Play / Download We lost $60K at Amazon Fresh😭 #shorts
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The CAN Family

The CAN Family

Published on 3 weeks ago

Jose Rivera Jose Rivera . 3 minutes ago
60k each 👁️👄👁️
Brandy Brandy . 9 minutes ago
Her uncertain/guilty face at the end broke my heart a little bit…I hope they told her she didn’t do anything wrong once they calmed down 🥺
sasuke3388 sasuke3388 . 1 hour ago
Amazon fresh looks like a Walmart or a grocery store
Brycen Lashley Brycen Lashley . 2 hours ago
What is that
Glatic Roleplay Glatic Roleplay . 3 hours ago
Are they really 60k? If so why the F do they just walk around with it!?
moieri1 moieri1 . 3 hours ago
It be your own kids 😂😂😂
Ismael Arias Ismael Arias . 3 hours ago
Lol..... she's so adorable. Love the looks on your faces. 😁😋
Kitkat 240 Kitkat 240 . 5 hours ago
60k No way holy shit. What do regular hearing aids cost in the USA? In germany they start at 700 and usually are around 1000-3000€ each. 3000€ are very good hearing aids. And you get Money from your healthcare around 700€ for each one. So either cochlea are really that advanced what I personally don't believe or americans Love to scam disabled people. Okay maybe the 60k include Operation costs.
Nora Bea Nora Bea . 6 hours ago
OMG. $60k?! 😱 Little man would be wearing a bicycle helmet right now… Bella is adorable 🥰
John Navarro John Navarro . 6 hours ago
You can see it bulging out of the back of her shirt 😂
Mary Eklund Mary Eklund . 6 hours ago
God bless this family.
Ariel Manalo Ariel Manalo . 7 hours ago
dylan norris dylan norris . 8 hours ago
This is so cutely disastrous
consuela green consuela green . 8 hours ago
Didn't see it on her back after watching in slow motion
Alexander Weber Alexander Weber . 8 hours ago
I took care of the first woman that this procedure was ever performed on!! Cool to see this!!
ItsMe ItsMe . 10 hours ago
I also have a cochlear
Anyerson Abreu Anyerson Abreu . 11 hours ago
MY AIRPODS legendary 2030 futurama was actually 60k each 😂
HD MOTO Foundation HD MOTO Foundation . 11 hours ago
Don't watch the video Don't watch the video . 11 hours ago
Why the hell would you shop at Amazon fresh
rockeylikeshockey rockeylikeshockey . 11 hours ago
Not to be dramatic or anything but I want kids thank you okay good talk
PinkyStarFishh PinkyStarFishh . 12 hours ago
yeah not having kids ever, fuuucckkkk thaaattt
clinton and family clinton and family . 13 hours ago
these are only 60k dollars
Dustin Shelton Dustin Shelton . 13 hours ago
Support Buying Black Support Buying Black . 14 hours ago
🤔 This was a Baby Boss moment, one of the kids is a spy.
Agenda TwentyThirty Agenda TwentyThirty . 15 hours ago
Yeah but there old enough to change thier sex according to liberals.
Anastasia Caffee Anastasia Caffee . 15 hours ago
Okay I couldn't have been the only one that rewatched after the girl said it was on her back and tried to pinpoint where it was
Rosa Morales Rosa Morales . 15 hours ago
Omg the mini heart attacks and all just for it to be on Abellas back 😂😂 to funnyyy
Jacquelyn Attaway Jacquelyn Attaway . 16 hours ago
Oh my!! 😝 Thankfully with you!
ItsDrMobius ItsDrMobius . 18 hours ago
Click. Bait.
Annesa Ramcharan Annesa Ramcharan . 18 hours ago
60k DAM YOU HAVE 120k to spend on that pff my mom wouldn’t have just bought me one
TinyMeatGang TinyMeatGang . 19 hours ago
How much yo fit cost

Neo: 120k
Manjot Kaur Manjot Kaur . 23 hours ago
Abella looks like baby zendaya
joeleak vitale joeleak vitale . 24 hours ago
Did they just day ONLY 60K
999_SHIT 999_SHIT . 1 day ago
Abraham Alejandro Morgado Abraham Alejandro Morgado . 1 day ago
How the duck is that 60k? Just because the sellers can? I don't understand how a company can set the price as high as that for an electronic device.
Kayy Kayy . 1 day ago
Him: "These are ONLY about 60k"

Bro you're saying that as if everyone could easily pay for them.
DDbraster DDbraster . 1 day ago
Donnovan Mason Donnovan Mason . 1 day ago
Ok, I don't say this often because I'm a male and we can't say things like this because we get called creepy. So here it is. She's so she had it the whole time.
Do not change name! Homrighouse Do not change name! Homrighouse . 1 day ago
I’m so glad you found it!!!!
June Stampley June Stampley . 1 day ago
I love her voice when she says ”We have to find the other one!” That panic voice is all to familiar. 🥰 So Adorable…☺️#BabiesWithCochlearImplantsRock
DAZER _626 DAZER _626 . 1 day ago
If I payed 60k I would super glue a apple air tag in it 😂😂
June Stampley June Stampley . 1 day ago
What a COOL feature! 😍 I feel like I spent 1/2 of my son’s toddler years looking for one of his cochlear implants. AB needs to step up!😂
Paul Basta Paul Basta . 1 day ago
Why are only about 60,000 each lol
Virginia Burgos Virginia Burgos . 1 day ago
Shes so beautiful🥰
YBC 24k YBC 24k . 1 day ago
Finna finesse them $120k earrings
60k for 1 seems like there should be a easier way to find it then a game of hot and cold…
Mai Alrefaee Mai Alrefaee . 1 day ago
That was closelol

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