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Matt's Off Road Recovery

Matt's Off Road Recovery

Published on 3 weeks ago

So I got a build project that needs a specialty gas tank and more.


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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

Victor Greymountain Victor Greymountain . 14 hours ago
Man, keep doing what you guys do Best.
Just Jeepin Just Jeepin . 1 day ago
The hooks are actually on the wrong side of the frame. They should angle out so as to handle an angled load. I love my pair....
AmericanLivesMatter- BmanWild AmericanLivesMatter- BmanWild . 1 day ago
10:21 why you mad at Kenny's wrecker , Matt sheesh "it's a show vehicle"
Aaron Erickson Aaron Erickson . 2 days ago
Love the Rio Linda jab...Rush Limbaugh? Love it!
Thunder Junkie Thunder Junkie . 4 days ago
18:33 "A wild Ed appears!"
Thunder Junkie Thunder Junkie . 4 days ago
Working for M.O.R.R. looks insanely enjoyable. (for me) Seems like every day has an objective. Conquerable tasks while also learning and gaining skills. Again. 100/10. Exemplary.
Thunder Junkie Thunder Junkie . 4 days ago
"My hood don't jiggle, jiggle. It folds." 5:46 I did not think my respect for you could get any higher but then you drop an epic reference. 100/10 across the board. Nailing every hit. Fantastic.
Bruce MacKinnon Bruce MacKinnon . 4 days ago
Not a mechanic but got my doubts about the pulling power of that motor from a Suburban on that rig.
Jesse Millsap Jesse Millsap . 4 days ago
Pete Rowlingson Pete Rowlingson . 4 days ago
Please put guards on your angle grinders!
Also wear safety glasses....
Other than that, what you guys do and make is really cool.
Allan McCorquodale Allan McCorquodale . 4 days ago
Hi Matt, I have been watching your videos and Paul's from Australia for a couple of years. I've said before i love how your families are involved and you teach the kids. I don't know if you have seen this video before but this guy has more money than brains. Safety comes first. He's got people in the firing line of broken ropes. I had an uncle who was killed on a tug in Newcastle Harbour, NSW, Australia when a towline to a ship snapped. Keep teaching all your crew how to do things but do it safely.
Shelly Hambleton Shelly Hambleton . 4 days ago
Watch AWP Adventure's with Purpose their a diving team who does searches for missing people in the lakes and rivers. AWP Adventure's with Purpose!
Bruce Johnston Bruce Johnston . 4 days ago
Check out hea y D new rescue truck 5 axles
stuart johnston stuart johnston . 4 days ago
Nice Rush Limbaugh referance lol.
da443-g Almond da443-g Almond . 5 days ago
Yes, We have seen how seriously you take running out of you do so often, seriously. lol. Great looking Off-Road Wrecker.
Sal Oropeza Sal Oropeza . 5 days ago
Do you really know where Rio Linda is?
Gary johns Gary johns . 5 days ago
Dieselmaster Dieselmaster . 5 days ago
I just can’t wait to see Ed’s reaction to his toys looking brand new again. Best present ever. I love this channel
slyguyd slyguyd . 5 days ago
Trevor with the Saturday Morning Cartoons bump out!! Classic!
zynzy4u zynzy4u . 6 days ago
HeavyDSparks of Brodozers has by far a larger off road wrecker. A 6x6 or is it an 8x8? Now he has a 10x10 600hp that was just used to drag a bull dozer off a mountain. Drag, no track movement.
M K M K . 6 days ago
It's baffling how complicated that gas tank is.
EXPIOWA EXPIOWA . 6 days ago
I love the Mayfield Hooks. It makes a cool project even neater. 👍👍👍 I love build videos.
Stephen Hunter Stephen Hunter . 7 days ago
inches and fractions, bean there done that. You should see how much some Americans panic when their shown millimeters.
Spiderlily45 Spiderlily45 . 7 days ago
Trevor's looking good with the shorter beard and younger, can't wait to see this build when it's finished👍
Spac8 Spac8 . 1 week ago
"My hood don't jiggle, jiggle, it folds" is the best and by far the funniest application for that I've seen. Not a fan of tiktok but you found a way to make that trend funny. 😂
HillBillyVilly HillBillyVilly . 1 week ago
Clark made lifting / towing equipment. Push back tractors, towing tractors, forklifts etc.
Clark is perfect!
Rodney Rodney . 1 week ago
And remember people as Paul from fat Rats said it'll take about 120 years to start rusting out so the piece of rubber between the gas tank and the frame is not going to rust out in 5 years like it does in the rust belt where most of you are
Rodney Rodney . 1 week ago
It's just amazing how trimming his beard made Tucker so much more sure-footed how long's it been since he fell down
Rodney Rodney . 1 week ago
Our fellas her age intimidated by Lizzie
Chris Browne Chris Browne . 1 week ago
It's the MorrSump!
Andre Lapierre Andre Lapierre . 1 week ago
ken koeller ken koeller . 1 week ago
If this truck was originally built in Springfield Ohio it was built in CLARK county Ohio
nieooj gotoy nieooj gotoy . 1 week ago
Love your videos and can’t imagine you calling anyone out. You and your crew are the nicest people in off-road recovery!!!
Erik Zins Erik Zins . 1 week ago
Clark sounds like an amazing name!!!
Alan Weatherston Alan Weatherston . 1 week ago
Rio Linda! Lol
Ethan Ramage Ethan Ramage . 1 week ago
The way Matt said “they wanna know if it’s bigger than his, and it is” 🤣😂
t wak t wak . 1 week ago
Please wear safety glasses when working with machinery etc !!!
Don’t want you to loose dem beautiful eyes!
Reid whittington Reid whittington . 1 week ago
You need a real root beer…. Order you some Barq’s offline. You’re welcome!
Michael Hamilton Michael Hamilton . 1 week ago
Matt, just a note, be sure to use fender-hood-radiator welting on metal friction surfaces
sehhi vooty sehhi vooty . 1 week ago
fuel tank. What are your thoughts of using UHMW (great material for skid plates for side by sides and mini jet boats, etc.)?
Robert Montgomery Robert Montgomery . 1 week ago
Was thinking a fuel cell might solve a lot of problems . Also might be better with straps and rubber between frame and tank flex relief . Just saying.
Ian abrams Ian abrams . 1 week ago
This is the first time I watched one of your videos that wasn't performing recoveries and it was very cool watching how you build your wrecker. Your custom upgrades definitely show your years of experience. Keep the build videos coming.
Scott Nuccio Scott Nuccio . 1 week ago
How long has Lizy been welding? The one weld that you showed looked really good to me.
Benedict Tusia Benedict Tusia . 1 week ago
I was thinking Warhog the moment I saw the fire deptment parts. Pumba came to mind before the A10….. just saying.
1oldskoolluvr 1oldskoolluvr . 1 week ago
Tucker....i'm sura am glad you didn't waste good root-beer on that joke.
Wing Nut Bert Wing Nut Bert . 1 week ago
Tank strap: What about using angle iron instead of flat bar and tabs? Just thinking angle is gonna flex less than flat bar. But I'm just throwin' that out there. NOT a criticism!! 😁👍👌
Wing Nut Bert Wing Nut Bert . 1 week ago
Those hooks look great! Maybe painted red. Kinda got a "Hellboy" look to them. :D
Gene Hill Gene Hill . 1 week ago
Do you even know where Rio Linda is?
Chris Cassar Chris Cassar . 2 weeks ago
Just a suggestion if I may. You should put in a second fuel gauge for the top half that doesn’t mark in the existing one. Just for the hidden part. Now that you still intime to fit it.
Bernard Steffen Bernard Steffen . 2 weeks ago
Are you really going to be doing off-road recovery with this wrecker>> And pulling a recovery trailer, built just for this wrecker?? Hmm, looking at 3mpg?? Kinda an over kill, when a jeep would do most recoveries.

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