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Published on 2 weeks ago

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Ohhcam Ohhcam . 12 hours ago
Put gi joe up against batman @berleezy
Johnny Blaze Johnny Blaze . 19 hours ago
57:13 😂😂😂😂😂
The Niggagician The Niggagician . 21 hours ago
1:05:52 captain America. Batman still beating his ass tho
caden Leggett caden Leggett . 22 hours ago
Play Batman Akram
King Oni King Oni . 24 hours ago
I was waiting for him to notice at da end
Mellow KiD91 Mellow KiD91 . 1 day ago
What’s the name of the song played during fight scenes for Batman???
Kel Jackson Kel Jackson . 2 days ago
iron man can go toe to toe with Batman
chisakiswrld 𖤐 chisakiswrld 𖤐 . 2 days ago
whos ya editor bro we need to have a lil chat
Jamicheal Gates Jamicheal Gates . 2 days ago
At 1:10:49 You can do that with You can do that with all of those as long as you're on top of one and they're under you
Kentavious Boyd Kentavious Boyd . 2 days ago
Best Batman Game Ever!!! Thank u Iberleezy for this keep it up love ur videos💯💯🙏💯💯
daveed daveed . 3 days ago
berlin its 2009 not 03💀
StXphXn StXphXn . 3 days ago
xzantos 247 xzantos 247 . 3 days ago
BK, you should turn the game music down so that the copyright isn't an issue but the sound effects and dialogue is still loud
jblazeplays jblazeplays . 3 days ago
Batman is definitely swaggiest in DC
JoeStar JoeStar . 4 days ago
Q K Q K . 4 days ago
You are so late with the walkthroughs lmao but glad you catching up bro
A channel. A channel. . 4 days ago
1:26:38 when things went left..or backwards 💀
“ the light of the lord, the spirit of the lord is heeerree “
GlOrIoUs DeAdDx GlOrIoUs DeAdDx . 4 days ago
"Oh yeah bro I'm bouta demonstrate on them fr"
What do you mean by that 🤨
Ahmod Reed Ahmod Reed . 4 days ago
1:05:53 Bronze Tiger would be a good match for Batman to fight
Jwizzzzzz Jwizzzzzz . 4 days ago
Berleezys controller low key a bigger op than the old chair (may his soul Rest In Peace)
que pedo que pedo . 4 days ago
Asm33 Asm33 . 4 days ago
my mans face at 15:16 LOL
theoff1cialamr theoff1cialamr . 4 days ago
berleezy turn the music off from the settings bc that song pop up every 5 mins mane😭😭😭😭
LaDarius Watson LaDarius Watson . 4 days ago
Did he ever learn to switch to the double batarangs?
tyrie ct tyrie ct . 4 days ago
you have a tool that has 2 batwings berlin omg
BigDawgFrumDa9 BigDawgFrumDa9 . 4 days ago
Bloodline terminator
KaY KaY . 4 days ago
This song is killing me bro
David Adams David Adams . 5 days ago
This whole video is nothing but obnoxious 808s; I hope he turned off the copyright music in newer videos.
Zachary Taylor Zachary Taylor . 5 days ago
What's the deal with the constant copyright music? I love these videos but that music is driving me ballistic and it's really taking away from this experience as a viewer
B Calloo B Calloo . 5 days ago
Roundy Roundy . 5 days ago
1:13:29 1:16:29 Synced so well...
Kin Emon Kin Emon . 5 days ago
Joker needs Batman Batman needs Gotham
Unknogne Unknogne . 5 days ago
im convinced that yu aren’t a gamer now😪😭
Francis Jr Francis Jr . 5 days ago
Bro just be dropping in front of 2 of them with guns for no reason😭
ARYON Abrams ARYON Abrams . 5 days ago
Batman was cold as he!! When he said” Remember, it’s me
IWaterPlantsAndEatIce IWaterPlantsAndEatIce . 5 days ago
Bro, that 1v10 was so cool!!!!!
Amari Little Amari Little . 6 days ago
28:01 me personally if I was Bane I won’t let that slide 😂
The random playlist guy The random playlist guy . 6 days ago
Bookmark 16:51
Josh TheTrucKING Josh TheTrucKING . 6 days ago
Music too damn loud
TazThaManiac TazThaManiac . 6 days ago
bruh does he not know of scarecrow?? even from injustice 2?
Adryauna Crawford-townsend Adryauna Crawford-townsend . 6 days ago
You should play dead rising 3
It would be fun to see you kill a bunch of zombies
Nice to know Batman supports BLM having his fist up✊🏾😁😎
Zion Mills Zion Mills . 6 days ago
The Nutcracker is a better name @berleezy😂😂😂😂
Not Kujo Not Kujo . 6 days ago
"This the best Batman game ever" Tip of the iceberg bru. It only gets better
ashantie ashantie . 6 days ago
"the bloodline bust"
me: *having called it the kahonè killer this whole time*
you trippin shorddy you trippin shorddy . 6 days ago
25:03 Batman dies to a kick to the back of his knee
Nuni Nuni . 6 days ago
Berlin please play Arkham knight it’s a way better game,more free roam,better graphics,better plot,overall a better game please play it luv the channel btw
kazoome kazoome . 6 days ago
1:00:18 Okay now that fight was clean.

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