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Rob May

Rob May

Published on 10 years ago

Sharing Lungs Sharing Lungs . 2 days ago
So funny that the white backup singers can’t finish the line “she’s a gold digger, thought you should know nigga”
Stacie Buckley Stacie Buckley . 2 days ago
All I wanted to do was TNVR. Then I saw the children being abused.
Stacie Buckley Stacie Buckley . 2 days ago
Buena Vista Holiday Florida.. do a peaceful drive by ... If you see something.. I can't do this alone
Stacie Buckley Stacie Buckley . 2 days ago
Stacie Buckley Stacie Buckley . 2 days ago
Our kids need you .
Stacie Buckley Stacie Buckley . 2 days ago
Drug dealers run my Community
Stacie Buckley Stacie Buckley . 2 days ago
Come to Holiday Florida 34691
Stacie Buckley Stacie Buckley . 2 days ago
Make a dog happy fix a cat donate to a local not for profit animal rescue near you
Stacie Buckley Stacie Buckley . 2 days ago
All Children MATTER
Traylarpark12 Traylarpark12 . 3 days ago
CeeLo is a GOAT, that voice is as distinct as Bruce Hornsby's piano
David Reynolds David Reynolds . 4 days ago
Ill gotta say Hall has done nothing but get better over the years. No offense to Oats but it seemed he had to really work at it and Hall in the live environment seems to be right at home. This show they put together is great. All of the guests on here seem to fuse together perfectly. Id like to see Mike Chikliss on here. That boy has some chops
Mare Freed Mare Freed . 5 days ago
That was so great! I'm grinning ear to ear. F*ck her too!
Astrid Culver Astrid Culver . 6 days ago
This was genius !!!!
Frank Marcellino III Frank Marcellino III . 1 week ago
When he sang...."PITY THE FOOL THAT FALLS IN LOVE WITH YOU". OMG WOW!! SUCH TALENT. I swear he is like a songbird that we should name cee lo Green
Frank Marcellino III Frank Marcellino III . 1 week ago
The smile goes perfect with it...😂😂😂😂. Great song...we love you CeeLo...Ever since Goodie Mob. 💯💯💯💪💪💪💪❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥
Faith Clifford Faith Clifford . 2 weeks ago
I'm an old lady and I loved it. I laughed so hard.
Sherry Peterson Sherry Peterson . 2 weeks ago
Uncle-G T.V Uncle-G T.V . 2 weeks ago
It is Avery cute song! My Mom would have even loved it! Thx Guys made my day!
Coinholio Coinholio . 2 weeks ago
Curious as to them singing Fuck You but deleting the "Just thought you should know, nigga" part.
Shirley Marchand Shirley Marchand . 2 weeks ago
this is so awesome.
Shaun Kelly-Kenyon Shaun Kelly-Kenyon . 3 weeks ago
ahahahahaha, if only black musicians could be this articulate as opposed to shit rap. btw one of the greatest break up songs ever
Remembering Lives Remembering Lives . 3 weeks ago
My new anthem.
Lucy Mudgway Lucy Mudgway . 3 weeks ago
A.j Colomo A.j Colomo . 4 weeks ago
Sounds great every time . Again..
John Titor John Titor . 4 weeks ago
Eye can not help it government girls
Robert Ronning Robert Ronning . 4 weeks ago
This is a great f*** you song keep it rolling
david malena david malena . 4 weeks ago
Check out the Broken Peach version..
starlight 3018 starlight 3018 . 1 month ago
I'm the girl who stayed with the Atari guy!! Best decision ever.
Frances Tibaldi Frances Tibaldi . 1 month ago
It's a cool song
Joani Bacelar Joani Bacelar . 1 month ago
sixty 7 ford sixty 7 ford . 1 month ago
Ain’t that sum shit!
Marcus Multicolor Show #roadto100 Marcus Multicolor Show #roadto100 . 1 month ago
Rick Vieira Rick Vieira . 1 month ago
Got that old motown feel to it , and a few. F×$% YOUS thrown in for good measure ? Winner winner chicken dinner ! Love it !
Karla Dawson Karla Dawson . 1 month ago
All this song needs is to add:
F*ck You with a ' gan green donkey d*ck!
Daisy Maisie Daisy Maisie . 1 month ago
I love how this song could boosts my confidence level everytime I listened to it the morning before I got to see my c*nty co-workers 😂😭
Wiekert Blaak Wiekert Blaak . 1 month ago
Larry Garner Larry Garner . 1 month ago
This is the kind of music that gets my blood to boiling I love it
Patricia A. Patricia A. . 1 month ago
Todd Anderson Todd Anderson . 2 months ago
Just a bunch of musicians having fun, but they have to edit the lyrics, b/c you can't have any White background singers use a word Green seemingly happily worked into the song at least twice.
Aaron Snyder Aaron Snyder . 2 months ago
Ya'all know Bruno Mars wrote this song
mercedes mendoza mercedes mendoza . 2 months ago
Jane Hopke Jane Hopke . 2 months ago
I’m glad they left off a certain word in this performance. Just doesn’t seem appropriate for Daryl Hall singing the word that rhymes with gold digger…
David gragg David gragg . 2 months ago
Was the story of my life and I feel the same I love 💘 you guys always will peace ✌ ❤
Laurie Gray Laurie Gray . 2 months ago
I love this song. No matter what version you listen to. I like to sing this song to some people. Ha! Ha!
cookiebabyd cookiebabyd . 2 months ago
Bruno Mars created this golden piece." F U"!
What a treat it is thanks "Ceelo and Daryl" so fun.
Prince Bytor Frunobulax Prince Bytor Frunobulax . 2 months ago
They get off to a slow start, but that's 'OK
pickzkickz pickzkickz . 2 months ago
They didn't wanna sing the n
Common Sense Common Sense . 2 months ago
Fuck you that's some good shit... Bitch!
chin turner chin turner . 2 months ago
David Waxman David Waxman . 2 months ago
No way a skinny guy can sing like that

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