Play / Download when you send a double text #shorts
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Alex Griswold

Alex Griswold

Published on 2 weeks ago

i_l0ve_stranger_things ♡ i_l0ve_stranger_things ♡ . 3 hours ago
Him: worried about double texts
Me: *spamming like 50 times to my bff bc thats what we do lol*
A G. A G. . 9 hours ago
Dads my favorite
Mysterious Mysterious . 12 hours ago
And they stay the perfect loop dosent exist
Senpai sa Senpai sa . 15 hours ago
Why is this my brain help
Banana Ninja Banana Ninja . 24 hours ago
Ok tell me the truth in the comments why are girls so freaking complicated
Audrey M Audrey M . 1 day ago
Clean loop 😌
Brii Beldavs Brii Beldavs . 1 day ago
POV your a cancer ♋️
sunshinegirl595 sunshinegirl595 . 1 day ago
Here’s the perfect loop
Kevin Amburgey Kevin Amburgey . 2 days ago
Me realizing it's a loop after watching it 3 times
nahla brown nahla brown . 2 days ago
mom dad my friend said he nedds to be adopted
Reviewed by Saeed Reviewed by Saeed . 2 days ago
Guys Were now illegal YouTube put something which it shows you if you watched it fully to prevent loops 🫡👌🤨🫡👿😈
EVE 9999 EVE 9999 . 3 days ago
It's been a month. I can wait. I send the triple text. They don't reply. It's a been a week. They are on. I get excited and... They erase they account without answer, or at least explaining. :(
Holly Holly . 3 days ago
Perfect loop
cheze_bun cheze_bun . 4 days ago
People say that Perfect loops don’t exist
This video be like
Nah this is the perfect loop
ReniTube ReniTube . 4 days ago
That loop was crazy, normally I notice it right away but this one was crazy smooth.
Mother Son Beanie Boos Mother Son Beanie Boos . 5 days ago
This is so relatable 😂
Dramallama K Dramallama K . 6 days ago
This is a personal attack 😂😭
YourLocalSunDrop YourLocalSunDrop . 6 days ago
Dad I want a girlfriend :(
Amaya Flores Amaya Flores . 7 days ago
Ayan Mirza Ayan Mirza . 7 days ago
The perfect loop doesn't exi-
DROID_x2 Professionalism DROID_x2 Professionalism . 1 week ago
This was literally one of my friends
me: why don’t you talk when i send you a message twice, like bruh
🏹ellla🏹 🏹ellla🏹 . 1 week ago
Is nobody going to talk about
“really like mustaches”
Mythical Mythical . 1 week ago
Ok ok great loop
moon moon . 1 week ago
"I'm falling in love"

The text messages:
"Are you tired?"
"Me too"
Ella Evans Ella Evans . 1 week ago
I love you mom and dad
Evie Barker Evie Barker . 1 week ago
Do we need to share a room
fishle fishle . 1 week ago
my internet girlfriend broke up with me today so can you make a video on this it would really help
Silvia Silvia . 1 week ago
everything everything . 1 week ago
You've texted them for two hours da- i mean ROCK
The perfect loop DOES exi-
Pixel Pixel . 1 week ago
it’s been 12 days watching this and it’s for some reason it’s not ending 💀
Layton Shumaker Layton Shumaker . 1 week ago
Noice loop
svnsetjulsxoxo . 200 years ago svnsetjulsxoxo . 200 years ago . 1 week ago
“The perfect loop doesn’t exis-“ “YES IT DOES”
Nikki Nikki . 1 week ago
Did anyone ask for your number just asking
𝚠𝚑𝚎𝚎𝚣𝚢 𝚠𝚑𝚎𝚎𝚣𝚢 . 1 week ago
Mango panda gaming Mango panda gaming . 1 week ago
Omg a loop
Royalle Plays Royalle Plays . 1 week ago
the loop is perfect
Sebastian Valencia Sebastian Valencia . 1 week ago
i wanna be the middle child
Laura Ann Laura Ann . 1 week ago
Wene this is over il get out of the house ( stranger) but it is a loop. Me. Exactly
God's Gaming - In A Nutshell God's Gaming - In A Nutshell . 1 week ago
"A perfect loop does exist..."
It'sBoba It'sBoba . 1 week ago
Me 2 days later:

I thought this video was a short
Sharadhi⛓️🛐 Sharadhi⛓️🛐 . 1 week ago
The perfect loop doesn't exi-..
Anthony Francis Anthony Francis . 1 week ago
Let's go everybody in the comics how are babies made if they tell me how old are they and if they're very very little I would not tell them
forg forg . 1 week ago
This is the best loop I've ever seen
That.Dam.Moonlark That.Dam.Moonlark . 1 week ago
Not me just texting nonstop until they respond
Melanie Nunez Melanie Nunez . 1 week ago
Fun Fact: they're awesome 🤩
✨Mushroom_gacha✨ ✨Mushroom_gacha✨ . 1 week ago
“I like mustaches “
Edits4You Edits4You . 1 week ago
The perfect loop doesn't exist I said which was annoying because...

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