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Published on 3 weeks ago

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Ant 907 Ant 907 . 3 hours ago
Lol daddy's lake house you mean.
E Blat E Blat . 5 hours ago
the second Dad looks secretly pleased that his daughter was clever enough to deceive them
ThisIsKiki1 ThisIsKiki1 . 7 hours ago
Omg kids just use a towel to wipe the lake house walls, damn!

...lake house...
blue hair guy blue hair guy . 7 hours ago
Spilling the beans
blue hair guy blue hair guy . 7 hours ago
Spilling the beans
Erza Sakurashi Erza Sakurashi . 7 hours ago
I wonder if she knows how electricity and water react together
IAMJARIE IAMJARIE . 10 hours ago
wow money
Larico Larico . 17 hours ago
There are a couple more things those daughters have never told their dads and you know, that's fine.
Rachel Garner Rachel Garner . 17 hours ago
A lot of things
watermenol watermenol . 17 hours ago
this is some mr bean shit
Mikey Luk Mikey Luk . 18 hours ago
A trac phone back in the day for that girl must have cost $$$$$$
The Allbaugh family♡ The Allbaugh family♡ . 22 hours ago
Dad always wondered wat happend at the lake house hahaha
King king King king . 22 hours ago
😐😐😐 instead of using a water and a towel to clean the walls she used the lazy way a blow dryer.
Alastair Lyon Alastair Lyon . 1 day ago
cant wait to tell my parents about the horrible shit I’ve been doing. hopefully one day we will laugh about it
A Z A Z . 1 day ago
"my lakehouse"
I think you mean your DADs lakehouse.
The Blackfoot Sicilian The Blackfoot Sicilian . 1 day ago
aah i had a phone trick, before i gave up my phone i took the sim card out and put it in an old phone lmao worked so nice
Бадирдин Абдирахимов Бадирдин Абдирахимов . 2 days ago
U1NO U1NO . 2 days ago
Girl: "..lakehouse"
the comment section: "😠😡😡🤬🤬😡"
Khare Lozada Khare Lozada . 2 days ago
I still won't admit to anything. HAHAHA ☠️
Styx Hellmouth Styx Hellmouth . 2 days ago
Bro dad has tony Sopranos look be careful lady
Japan Virtual Learning Japan Virtual Learning . 2 days ago
Tobi L Tobi L . 2 days ago
Using a hair dryer to blow the bubbles ….wtf
pauli na x pauli na x . 2 days ago
Meanwhile the boy in a brown hoodie "😱" lmao
Hello It's me Hello It's me . 2 days ago
My parents knew even before I did.
Zebra Zebra . 2 days ago
"decieved me" yeh but you tracked here like china..
Rising Rising . 2 days ago
These kids never got beatings…cause In my family my parents would have used the mic to beat me in front of the film crew, at 25 years old for lying to them…you burnt up the bathroom!
You will never know my name You will never know my name . 2 days ago
“I feel like she deceived me”
Yes… that’s what lying means
Benihana_ Benihana_ . 2 days ago
She really felt the need to say that she had a lakehouse
Avelyn Juno Avelyn Juno . 2 days ago
"At my lakehouse"
BlackDiamondSTU BlackDiamondSTU . 2 days ago
Thats alot of talking...js
Sally Ringer Sally Ringer . 2 days ago
God bless you all! God and Jesus loves you!💗🙏🏻✝️❤️🥺🤩🫶🏻😘
S G S G . 2 days ago
0:18 have you ever heard of this thing called a towel?
streamsnipe6319 streamsnipe6319 . 2 days ago
I never had a chance to take time with my dad 😭
Ariana Power Ariana Power . 2 days ago
Bugzy Bugzy . 2 days ago
Daaamn a lake house. I am poor
kama_nielama kama_nielama . 2 days ago
The guy behind: 😦
Heyyo Heyyo . 2 days ago
Might as well also says this while im here,
A secret both my parent never knew, I almost burnt the house down, my parent was out of the house and I was probably boiling eggs, then I left and smoke started to surround the house. Good ol days
Younis 1 D Younis 1 D . 2 days ago
Why did the person behind was looking
XoilDream XoilDream . 3 days ago
The man who passed her
The man :😮😮😮😮😮
Rev⁷ Rev⁷ . 3 days ago
These incidents are cute
BaconX [Peace For Techno] BaconX [Peace For Techno] . 3 days ago
"... And the bubbles started lifting up"
The guy in the back: :o
Stay Puft Stay Puft . 3 days ago
Good thing your only interviewing rich people. Might get real stories otherwise.
ItsAvocado ItsAvocado . 3 days ago
Plot twist: This is her Grandpa
Daniel Rumey Daniel Rumey . 3 days ago
Has anyone see the guy walking behind this girl looking at the camera with that creepy face?😂
Gojo Satoru 五条悟 Gojo Satoru 五条悟 . 3 days ago
when my parents started taking my phone i brought a display phone for $20 and gave them that instead. they never noticed 🤷🏾‍♀️
TheMobile Gamer TheMobile Gamer . 3 days ago
Please do a Asian edition
You will hear stories with no ending cos the chappal will end all stories
TarynsWorld TarynsWorld . 3 days ago
The last one
Dad: haha.. i didnt know that…
The gurl: well duh its a secret 🙄
Ann Smith Ann Smith . 3 days ago
My lake house? I’m guessing that was your parents’ lake house .
Melly Martinez Melly Martinez . 3 days ago
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