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Dead Meat

Dead Meat

Published on 3 weeks ago

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Dead Meat Dead Meat . 3 weeks ago
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Lucas Kristel Lucas Kristel . 5 minutes ago
can’t wait for season 4 kill count
Eli Sitbon Eli Sitbon . 23 minutes ago
theres a chance that the reason the newspaper said 30 deaths is BECAUSE Hopper didnt actually die, and this was the duffer brothers hinting at that

edit:(and no, I dont think the newspaper would count Alexei)
The Official The Official . 39 minutes ago
The Return of the King
Braeden Pagel Braeden Pagel . 41 minutes ago
From what I have counted, the total amount of kills in Season 4 of Stranger Things is a whopping 64 kills which is just 6 kills more in season 3. The most famous ones include Papa, Jason, and of course, Eddie. Overall, what a fantastic show and can’t wait for the final season!
Rachel Consoli Rachel Consoli . 51 minutes ago
Zoran and Chelsea were wonderful, but it feels so right to hear “Welcome to the Kill Count, I’m James A Janisse” ❤️🥰 glad to have you back!
Ihatemylife Ihatemylife . 1 hour ago
5:50 didn’t have to cook Steve like that
HunterCynthaHH HunterCynthaHH . 2 hours ago
Can’t wait for season 4 kill count
HunterCynthaHH HunterCynthaHH . 2 hours ago
Can’t wait for season 4 kill count
Clown Clown . 2 hours ago
Steve and Robin should have gotten together
Sens Sens . 3 hours ago
Hail Ratma
Clown Clown . 3 hours ago
Will isn't gay, shut up about it.
cgknu9bv cgknu9bv . 3 hours ago
Hopes he covers season 4 soon.
Hylian Ninja Crafts & Gaming Hylian Ninja Crafts & Gaming . 3 hours ago
Why does It look like a rebuilt Good Mythical Morning setup
ladycplum ladycplum . 4 hours ago
34:40 I LOVE IT!
ladycplum ladycplum . 4 hours ago
Poor Will. Reminds me of when I still loved playing Magic:the Gathering but by then everyone had become obsessed with frigging Pokemon.
Zacyquack Zacyquack . 6 hours ago
Well who looks like an asshole now assuming people’s sexualities. Someone not falling in love straight away and wanting to be childish doesn’t mean they are gay, and you are dumb to assume that. Just let people be themselves, and don’t start spreading headcanons with no real evidence.
Cosmic-_ Cosmic-_ . 6 hours ago
The "And if there's one thing you don't want the Russians to control, it's the Eastern half of a city" joke made me genuinely laugh out loud
Mr. void Mr. void . 6 hours ago
It wasn't normal without him
Mr. void Mr. void . 6 hours ago
Mirko Mirko . 6 hours ago
your outfits are so nice 👍🏼😃
and I like your videos very much
Pamela Edwards Pamela Edwards . 9 hours ago
Can you do season 4 when it is done? I love your videos!
MurseAg MurseAg . 9 hours ago
Imagine being 2 seconds away from making this a one hour video
I like Cats I like Cats . 11 hours ago
Bruce looks like American boris johnson
Charley and Ellis Charley and Ellis . 11 hours ago
Do grizzly
I like Cats I like Cats . 11 hours ago
They ruined hoppers character in this season
Halo Halo . 11 hours ago
Aaron Head Aaron Head . 16 hours ago
Gwa-net mall 99% sure
Utopes Utopes . 17 hours ago
Random question, but where did the Eddit guitar solo footage come from? That didn’t happen until after july 1st?
no. no. . 20 hours ago
somebody tell me why I'm here I haven't even seen stranger things s1, 2, 3, or 4
Marz Barz Marz Barz . 20 hours ago
MJ Allen MJ Allen . 22 hours ago
2:28 that HIMYM reference took me a second
StarChild StarChild . 22 hours ago
I don't care what anyone says, Billy died a hero.
He was a victim of abuse all throughout his childhood and he had no-one to turn to, while the whole main cast were surrounded by love from friends and family. It would have been so easy for him to be the bad guy and go along with the mind flayers plan but in the end he chose to do something good. It does not redeem his actions to those he hurt, but it shows it could have been possible.
Antti Laiho Antti Laiho . 1 day ago
When you do season 4 you must include "eleven's crycount" also✌
Myst3r1ousHunt3r Myst3r1ousHunt3r . 1 day ago
Season 4 might be the best season in my opinion
Stitch Lover Stitch Lover . 1 day ago
can you do season4?
RuffFluff_Fursuits RuffFluff_Fursuits . 1 day ago
28:38 I know not many people probably know this but Millie actually collapsed there, bc it was so hot in that room. Thats why Finn looks to the side (aka the directors)
Lee Baxter Lee Baxter . 1 day ago
At 16:42 I love that’s it’s daisy daisy
Money-flattes Money-flattes . 1 day ago
Corey Wagar Corey Wagar . 1 day ago
And there intrests turn to girls, well most of them.

Ded. Lol.
Fucking love Will as a character. Just an amazing role a d actor to portray it. Solid writing there.
Sad me Noise Sad me Noise . 1 day ago
lol he's gotta work hard for season 4 kill count
Victor Ionescu Victor Ionescu . 1 day ago
Am i the only one to notice the doll Next to the baloon 00:09 looks At the camera in 00:13
Any0neAndUke Any0neAndUke . 1 day ago
Your Back :D
Josiah Isntgay Josiah Isntgay . 1 day ago
I called the spider monster aka the mind flayer the meat flayer
Kyle Brovloski Kyle Brovloski . 2 days ago
number 15 the chrissie crumble
Thomas Raines Thomas Raines . 2 days ago
Season 3 Hopper was honestly insufferable.
chandler.himself chandler.himself . 2 days ago
Thanks to all of you at dead meat for working so hard to provide this awesome content I know it's not easy!!!
Deep Basu Deep Basu . 2 days ago
OMG hail ratmaa you saw that too i love hate/those movies so much
Mystic Water90 Mystic Water90 . 2 days ago
I honestly can't understand why max was even sad that billy died. He was a sexist, racist, jerk who abused her. What does she have to be sad about him dying? He wasn't even her biological brother either so i'm really not understanding why she cared.
Charles Rice Charles Rice . 2 days ago
I do want to give Mrs. Wheeler a little more credit, she was crushing on a teen, but he was canonically 18, so. It's not AS bad.

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