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Published on 2 years ago

Listen to “Lovin’ On You” from Luke Combs’ album, ‘What You See Is What You Get,’ available now:

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But I’m in love with lovin’ on you
I feel that rush soon as you walk in a room
I can’t get enough of you, honey
You’re right on the money
I’m a junkie for your midnight moves
I’m in love with lovin’ on you

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Luke Combs Luke Combs . 2 years ago
The #LovinOnYou music video is out now! Had a blast making it with my beautiful wife Nicole, the band, and some younger versions of all of us. Comment on this video for a chance to win a music video poster!
autumn gosser autumn gosser . 1 hour ago
I love the song but am I the only one who thinks the video is so sweet 🥹
Bobby Mart Bobby Mart . 2 days ago
Never liked to chase but I got one now I'm chasing 🔥
Joe Schmo Joe Schmo . 5 days ago
In case you missed me:
You're absolutely awesome, don't blow your reputation with a f'up like Morgan Wallen...not all country boys are ahem Conservatives ;) I love all the good stuff tho; American muscle cars/trucks (have a '69 Roadrunner myself), trudging through knee deep mud to fish all day and catch nothin then trudge on back, hate the government, and love good ol' country music.

I love your music and sound, don't get political. Morgan left a sour ass taste in my mouth but I love Way I Talk.
Cody Taylor Cody Taylor . 5 days ago
You are one of the most talented singers in music, it would be so awesome to hear a song with you and Chris Stapleton.
🐶Emily🦋 🐶Emily🦋 . 7 days ago
People who hate this are so weird
V M V M . 1 week ago
Wth is tick tock? Lol we were all better off without social media #shutoffsocialmedia
Teresa Campion Teresa Campion . 1 week ago
Great Song 🙌
Matt Hausmann Matt Hausmann . 2 weeks ago
Does this guy have a bad song I don't think so
Hailey Bonar Hailey Bonar . 2 weeks ago
This is the best song ever
P Jj P Jj . 2 weeks ago
Carry s a tune...enunciates
Bj the Harry Potter fangirl Bj the Harry Potter fangirl . 2 weeks ago
Awww greatest love story of all time
M7MD M7MD . 2 weeks ago
This song is so underrated!
Elmin Humanflesher Elmin Humanflesher . 2 weeks ago
We sat in Kampana pub in Bornova/Izmir. We started to drink with my darling, after this masterpiece was sounded...
Robbie Stewart Robbie Stewart . 2 weeks ago
Mercedes Varnado Baby I'm In Love Lovin' On You
Laykin Shilling Laykin Shilling . 2 weeks ago
Luke combs you are my favorite singer I love you’re songs
Laura Dimunno Laura Dimunno . 2 weeks ago
jbooks888 jbooks888 . 3 weeks ago
I've just been through 5 of Luke's songs, because YouTube keeps throwing them up at me. Every one of them is boring, dumb and unoriginal - the kind of song you know you've heard before. Gimme a break with all this praise for this guy. He has very little talent as a singer and the lyrics are so lame I wanna shut the window down. For some reason I didn't and I've punished myself and wasted the past 30 minutes on this rubbish music.
Patch-Work Patch-Work . 3 weeks ago
Man I love this video so much not only is it amazing just because it's a luke combs song but also me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years now and I always went skating all the time so I invited him and now we go skating every friday and Saturday together so it's really just fits💙💙💙
Levi Meeks Levi Meeks . 3 weeks ago
Yo Luke how did you meet your wife
Meghann Anderson Meghann Anderson . 3 weeks ago
Good I love it I love this song as my favorite song in the whole entire world you're just the best of a world and I'm going to see that I'm going to have the ticket to come down there to watch your next video
angelbeats3333 angelbeats3333 . 4 weeks ago
Coming here realizing Forever after all has pieces of all these videos
Nick Challis Nick Challis . 4 weeks ago
Does this music video remind anyone of 'The Miracle' by Queen?
Skull crush Skull crush . 4 weeks ago
This is my favorite one
EST EST . 4 weeks ago
Ondersteuning vanuit Nederland
Dub Medallions Dub Medallions . 4 weeks ago
alexis rae S ❤️❤️
Fearless Fearless . 4 weeks ago
People: What Song Are U Listening to
Me: Lovin On You By Luke combs
Easton Wright Easton Wright . 4 weeks ago
Reminds me of the love I won’t have😂
Gwapo Jes Gwapo Jes . 4 weeks ago
Don't get me wrong
I like a bobber on the water
Hookin' 'em and reelin' 'em in
I like a Friday night slow ride
Brooks' n' Dunn, Bayside
Hit rewind, spin it again
I like a strong shot of whiskey
The way a Marlboro hits me
Some broken in cowboy boots
But I'm in love and lovin' on you
I feel that rush soon as you walk in a room
I can't get enough of you, honey
You're right on the money
I'm a junkie for your midnight moves
I'm in love and lovin' on you
I like a sunrise, duck blind
Birdie on a par five
Miller Lite before noon
I like a two-door old Ford
Wood board back porch
Three chords and the truth
But I'm in love and lovin' on you
I feel that rush soon as you walk in a room
I can't get enough of you, honey
You're right on the money
I'm a junkie for your midnight moves
I'm in love with lovin' on you
Girl, I'm in love and lovin' on you
I feel that rush soon as you walk in a room
I can't get enough of you, honey
You're right on the money
I'm a junkie for your midnight moves
I'm in love and lovin' on you
I'm in love and lovin' on you
ghost ghost . 4 weeks ago
Sometimes u just can't help how ya feel 😀
Pnw adventurer Pnw adventurer . 4 weeks ago
Most fun music video I’ve ever seen hands down!!!!
Pablaz Pablaz . 1 month ago
No I have no tickets for Nashville tn
Robert Iocca Robert Iocca . 1 month ago
That is awsome but you need to replenish the insulin supply...
Marcie Krueger Marcie Krueger . 1 month ago
Love it love it
Preston King Preston King . 1 month ago
I'm convinced this man can't make a bad song
kirra dwyer kirra dwyer . 1 month ago
I love it but it is so good
David Autry David Autry . 1 month ago
Col Arnold Col Arnold . 1 month ago
Wow 👏🏻💙💯
Andrea Masters Andrea Masters . 1 month ago
❤️ 💃 ❤️
Austin GlitterShire Austin GlitterShire . 1 month ago
Thanks for changing my life. Karaoke Hell Yeah!
C J C J . 1 month ago
I'm Lovin' on Your VOICE!!! Great song!!!
Adrean Crabtree Adrean Crabtree . 1 month ago
if anyone reading this could take some time and check out this raising artist Colt Graves and his debut single "Lonesome Roads". 🔥 song and would love to get a listen and reply from Luke Combs himself 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
El Guapo El Guapo . 1 month ago
The most consistent artist period!
💅Dying Mate💅 💅Dying Mate💅 . 1 month ago
The younger version of Luke is just so freaking adorable 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍
JKR JKR . 2 months ago
So foi meia gay
Naughty Nature Naughty Nature . 2 months ago
Daniel Gonzalez Daniel Gonzalez . 2 months ago
I was bumping combs before he got famous proud of him
Vincent Gonzales Vincent Gonzales . 2 months ago
Sent this to my fiancée, going to be one of the many Luke Combs songs for the future wedding. This man makes people who dont dance ever want to get up and start line dancing.
Noah Fite Noah Fite . 2 months ago
miguel tv miguel tv . 2 months ago
I like this song and I dont really listen to country I'm more of a lil baby and lol Dirk type of guy

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