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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Published on 2 weeks ago

Stephen talks about last week's non-surrection. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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Ryan Howard Ryan Howard . 13 hours ago
I get Stephen is trying to be diplomatic and professional but, I wouldn't describe detaining a film crew and puppet who were given permission to film "doing their job".
its personal its personal . 4 days ago
Legislators really need to investigate this dog. You can’t spell Triumph without Trump. No coincidences when it comes to puppet crimes.
Nigel Corney Nigel Corney . 5 days ago
I’m so glad as to why we are all here.
singularity360 singularity360 . 5 days ago
Fucking lame
Kenya Smith Kenya Smith . 6 days ago
Let me educate some people on the definition of an insurrection since they want to call Colbert’s crew insurrectionists.

Insurrection-a violent (keyword: VIOLENT) uprising against an authority or government.

Insurrectionist-a person who rises up against authority

Usage of the word: “a would-be insurrectionist with a plan to bomb the capitol”

Did Colbert violently decide to go against authority?

Answer: No.

We’re people hurt or killed when they entered the capital?

Answer: No.

Did the people on Jan 6 rally?

Answer: Yes.

Did people get hurt or killed on Jan 6?

Answer: Yes.
Ben Thomason Ben Thomason . 1 week ago
I love the subtle double entendre of calling Triumph a "toy dog."
Mama Poch Mama Poch . 1 week ago
Okay, trump is as stupid as a person can get. I don't mean mentally challenged. I mean downright STUPID. It's been almost 8 years and I STILL can't believe he was elected POTIS. As for the rest of the republicans, they're just a**holes.
Randomfully Wonderful Randomfully Wonderful . 1 week ago
I thought Colbert was talking about himself, the ultimate Democrat establishment puppet.
Michael Baker Michael Baker . 1 week ago
These people were doing something VAD at M T Greene's office! They need to be sentenced to jail tine!
Humongous420 Humongous420 . 1 week ago
I covered this on my halfassed news show 🤣🤣 I love that dang dog. Glad to hear he was released back into the wild
Uthman Baksh Uthman Baksh . 1 week ago
"I will never, ever ride a bicycle."
Finally, something believable from old Phoney Soprano!
anchoragesalsa anchoragesalsa . 1 week ago
When will triumph insult dog segment air? Possibly?
Harry Kuheim Harry Kuheim . 1 week ago
Gabonzo Gabonzo . 1 week ago
Lol your team literally unlawfully entered with the intent on doing bad stuff and you think the Jan 6th comparisons are overblown? What a hack.
Michael Chiarcos Michael Chiarcos . 1 week ago
People are all back-and-forth about 'can we prove malicious intent' when it comes to the 'fake electors' when there are serious charges that don't care about intent, in the works. If I'm not mistaken, 'mail fraud' is a federal offense. So is falsification of a federal document. These are crimes which don't care how you felt at the time you committed them. They can even be committed by accident by people who don't know the law. (That still won't get you off. Ignorance of the law is not a defense.)
Prosecution "Did you then put a stamp on that letter and drop it into a mailbox?"
Defendant (false elector) "Yes sir."
Prosecution "Then why are we wasting the courts time? Defendant has just confessed. I move to sentence your Honor."
James James . 1 week ago
“Not in the capital building” just like AOC on Jan 6
James James . 1 week ago
Shifty claims he has evidence just like russiagate. Evidence no one will ever see just like russiagate lol blueanons are even worse than the qanons
James James . 1 week ago
Not detained. They were arrested and charged. Caught pounding on Congress members doors without escort or proper credentials. Snuck in by Shifty or his staff.
zeromodulus zeromodulus . 1 week ago
So what if Joe Biden falls off a bike? I'm just glad Joe Biden isn't trying to overthrow democracy.
Trial by Wombat Trial by Wombat . 1 week ago
7:35 - Isn't 'conveyer belt' _two_ words? 🤔
Barbara Medlock Barbara Medlock . 1 week ago
everybody so critical think about ur mistakes everyone has them
Shadowcub69 Shadowcub69 . 1 week ago
Know what I'm tired of? It being called a insurrection. Call it what it was a coup attempt.
Rome is burning, you can't trust the Supreme Court cause its packed with loonies, Senator Collins behaves like she's to innocent to recognize someone lying to their face.

The country is in a bad place and those morons arrest a tv show crew but couldn't hold and arrest one traitor to the country at the coup attempt?
Terra Schaller Terra Schaller . 1 week ago
Follow me around in milwaukee, make sure you don't fall for deep fakes
Terra Schaller Terra Schaller . 1 week ago
"Tits like conveyer belts..." an anonymous young man, who had been tortured in the sewers of portland oregon about and to "q" anon, he must be listening in on my ranting, him being Lucy's father(?) Which is my now 7 year old daughters daughter after w cult stole her eggs, selling them for 3.5 mil as horses/rabbits
Plutus Plutus . 1 week ago
They stayed in the halls during after hours long after they were told to leave and tried to do "skits" about the Congress members by their offices that said NO to the interviews. They knew exactly what they were doing. It was very late in the night and they committed a crime by staying after being told to leave. What happens if you hide in the mall after it closes just take a stroll while no-one is there?
Katharine Walker Katharine Walker . 2 weeks ago
I refuse to clip my feet onto pedals. If I feel a spill coming I want to be able to move my feet fast to break the fall.
Tanavids Tanavids . 2 weeks ago
That video of biden shows exactly why I never wear toe clips.
Chris Rattray Chris Rattray . 2 weeks ago
The person operating the canned laughter and applause machine has to be congratulated on his accuse sense of humour and extreme patience, for choosing places to fit slices of laughter and applause where there was none.
John Smith John Smith . 2 weeks ago
I've only just recovered from the last insurrection, then commie subvert Colbert pulls this shit! I'll cry every time 16 June from here on.
Mikey F'n-A Mikey F'n-A . 2 weeks ago
Bless ya Stephen...bless you to the fullest. You fantastic patriotic funny man you. You bring light in this dark world..and for that, I thank you 🙏
Carlos Rivas Carlos Rivas . 2 weeks ago
Democrats for Trump

We need a leader too
J Espinoza J Espinoza . 2 weeks ago
This quote was written with Colbert in mind. " Let him not brag of his progressive views, boast of his status as as academician or a recognized artist, a distinguished citizen or general. Let him say to himself plainly: I am cattle, I am coward, I seek only warmth and to eat my fill" -- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn , " Live Not By Lies "
J Espinoza J Espinoza . 2 weeks ago
Colbert flaunts an elitist disdain for Rule of Law. The only political puppet is Colbert not a toy dog.
J Espinoza J Espinoza . 2 weeks ago
Colbert you Liberal Privilege a-hole , your people were breaking the same laws as Jan 6th protestors. Your people were ARRESTED , not " detained ".
Orden Just Orden Just . 2 weeks ago
Trump is more of a tricycle guy anyway.
Dream Palmer Dream Palmer . 2 weeks ago
IKR! "Size of his crowd" who the heck cares🙄
Jil Prantner Jil Prantner . 2 weeks ago
Mr. Colbert, you crack me up!!! Thanks for the laughs on this very sad week of women losing their rights to make their own decisions regarding their body. I appreciate you!
Betty Swallocks Betty Swallocks . 2 weeks ago
X45 is way too unbalanced to ride a bike.
Ultimate Gaming Ultimate Gaming . 2 weeks ago
Steven Colbert is a puppet
Killed_By_The_Architect - Killed_By_The_Architect - . 2 weeks ago
There was a reason they were detained and of course this democrat boot licker is leaving that part out. Stephen Colbert is a first degree hypocrite.
Killed_By_The_Architect - Killed_By_The_Architect - . 2 weeks ago
There was a reason they were detained and of course this democrat boot licker is leaving that part out. Stephen Colbert is a first degree hypocrite.
Killed_By_The_Architect - Killed_By_The_Architect - . 2 weeks ago
There was a reason they were detained and of course this democrat boot licker is leaving that part out. Stephen Colbert is a first degree hypocrite.
section8usmc53 section8usmc53 . 2 weeks ago
"Led to the deaths of multiple people." Stop lying.
Badger Fishinski Badger Fishinski . 2 weeks ago
Poll : How many of you Liberals still live in your parent's basements? Don't all respond at once.... you might crash this website. Thank you.
Badger Fishinski Badger Fishinski . 2 weeks ago
Hey Colbert ... You're the biggest "KAREN" on earth these days.
Bat Man Bat Man . 2 weeks ago
Oh wow, hearing Trump speak, I'm not used to so much stupid in one place, anymore. They should add a warning about disturbing content before showing trump talking ;)
david adams david adams . 2 weeks ago
Lol remember that time Democrats were for slavery and were the kkk clan ,so easily we forget
Henry Stone Henry Stone . 2 weeks ago
Red Hot Red Hot . 2 weeks ago
IQ test.
You like this guy?
You fail miserably.

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