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Published on 3 weeks ago

The splashing situation escalates this week as Tennesee try’s to charge me and my friend who has a scholarship with a class A misdemeanor punishable by jail time and probation for splashing with jet skis. Although the police department is being professional and respectful the judicial side of things is being much more difficult. Since they won’t drop the charges we are now hiring a lawyer and this will be drawn out for possibly years. Although this situation may seem petty, a bad law unchecked can affect society very negatively behind doors. Law affects every single one of us and it’s very important to stand up for what you know is right. Thank you all for supporting!!!

WhistlinDiesel WhistlinDiesel . 3 weeks ago
I want to make it very clear that the officer screaming at us does not work for the Dekalb county Sheriffs dept. He’s from Putnam county. The Dekalb county police department has been very respectful and professional and actually has no involvement in any of this whatsoever. Please don’t leave a bad review for the Dekalb county sheriffs department, they’re the good guys!!!
Wrong Garage Wrong Garage . 47 minutes ago
WhistlinDiesel is just forest gump when he ran across the country
DIBZER DIBZER . 49 minutes ago
America is such a joke 🤣🤣🤣
A.J. Asphalt A.J. Asphalt . 2 hours ago
Love the cappybaras
Al Alghafilee Al Alghafilee . 3 hours ago
why the hell are the cops trying to escort him to jail for splashing water That's Bullsh*t
Disappointed Disappointed . 4 hours ago
Is this the dickhead paying his followers to troll a business?. I wonder if this guy even knows how hard it is to run a business just for a useless youtuber to ruin it.
DB Rotten DB Rotten . 5 hours ago
Bro!!!!!! Move there! Run for Mayor! You’ll obviously win. Then fire EVERYONE!!!!
Daniel Love Daniel Love . 6 hours ago
Damn near everyone in the entire have no clue what boating laws there are and what disturbing the peace means either. He was being unsafe, in public waters, directly affecting other people's abilities to do as they wish.
Daniel Love Daniel Love . 6 hours ago
You're a dumbass. You got caught. Get the fuck over it.
Francisco Desme Francisco Desme . 6 hours ago
nottimly nottimly . 7 hours ago
Faux Que Faux Que . 8 hours ago
Since you don't make vidoes anymore. Lol.
Capybara video for you
david worsnop david worsnop . 8 hours ago
just remember there is no such thing as bad publicity 👍
Diarmid Mackenzie Diarmid Mackenzie . 9 hours ago
This country is overrun with insanity.
King Louie’s Shed King Louie’s Shed . 9 hours ago
I don’t know if this is right or wrong?
I’m a 32 year old from the Uk and the old guy on the boat needs the stick pulling out his ass. He’s that annoying prick in your 🧦.
Mates will race,splash,high five,3 up whatever.
I thought American lifestyle was bigger and brighter. But your under just as much of a leash as the UK it’s some 1st class BS going on and it’s not right.
Snow Wolves 3d Printing and Props Snow Wolves 3d Printing and Props . 10 hours ago
I agree with others, this is because you pissed off that one guy. Get a REALLY good lawyer and SUE the crap out of them and the guy for harassment. If the cops didn't see it themselves then he has to stand witness. A good lawyer will tear him to pieces. Good luck!
Drew Thomas Drew Thomas . 11 hours ago
Flopped on the daily videos btw
Jonathan Webb Jonathan Webb . 11 hours ago
The guy who didn't have a phone but still wanted a picture 😭😂
Kaleb Guess Kaleb Guess . 11 hours ago
Based and redpilled take
nota meme nota meme . 11 hours ago
Mans was on a jetski and still let the cops charge him
Timmay 2k Timmay 2k . 11 hours ago
Take em to court. Get a trial by jury. May cost you $10,000 or more depending what lawyer u got. Innocent until proven guilty. Never forget that.
Alliance Medallion Alliance Medallion . 12 hours ago
Stop trying to make sense of the justice system, it isn’t what you think it is. Morals? Yeah they don’t give a shit they want your time (they get payed to imprison you) and they want your money, that’s usually all but in this case they want your influence. You won’t go to jail for this, take it to trial.
The Motor Maniaks The Motor Maniaks . 12 hours ago
Cody outside a courthouse: I have held back from passing every bank I’ve passed
The courthouse: Damn.
Wyatt Prothro Wyatt Prothro . 12 hours ago
This is gold 🤣🤣🤣🤣 like who does this 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bacon King Bacon King . 12 hours ago
Why hasn’t he actually uploaded😭
Daniel Ball Daniel Ball . 13 hours ago
Hey bub you tryna blow up a fuck ton of 6.4s?
Harry Dabs Harry Dabs . 14 hours ago
Honorable stuff right here
Brian Ashley Brian Ashley . 15 hours ago
I would say if one doesn't want to get wet or be splashed that one should not go near or in the water.
Good luck to you WD.
D J D J . 15 hours ago
Stay off the water then if you don't wanna get wet lmao
Fred Harvey Fred Harvey . 16 hours ago
They're not bad guys for citing you for irresponsible operation. You are.
Tory Mann Tory Mann . 18 hours ago
Yes u can assualt n steal as long as the items or currency is under a thousand dollars absoluetley over a 1k its an felony.
Tory Mann Tory Mann . 18 hours ago
Yah the blackmail from the court wow idc theyre trying it for a good cause thats a goddamn felony we cant do that so y can they? This blantant bullshit i wont apologize this is quite disgusting.
Tory Mann Tory Mann . 18 hours ago
So on top of being off duty it was not his jurisdiction wow just wow...
Jason Haber Jason Haber . 20 hours ago
good on you for sticking it to the man 🤙🏽 keep on keepin’ on, ole son
Steve just Steve Steve just Steve . 22 hours ago
Jet Skis are ghey.
okokhey_gamming okokhey_gamming . 22 hours ago
Dude stoped posting videos after this one
Jack Dwyer Jack Dwyer . 23 hours ago
of all of the crazy things he does, this is what he gets in trouble for.
azgar azgar . 23 hours ago
im with you bro
Truly_Movinn Truly_Movinn . 1 day ago
Bro this ligit school for hitting someone with a hat bro
Bud Bombs Bud Bombs . 1 day ago
Speaking “as a friend of a cop”… but this is exactly why police have terrible reputations. It’s called “DISCRETION”. U let the little fish go, to catch the big fish later. Talk to people. Explain the situation. Come to a compromise. Arrest is always the last conclusion. For example:
DA- “I’ll drop the charges if u get people to do the safety course.”
You- “For splashing water?”
DA- “I can’t do anything about the law…”
Chester Ewers Chester Ewers . 1 day ago
Where’s the new videos? I mean what’s going on?
L M L M . 1 day ago
Typical douche bag on a jet ski. Period. Your fun is ruining other peoples day. "Its just splashing water!" fuck off you pompous prick. I hope you get time. Stay off the lake if you're still 11 in your head.
Maximus Smith Maximus Smith . 1 day ago
hey mate,
dont listen to ur haters cause theyre all jerks that dont have a life themselves and are jealous that u have more friends than them and are jealous of ur money, i have allways watched u and thought i wanna be like u and meet u, I hope u reply and show my7 comment in one of ur vids and if htey try to put u away for a year i will fly to america from my home country australia and try stop them.
hope you reply,
Shotz Shotz . 1 day ago
fk the judge all they do is abuse the power because they're old and senile and cranky all the time.
EmX3Ed EmX3Ed . 1 day ago
U got the best camera guy
Lisa Key Lisa Key . 1 day ago
Hey the Message Me on here is a scammer
Satisfying Fortnite Satisfying Fortnite . 1 day ago
What you in prison for (Felony Splashing) and not waiting 30 minutes before swimming after you eat desil
Dismantle HAARP Dismantle HAARP . 1 day ago
Post a video
Dakota Dunn Dakota Dunn . 1 day ago
3 weeks man we need a new video😂
aaron north aaron north . 1 day ago
Wait is Cody in jail or still in court???

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