Your parents are from ukraine, buy some diesel old pickups, paint them green, put big wheels, weld the turret under the machine gun, put a winch, and send to ukraine, help the rapid response teams using such vehicles to destroy the military columns of the occupier, the guys on the front line it is necessary, and you will have content and video how they worked))
Collin Hathaway Collin Hathaway . 4 days ago
I hope your ok
Eugene Elkin Eugene Elkin . 4 days ago
F A F A . 4 days ago
Chicks dig scars and nobody can take the fact away that you prevented Mom from catching a burn. Way to go son!!
Wisam A Wisam A . 5 days ago
Burned all over and still pushing the Dang Sauce πŸ˜‚
midlym dad midlym dad . 5 days ago
Dude thanks god you should let all the air release first
sailing wind sailing wind . 6 days ago
Man hope you do recover quickly that suxs glad you didn't get it worse an like you said thank God your mother didn't get hurt praying for you guys hope you feel better soon
Wil C Wil C . 6 days ago
Look up the skin gun for burns.
Enoch Jolliffe Enoch Jolliffe . 6 days ago
How did that happen newer ones have locks and safety features... old ones not so much.
Will Falk Will Falk . 7 days ago
Dang son I'm glad Simon is going to be okay and that your mom is fine ,you thinking about her first is priceless .get well soon keep the aloe on it and you should be good to go .
ChinyONE ChinyONE . 7 days ago
Im never using a pressure cooker is guess
William Overton William Overton . 1 week ago
I'm glad you protected your mother. Get well soon
Carlo Carlo . 1 week ago
ShortedToGround Racing ShortedToGround Racing . 1 week ago
Wishing you a speedily recovery!
Josh Josh . 1 week ago
This channel has gone down hill..nothing but advertisements and endorsements. What a shame
Jordan Garrison Jordan Garrison . 1 week ago
Yo when y’all get the time y’all should build a air bnb or something like that
Advan Advan . 1 week ago
Get Well Soon!
Gregor P Gregor P . 1 week ago
Be careful with pressure cookers, if something goes wrong and the lid flies off while trying to open it..
Might bust your head
John Kelly John Kelly . 1 week ago
β€œCould have been a lot worse”, Amen to that! Glad you’re OK.
Chase Mitchell Chase Mitchell . 1 week ago
Atleast it's not worse that will heal and within a few years you won't even be able to tell it happened 1st and second degree burns hurt the worst though 3rd and 4th degree burs burn the nerves so you lose feeling and less pain because you can't feel it lol. Glad your ok though I have had multiple serious burns like that definitely sucks wish you the best
Bobby Penny Bobby Penny . 1 week ago
I'm praying for a speedy recovery for you two. What a epic commercial, for your DANG SAUSE. I DIDN'T KNOW IF I SHOULD LAUGH, OR CRY.
CMDR SVT CMDR SVT . 1 week ago
Clickbait af
Eldorado Manchuria Eldorado Manchuria . 1 week ago
pressure cooker accidents have been happening since the invention of the pressure cooker
Octane Street Octane Street . 1 week ago
Wow.. I hate to say it but man, really glad you were there to help your mom open that pressure cooker... I hope you heal up ASAP Simeon! You're a BEAST!
Sultan 26 Sultan 26 . 1 week ago
Stpid pay giveaway from Eleazar
Hank Larzelier Hank Larzelier . 1 week ago
those cows didn't die from getting overheated don't believe the news, if you believe that nonsense you know nothing about livestock or ranching
aldo olvera aldo olvera . 1 week ago
The Mexican workers representing Mexico πŸ‡²πŸ‡½πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž
Joel Canales Joel Canales . 1 week ago
Que bueno que estΓ‘ bien amigo saludos y bendiciones y tengan mucho cuidado me gustan mucho sus videos.
Muy buena suerte y mucho excito con el canal β˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
RadarBTW RadarBTW . 1 week ago
2 to 3 day you’ll be all right wishing the best for you
0m3n 0m3n . 1 week ago
They're designed not to be opened when there is pressure built up. Thats why it was hard to open. You have to turn it off and let the pressure bleed out. If that thing on top is hissing. You don't open it
Kamil Dymek Kamil Dymek . 1 week ago
My world as Alfie My world as Alfie . 2 weeks ago
Hi Guys, that's a long healing prosses you both have, I use a specific Nivea cream for skin hydration on a regular basis.
Marlon Green Marlon Green . 2 weeks ago
Nikki Tv Nikki Tv . 2 weeks ago
It was the definitely the PORSCHE!!! 100%
Ahmad Ahmad . 2 weeks ago
we use solid concrete and bricks to make the whole house here in Pakistan, so watching this give me anxiety shit could fly away with a storm
Jess Gon Jess Gon . 2 weeks ago
Glad you and your mom are ok. Get well soon.
Manchaka Manchaka . 2 weeks ago
Darkness Darkness . 2 weeks ago
Man, I am glad that you and your mom are OK!
Khalil Ibraheem Khalil Ibraheem . 2 weeks ago
Hopefully you will get well soon πŸ”œ bro
MrDyRT MrDyRT . 2 weeks ago
Sue that company and buy a new porche
Skin Milk Skin Milk . 2 weeks ago
Seth Dawson Seth Dawson . 2 weeks ago
Oh my god dude glad to hear your moms good but dude you’re cut dog hahahaha
Vaughn Williams Vaughn Williams . 2 weeks ago
Hey Simon feel better!!πŸ’ͺ🏾
Keith Reilly Keith Reilly . 2 weeks ago
Had a pressure cooker blow open had 1-2-3 degree burns over 40% of my body that is painful
DodgerUSN DodgerUSN . 2 weeks ago
Love and support you guys, especially with boundless respect for willing to tackle this challenging build! Not trying to be a smartass, but since you're dealing with German precision engineering, you might as well get in the spirit of pronouncing "Porsche" correctly. From the official Porsche YouTube channel, here's how you say the company name:
Robert Kelly Robert Kelly . 2 weeks ago
Hats off to a man that can take a burn an keep it moving always love to see this heal up an get back it it brother
Thomas Tevis Thomas Tevis . 2 weeks ago
Awesome videos sorry I’m so late
Angie Medina Angie Medina . 2 weeks ago
So sorry you got burn hopefully you see the comment when ever you or anyone gets burn cut out potatoes nd put on the burn the starch helps with the burn πŸ”₯ nd it does work so good luck nd many blessings always from Haines city Florida

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