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Lizzo Music

Lizzo Music

Published on 3 months ago

Lizzo - About Damn Time [Official Video]

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3x Grammy award-winning superstar, Lizzo has become a household name with over 5 billion global streams and a platinum selling debut album to date. With the help of anthemic smash hits like the 7x Platinum “Truth Hurts,” the 3x Platinum “Good As Hell,” and the 2x Platinum “Juice,” Lizzo released her Nice Life Recording Company/Atlantic Records debut album CUZ I LOVE YOU on April 19th 2019, debuting at #6 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart and spending 24 consecutive weeks in the chart’s Top 10. “Truth Hurts” became the longest running #1 by a solo female rap artist in history after spending seven weeks atop the charts. Since the release of the meteoric CUZ I LOVE YOU, Lizzo has been named both Time Magazine and Entertainment Weekly’s 2019 Entertainer of the Year as well as gracing the covers of Rolling Stone, Billboard’s GRAMMY Preview Issue, British Vogue, Elle’s Women In Music Issue, and many others. Additionally, Lizzo kicked off 2020 with a showstopping opening performance at the 62nd Annual GRAMMY awards and took home three big wins, in addition to being the most-nominated artist of the year. 2020 has also seen her win the awards for Best Female R&B/Pop Artist at the 2020 B.E.T Awards and both “Entertainer of the Year” and “Outstanding Video” at the 2020 NAACP Awards. Her list of high profile TV performances also include the 2019 American Music Awards, VMAs, B.E.T Awards and Saturday Night Live, in addition to in depth profiles on CBS This Morning’s GRAMMY primetime special and CBS Sunday Morning. Now, Lizzo returns with her first new single in two years- the highly-anticipated “Rumors" featuring Cardi B.

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Enderkight54k Lol Enderkight54k Lol . 45 minutes ago
love this song it help when hard times
Leroy Ferguson Leroy Ferguson . 55 minutes ago
Don’t know about the word “bitch” so much, but song is upbeat with a great groove.
Non of your business Non of your business . 55 minutes ago
Anybody notice she is rocking that outfit
Antòni Gèli Antòni Gèli . 2 hours ago
Impressive. In USA, the best performance artist, by far.
Sheuli Roy Sheuli Roy . 2 hours ago
Lizzo- Well, I didn't write a poem but I wrote a song.
Shurod Daniels Shurod Daniels . 2 hours ago
Gives me Cheryl Lynn vibes
Madjiik3000 Madjiik3000 . 2 hours ago
This song gotta be the most annoying song that exists on earth. I’m entirely cringe the second I hear a single second of its melody. However, since that much people like it… I feel like even if I comment and help with the algorithm, it’s not that big of a deal… I think she deserves the fame and stuff… it’s just really not my type. Now… who asked… I don’t even know for myself.
Get Movin With Ruben Get Movin With Ruben . 2 hours ago
I am 62 years old and I love this song and the message of self confidence is beautiful and it reminds me of music from the 80s I instantly heard a Billy Ocean tune in here and I love this song.
Justin Hamilton Justin Hamilton . 2 hours ago
mommy? sorry. mommy? sorry. mommy? sorry. mommy? sorry. mommy? sorry. mommy? sorry. mommy? sorry. mommy? sorry. mommy? sorry. mommy? sorry. mommy? sorry. mommy? sorry.
The background score is just phenomenal. Just beautiful....
Gamergirl Danique Gamergirl Danique . 3 hours ago
My fav song 🎵
Jade Jade . 3 hours ago
hello people form 2023 if anyone watches this music video lmaoo
wallash jr wallash jr . 4 hours ago
*1:59* that famous part that drives me crazy
Kevlaw Kevlaw . 4 hours ago
When she says thick thirty. I just think of if Mike Tyson was trying to say its 6.30
Alexa Sing Alexa Sing . 4 hours ago
Lizzy why are you saying bitch can you not swear please I'm just a kid and I'm love your songs just don't swear PLESAE
Choomah Bungole Choomah Bungole . 4 hours ago
So she just ran away?
Hülya Işık Hülya Işık . 4 hours ago
Alfie Bishop Alfie Bishop . 4 hours ago
Intro a bit similar to Eminem’s when I’m gone
Tam Web Tam Web . 4 hours ago
CamiLLa Kareem CamiLLa Kareem . 5 hours ago
We " R " ALREADY iN A Pre - Slavery MovemenT


Sweet Caramel Sweet Caramel . 5 hours ago
Lizzo ALWAYS brings Me out of a Bad Mood
Maddie is a Maddie Maddie is a Maddie . 5 hours ago
Lizzo still looks fine before the makeup! 💀
Bárbaro play Bárbaro play . 5 hours ago
Wft???? that sound like a haven dancing... niceeeeeeeeeeeee
Taylor SBarbie Taylor SBarbie . 5 hours ago
Dora Baldassare Sailor Black Butler Moon fan Dora Baldassare Sailor Black Butler Moon fan . 5 hours ago
I don't know why people are hating on Lizzo when she's beautiful in her own body and the way she sing all her own songs
Lavender cuties Lavender cuties . 5 hours ago
I like but i don’t like}
Chantele Martinez Chantele Martinez . 6 hours ago
Yesss!!!! I love it Lizzo🙌🙌💙💜💙💜💙
Matt Matt . 6 hours ago
It’s about damn time Boris Johnson resigned…
Xarteks Xarteks . 6 hours ago
I’m high asf and I love this video, so funny
aaryanthegreat aaryanthegreat . 6 hours ago
You....yessss you...are here.bcoz of this.1:58
kalbi kırık biri işte kalbi kırık biri işte . 6 hours ago
BTS e dediklerinden dolayı senden iğreniyorum lizzo🤮🤮🤢🤢
RicksoSlick RicksoSlick . 6 hours ago
I dislike this song a lot. 👎🏽 Bad stuff
Lauren 🦋 Lauren 🦋 . 7 hours ago
Yess queen
Candy Vaca Camacho Candy Vaca Camacho . 7 hours ago
Have you ever been told that your voice looks like Katy Perry's?
Blase Blase . 7 hours ago
imanime amenida sinamino manavome enapomeap
Milou Freeman Milou Freeman . 7 hours ago
made 2 days AFTER my birthday but i love this music
MRD2_03 MRD2_03 . 7 hours ago
my favourite song
Little Fox Little Fox . 7 hours ago
1:31 that’s so raven vibes
Little Fox Little Fox . 7 hours ago
She doesn’t look 34, she looks 18
Jenna Suchowski Jenna Suchowski . 7 hours ago
It's about damn time 😎🔥
~Jennie_is•my•life♡ ~Jennie_is•my•life♡ . 7 hours ago
Roxanne Gray Roxanne Gray . 7 hours ago
I work in a kitchen and this song plays like 20 times a day and I'm still not mad about it.
El mundo de Grecia tv El mundo de Grecia tv . 8 hours ago
I love you lizzo music
Aadya Joshi Aadya Joshi . 8 hours ago
Lizzo’s hair is giving Abby lee miller 🫶🏼🫶🏼
Marilyn Turner-Mitchell Marilyn Turner-Mitchell . 8 hours ago
Duke taped
Muaz Ahmed Muaz Ahmed . 8 hours ago
She is so cool
Lillian Khan Lillian Khan . 9 hours ago
lizzo i can not stop playing this so over and over
Sonal Dhingra Sonal Dhingra . 9 hours ago
Lizzo's condifedence level 1000000000000000/1000000

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