Play / Download He got his pilot’s license without telling his friend so he could prank him 😂
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Dylan Anderson

Dylan Anderson

Published on 3 weeks ago

Dylan Anderson Dylan Anderson . 3 weeks ago
(🎥 ROT8 & AV8/YouTube for the full video and more)
Timothy Jahn Timothy Jahn . 7 minutes ago
Wow... you would figure all the calls to ATC for take off and landing clearances would have given it away... Not in this fairytale.
Jonathan Rivera Jonathan Rivera . 40 minutes ago
Dum and dumber jajajaja
Dark Gaming6009 Dark Gaming6009 . 2 hours ago
W friend
Lexi Johnston Lexi Johnston . 2 hours ago
This is such a pure friendship
Cheryl Palmer Cheryl Palmer . 2 hours ago
Awwwwwwwwww ❤️❤️🕺🏿🕺🏿🛬🛫🛩✈️
Zahnpasta mit Fluorid macht Schlau Zahnpasta mit Fluorid macht Schlau . 3 hours ago
Are you sure they are not a couple
alpaqa alpaqa . 4 hours ago
“Oh my god bro, you just took off”
Thanks, I wouldn’t have noticed
Mr. 313 Exit 9 Mr. 313 Exit 9 . 5 hours ago
He Loves wallIe more than anything 😎😎
King Jack King Jack . 6 hours ago
Thats a friend
Love Peace Saria Love Peace Saria . 6 hours ago
It's the laughter at the end for me
Max Wassink Max Wassink . 6 hours ago
Fk awesome 😂👌
Kelly R Kelly R . 7 hours ago
Absolutely happiness
Lynzing Lynzing . 7 hours ago
The manic relief laughter is everything
Nella Fay Nella Fay . 7 hours ago
Malte Vejbrink Malte Vejbrink . 8 hours ago
we need more friends line this
Jerrod Butali Jerrod Butali . 8 hours ago
This is weird.
Nathanial Dupont Nathanial Dupont . 9 hours ago
Amazing how he didn't just think, "oh I guess my dude learned to fly and is messing with me"
SomSolo SomSolo . 9 hours ago
Best Best Friend Prank! 😂
deepika saxena deepika saxena . 9 hours ago
I need a friend like him
The Crypto Keeper The Crypto Keeper . 9 hours ago
What an awesome friendship
Robert Lang Anderson Robert Lang Anderson . 10 hours ago
What a pal
A great video!
shawn mccarty shawn mccarty . 10 hours ago
Anybody that's willing to hang with you while you steal a plane is a true friend this is the dude you call when you need help moving a body .he is solid af
Rich Khan Rich Khan . 10 hours ago
That’s awesome
Enid Salvo Enid Salvo . 10 hours ago
Congratulations .‼️‼️🙋
Andrew Palmer Andrew Palmer . 10 hours ago
This guy is the epitome of what a friend should be
R Harris R Harris . 12 hours ago
He handled that extremely fucking well
JustARegularDude JustARegularDude . 12 hours ago
This is great lol
Cora #1 Cora #1 . 12 hours ago
I thought the friend was Elijah Wood for a minute
Nancy Carey Nancy Carey . 12 hours ago
Kynslie Burke Kynslie Burke . 12 hours ago
So wholesome
Bob Ilgner Bob Ilgner . 13 hours ago
They are best friends like me and Desean Bennett.
Andrew Navarro jr Andrew Navarro jr . 13 hours ago
Wow the expression on his friends face 🤣
Mansu Mansu . 14 hours ago
Maria C Perez-Fondon Maria C Perez-Fondon . 15 hours ago
That's a true friendship right there!. The trust is real!.
Bracken Berry Bracken Berry . 15 hours ago
How is no one talking about the fact that the dude sounds like Elmo? 😂
Chris Thompson Chris Thompson . 16 hours ago
We get 80 percent of what we need from other men.
Mario Ruiz Mario Ruiz . 16 hours ago
Mario Ruiz Mario Ruiz . 16 hours ago
What I love about this is that his friend said I trust you more than anything in the world. Real niggas come in all colors🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
Robert Stewart Robert Stewart . 17 hours ago
Nice mates
Victor Bayem Victor Bayem . 17 hours ago
Nervous laugh 😁
Steve K Steve K . 18 hours ago
Great, need such a friend who's not necessarily my cousin
Family Is Everything Family Is Everything . 19 hours ago
Wow lol
SomeoneOnlyWeKnow SomeoneOnlyWeKnow . 20 hours ago
This is so cute
FriendlyMouse_ FriendlyMouse_ . 20 hours ago
I learned It From TiK tOk
اوس اوس اوس اوس . 20 hours ago
He looks more as his boyfriend
Ant Dan Ant Dan . 20 hours ago
Wow what a friend 🤯
michelle grey michelle grey . 21 hours ago
This is sooo funny. What a friend he is!!!!
ValiantsFelines McCarty ValiantsFelines McCarty . 22 hours ago
These are good friends because man this was real and that friend trusted him with his life. Great video thanks for sharing

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