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The Pivot Podcast

Published on 2 weeks ago



A man who needs no introduction...we have a great one for you today with an extended version of this episode and more to come during the week!

In a rare sit down appearance, Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach, Mike Tomlin joins The Pivot for a candid conversation talking about impactful moments over the years and sharing untold stories from Super Bowls to coaching dynamic players to inside look of being the NFL's only current black Head Coach. 

Ryan, who played for Coach Tomlin, reminisces through their Super Bowl runs and legendary defense the team assembled in the late 2000's while Fred is eager to ask the question of why Coach didn't try to sign him when he became a free agent after all those high yardage games at Heinz Field. In awe of the relationship Mike T has developed his with the men who played for him, Channing enviously asks what is the secret to earning the respect of all and never having a losing season in 15 years.

Continuing the conversation, the guys get into minority hiring around the league and how Brian Flores ended up as part of the current staff after controversy surrounded his release. Coach Tomlin says it was never the intent but describes the addition as a win for the organization to have Flores apart of the coaching regime.

Ryan talks about some of his former Steeler Teammates and asks the specifically noting that this will be the first time in 15 seasons that Tomlin has coached the Steelers he has always had Big Ben at the helm to run his offense and how the team will move forward.

In a lighter moment, Channing asks about the infamous Jacoby Jones return interference which cost Mike T a 100K fine in 2013 as we get the play by play of what really happened that day.

Admiring the legacy Tomlin has formed, Fred, Channing and Ryan all share something special they take from their conversation and the mutual respect they have for his impact on the game.

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Daniel Gikonyo Daniel Gikonyo . 12 minutes ago
What a great mind
Emiliano Ruiz-Lopez Emiliano Ruiz-Lopez . 2 hours ago
The Pittsburgh Steelers are really the best organization
Emiliano Ruiz-Lopez Emiliano Ruiz-Lopez . 2 hours ago
Great podcast
Daniel Mizrahi Daniel Mizrahi . 2 hours ago
amazing interview but he lying lmao about the jacoby thing
Legacy Bridge Legacy Bridge . 3 hours ago
Excellent choice!
robert goodmote robert goodmote . 4 hours ago
this episode is the best one fucking love mike tomlin
Texas John Texas John . 6 hours ago
As a Cowboys fan I respect the hell out of Coach T! Helluva leader.
Malik Malik . 7 hours ago
Wish I had an uncle like Ryan when I was younger
Malik Malik . 7 hours ago
“ Don’t seek comfort, you gotta be comfortable being uncomfortable “
Jessica Daniels Jessica Daniels . 7 hours ago
This was amazing, thank you for bringing mike on and allowing us to hear his stories and views
marc Williams marc Williams . 7 hours ago
“freddy, you called the man a mom” 😭😭😭😭😭😂
Jeff Storms Jeff Storms . 8 hours ago
This show with coach Tomlin was so great!! The respect the players, fans and media show towards him is well deserved!!!! Coach Tomlin is one of the best to ever coach and still going strong. A true leader, a true gentleman, a true coach!!!
Aaron Orlando Aaron Orlando . 10 hours ago
Best coach in the game. And I'm born in raised in KC and a chiefs fan. But MIKE T really HIM
Claude Charles II Claude Charles II . 11 hours ago
yep... long but so many jewels were dropped... worth it!!!!
T H T H . 14 hours ago
Raheem Morris got a chance in Tampa…
Blakbrain120 Blakbrain120 . 15 hours ago
Not a Steelers fan, but i have new found respect and admiration for coach Tomlin! He reminds me of Omar Epps!!
caliber caliber . 15 hours ago
"Football is our Game. Our business is Winning." Jesus Mary and Joseph he SAID SOMETHING! I LOVE IT MAN!
CoachNicole CoachNicole . 18 hours ago
Coach Tomlin understands his mission and his assignment because it's bigger than him. He does not get comfortable understanding that there is always someone he can serve to be a better.
#DontWaitToBeGreat #DontWaitToBeGreat . 19 hours ago
Lil Recklezz Lil Recklezz . 22 hours ago
coach wording is crazy sus
Timothy_the_terrible_ on IG and Twitter Timothy_the_terrible_ on IG and Twitter . 23 hours ago
Yall gotta find a better intro song
WACK WACK . 1 day ago
Jnderachieved in every way
David Hinton David Hinton . 1 day ago
Pittsburgh has only had THREE head football coaches in the past FIFTY-THREE years (which covers just about the ENTIRE Super Bowl era) .... CHUCK NOLL (1969-1991), BILL COWHER (1991-2007), and MIKE TOMLIN (2007-onward). NONE of them were head coaches anywhere else EXCEPT in Pittsburgh. that says a lot about how the franchise PICKS their head coaches ... and how they enable these men to be great.
Amarukhans Amarukhans . 1 day ago
Good stuff 💪🏾
Amarukhans Amarukhans . 1 day ago
I'm a Cowboy fan but Tomlin is my guy 💪🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
David Hinton David Hinton . 1 day ago
this EASILY could have been a 2- or 3-hour podcast episode and NOBODY would have complained at all. this one was TOP NOTCH.
Quest Keys Quest Keys . 1 day ago
I always thought he allowed them to score because we all knew Big Ben gonna get jiggy in that two minutes
Chuck Tolliver Chuck Tolliver . 1 day ago
He could have kept the Kappa comment to himself.
Sports Are For Women Sports Are For Women . 1 day ago
We need timestamps
Timarcus Davis Timarcus Davis . 1 day ago
Mitchell Coates Mitchell Coates . 1 day ago
That was a great interview! Much respect for Mike Tomlin!
Jonathan Johnson Jonathan Johnson . 2 days ago
I would've loved to go to war on the field with Coach Tomlin.
beastmaster415 beastmaster415 . 2 days ago
Damn Omar Epps voice done got real deep...
Jalen C Jalen C . 2 days ago
Please get Ray Lewis!
Taco002 Taco002 . 2 days ago
I have been watching this for like 2hours and I'm only 33min in to it. I keep having to stop and let it sink in, go back and listen to it again.
donuts donuts . 2 days ago
I'm so glad this got a million. Steeler nation bro!!
nor7100able nor7100able . 2 days ago
This is what people like skip and Steven a smith are afraid of, former players who can articulate the game they played and make it entertaining. What do you need with none players giving their Monday morning thoughts when you can listen to these guys 😒
Rickey Butler Rickey Butler . 2 days ago
When they going to bring troy polamalu on here
Jayboski H Jayboski H . 2 days ago
To start. I'm a Cincinnati Bengals fan for life. But I will always respect and love this man for what he brings to the NFL. 1 of the best coaches ever.
zach Herbst zach Herbst . 2 days ago
Coach Tomlin will always be my favorite coach. Seems to be such a good and real guy. Pittsburgh all the way babyyy
WestBmore_KI WestBmore_KI . 2 days ago
Maaaan y’all talking like you guys was the PURPLE CURTAIN. All jokes a side. I already had major respect for Mike T, but after this it’s definitely much more. All tht being said. RAVENS NATION STAND UP. 😈😈😈😈
J Money J Money . 2 days ago
Mike Tomlin is a genuine dude. Great interview.
Snow Man Snow Man . 2 days ago
Much more respect for coach Mike Tomlin
Gwen Marie Gwen Marie . 2 days ago
Yessssssssssss That’s My Coach 🖤 💛
Dastardly Gonzo Dastardly Gonzo . 3 days ago
I already had a ton of respect for Mike Tomlin before I listened to this interview, but now I believe he's a uniquely wonderful human being.
Daniel Pfeifer Daniel Pfeifer . 3 days ago
RC and the boys done broke the internet! Seriously this was the best, I’ve listened to it at least five times to try to absorb all the wisdom that coach is sharing and apply it to myself and my career. These guys are only get better as interviewers, so this is just the start for them. Kudos.
Saber Kanwar Saber Kanwar . 3 days ago
Man Mike Tomlin is a powerful presence!!!
CartelPresent CartelPresent . 3 days ago
This man went from Love & Basketball to Hall of Fame level coaching….Talk about living the dream.
Micheal Dunkin Micheal Dunkin . 3 days ago
For true
GuyWhoPaysTheRent GuyWhoPaysTheRent . 3 days ago
I watched Tomlin for years in Pittsburgh. No matter if i liked him or hated him because of his association with the Steelers, i respect the hell out of him.

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