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Fern Stone

Fern Stone

Published on 1 week ago

Hope you enjoyed !

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jordan xcx jordan xcx . 5 days ago
you should totally react to the new shygirl singles from her new album ‘nymph’!
blackkatt777 blackkatt777 . 5 days ago
So did you not know she put out Lemonade, Everything is Love, and Black is King?

Lemonade was her therapy album.

Everything is Love was about healing/unity and black empowerment.

Black is King was the full on Back to the black roots of mixing African beats with American black sounds and giving an artistic uplifting message to the community.

It wasn't a "shake your ass" thoughtless dance album so a lot of people, outside of the community, didn't gravitate to it. It definitely hit home for me, because it was.....for me. Lol

She used a sample of Robin S.' SHOW ME LOVE, on this track.

Robin said she loves that Beyonce is paying homage and giving her, her flowers while she's still here. Lots of divas of that era were done dirty and not paid respect, credit or properly managed and screwed over by the industry.

She's bringing the 90's American black Dance/House music back. Robin S., Crystal Waters, Martha Washington, CeCe Penniston....etc..

European EDM're welcome!

Kelly Rowland did a lot of dance/house songs over the years but the industry did her dirty because of colorism problems. They were great underground bops though. I hope she is doing a house song with Kelly.

The album is called Renaissance. Bringing the beats back. So, get your dancing shoes and pull up to the dance floor. We got work to do. Lol
wemdot O wemdot O . 6 days ago
Will you be listening to el Mal querer soon? I apologize for the other video where the fans were being rude, It was uncalled for.
Jay James Jay James . 1 week ago
I’m a Beyoncé STAN and I never loved single ladies! Don’t feel bad Lolol. It just got tooooooo hyped
Phoebe Coiote Phoebe Coiote . 1 week ago
fern!!!!! please react to muna's new album!!!!! please it literally just came out friday
Nadia H Nadia H . 1 week ago
First time watching your video and brilliant reaction!! And you have a great voice 👍🏽 and great questions at the end about what the long terms fans think compared to the casual fans. Cause there is definitely a debate there! Seems like the newbies are preferring it to the stans! Very interesting.
Adrian Anderson Adrian Anderson . 1 week ago
Mário Castro Mário Castro . 1 week ago
You need to react to LEMONADE and BEYONCÉ (my favorite albums by her) ♥️
Romy J Romy J . 1 week ago
Your makeup is so pretty ^0^ Happy Pride!!
wvops wvops . 1 week ago
this song will be apart of an album called Renaissance I, so I assume there will be of series of albums she's doing similar to Arca's KICK series
Alexia Erotica Alexia Erotica . 1 week ago
queen can u pls react to Eartheater's music u gonna love it so much and u rlly missing out
LadySage Heart LadySage Heart . 1 week ago
Ok. Safe Zone right? Right! Beyonce isn't really my jam. I've only searched her catalog for a couple songs and not regularly. So actually no, I've never interacted with her catalog. I love her whole vibe though. Ms Bey & Mrs Carter., She Is All That. Musically I gravitate more towards her sister's music. More specifically Solange's last album When I Get Home 😍. Those video/print visuals and her live set and show just 🤯🤤 More my style. Wait what was your question again? 😆. Great video, it's always a pleasure to see you Fern 😊.
Jf De Leon Jf De Leon . 1 week ago
React to Lemonade by Beyonce! Its a concept album about her discovering Jay-z's infidelity and it is definitely one of the best albums of the 2010's!
kissheart kissheart . 1 week ago
a slayyyter album reaction would be great, also to arcas new songs
Doodle Doodle . 1 week ago
it's nice to see you react to some Queen Bey! I don't think she's ever done anything in the House genre before, it's nice to see her experimenting with her sound, and especially, releasing this during pride month, knowing the roots of the House genre itself!
AndreMoodyTv AndreMoodyTv . 1 week ago
loved this reaction !!!!!
christo christo christo christo . 1 week ago
you gotta react to Lemonade!!!
Rodrigo Enes Rodrigo Enes . 1 week ago
you'll definely like lemonade
IcE🌙CoFfEe IcE🌙CoFfEe . 1 week ago
I don't know about anybody else, but I love whenever you sing along to the songs. or when you add your own harmonies and backup vocals. it's really cool.
Carlos L. Romero Carlos L. Romero . 1 week ago
you HAVE to listen to Lemonade and self titled! specially Lemonade, I’m very sure it’s up your alley, it’s a confessional conceptual album about Jay Z’s infidelity and it’s kind of like a singer songwriter album but with a twist
Josh Josh . 1 week ago
Check On It was a British ANTHEM. This song is deffo for the gays, love that she released this during pride season.
Hey Bishes Hey Bishes . 1 week ago
Just letting you know the background voice is Big Freedia who is a trans woman. Her voice is used in quite a few of these types of songs and she makes her own music too. An LGBTQ+ icon that I think not enough people know about.
Benji Benji . 1 week ago
you seem so happy here :) love ya fern!! keep up the great work xox
j j . 1 week ago
since you’ve never gone into her albums i hiiiighly recommend self titled and lemonade!! bday as well
Big Fella Big Fella . 1 week ago
Great makeup and review as always

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