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Zach Campbell

Zach Campbell

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Zach is a sought after Pop-Culture/Music Commentator who shares his keep it real, straight no chaser view, on all things Pop Culture. Zach has been featured and has worked on multiple platforms including Netflix, Tinder, Hello Ross, Gram Norton with Lady Gaga, Beyonce’s Formation Tour, MTV Awards, PRIDE, and VH1 Honors. Zach is currently developing his show “That’s a Bop!,” where the first episodes were released this year featuring rising artist Lizzo, MNEK, Little Mix, and Iggy Azalea. He was also cast for the newest season of "Dear White People." Zach has over 75 million total views on Youtube, and over 2 million impressions weekly on Instagram, and expanding his influence fast!

On Zach’s Youtube Channel, you will find the latest and greatest in Pop Culture from around the world! Reaction videos of Music Artists including Nicki Minaj, Kash Doll, Dua Lipa, Little Mix, Lizzo, Iggy Azalea, Billie Eilish, Beyonce, Normani, Ludmilla, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Doja Cat, Anitta, Megan Thee Stallion, Camila Cabello, Ariana Grande, Becky G, Lady Gaga, and Many More!

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Erynn Mackenzie Erynn Mackenzie . 2 hours ago
Im from Chicago. Birthplace of house music. I am so here for it.
Sharhonda Garrett Sharhonda Garrett . 7 hours ago
Hey friend ❤️😘
Cheryl Barnes-Hudson Cheryl Barnes-Hudson . 1 day ago
U are too much ❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜
DatYellaMan DatYellaMan . 1 day ago
Song is amazing! And the review is even better, Zach you the best reviewer on YouTube!!
Louis Guerin Louis Guerin . 2 days ago
Tasteless music, that's for sure, Taylor Swift will be jealous.
The math ain’t mathing The math ain’t mathing . 2 days ago
Babe when I tell you . That reaction was my reaction. Yaaassssss I would f*cking vogue for my life.
John Garcia John Garcia . 2 days ago
Damn too much talking yelling
Reeco Banner Reeco Banner . 2 days ago
The Dream was lame for the mixdown to many soft breaks in the song not enough THUMP Gucci should've spit some bars to help the song it's the producers Job to make a song a Hit she did her part.
The intro was literally half of the video 😭😭 girl
Dixon Gomez Dixon Gomez . 2 days ago
Is this song about anything to do with the LGBTQ or Pride? Cuz i read/heard every word and i dont see it. But i've heard its about LGTBQ rights or Pride. Can someone fill me in? Thanks.
Houston Smart Radio Houston Smart Radio . 3 days ago
The Queen and the Queen of Bounce leading us into healing.
jazzypo1 jazzypo1 . 3 days ago
“i hate this bitch! why can’t you miss one time?!” 💀💀😂😂😂
Past Future Merge Music Past Future Merge Music . 4 days ago and we have a radio edit!
JC Mac JC Mac . 4 days ago
All hail respect to Queen Bey.. sge is extraordinary. This summer vibe is excellent
Phairy Godmother Phairy Godmother . 4 days ago
Drake, Aubrey 😂fr tho. And my girl still upstaged the whole album
MeganJGayDC MeganJGayDC . 4 days ago
Soooooo - Big Freedia made me fall back in love with Beyoncé. As a 90s house head I CLAAAAAAPED! And I am not mad. I will dance all night on Saturday with a weird mixed my family crew to this and go to church on Sunday like we did 20 years ago… (cuz we did that - Nina Simone and Nyorican Soul - I see you)
Roni Minter Roni Minter . 4 days ago
You will never give her a bad review.
Amie B Amie B . 4 days ago
We have waited forevaaaa😍Love your B energy always ❤️Beyoncé is it people 🙌🏻
Mr. Anderson Mr. Anderson . 5 days ago
Richard Paniagua Richard Paniagua . 5 days ago
I love how you cut to your intro right after you said if it’s a bop 😂😂😂😂
Deyoncé Deyoncé . 5 days ago
“Beyonc-Knowles female pop vocalist” S E N T us. 🖤😂
Jey Jey . 5 days ago
You inspire me Zach! ❤
Francis Cooper Francis Cooper . 5 days ago
Nasty! You are one of the ones that make black people look bad!
Francis Cooper Francis Cooper . 5 days ago
Alex Bri Alex Bri . 5 days ago
Manifesting Miracles Manifesting Miracles . 6 days ago
The way that I hop, skip, and dip over to your page anytime Beyonce does anything 😂
LiLi B LiLi B . 6 days ago
Luna Vamilo Luna Vamilo . 6 days ago
why do I crack up every time he says Beyoncé Knowles female pop vocalist 😭
C Cousins C Cousins . 6 days ago
there's not one lie! near perfect, if not, perfect production. vocals, flawless. house vibez, check. not a miss, not a lie
C Cousins C Cousins . 6 days ago
'including me, I am hoe.' 🤣🤣🤣
Kimani Stallings Kimani Stallings . 6 days ago
Im Tk Im Tk . 6 days ago
Oooo not I'm late lol gags are in order
Stelano Dasani Steele Stelano Dasani Steele . 6 days ago
He said, “I’m gay” 😆
Brian Brian . 6 days ago
10:35 is my reaction every time
Jeffrey Kasere Jeffrey Kasere . 7 days ago
Judging by Break My Soul, i have a feeling Renaissance is going to be a pop perfection album. Its not an experimental 'trying to break new ground' album like Lemonade or Black Is King, and i love that for her. Its always a little too serious with team Beyonce and its good she's giving the listeners something carefree for once. 20 years in the game and she has absolutely earned the priviledge of doing whatever she wants. Beyonce is going back to the basics here of what constitutes a perfect pop record and i'm here for it.

Break My Soul succeeds at what it tries to achieve. Its catchy, anthemic, very groovy. I do however feel like it would have been a good third single as opposed to a lead. House music is a very forgettable genre of music, and its from a very forgettable era of music. No one thinks 90s house music and thinks of timeless works of art, but rather deafening, serotinin-releasing sonics for corny 90s clubgoers. Odd for someone as ambitious as Beyonce to draw inspiration from an unambitious era? Even stranger is how they dived head first into the clicheness of the genre without attempting to redefine it anyhow. Yet when you think that she's not trying to be ultra-creative but instead going back to the formula of good dance and disco music, everything works.

Although her delivery is perfect and the song is a 10/10 pop banger, there's nothing in BMS that is memorable to me. Its almost the same repetitive formula like We Found Love except there's no powerful bar like 'we found love in a hopeless place' being repeated over a dance beat, or an explosive instrumental hook, to make the formula memorable. There's a choir, a buildup at the end, harmonies, vocals, all of that, but nothing gives the song any real personality. The big lyrical flaw is, who's breaking her soul? For a song to be a pop classic, it must answer all the questions it poses. With the lead single she could have done way much more. The polarising nature of the song- its inclines to LGBTQ and black culture, as well as obvious lack of creativity would have made it apt for a third or fourth single choice. We also don't know what Gen Z will make of the song, given their lack of exposure to house music as a mainstream genre.
Diamond Bradley Diamond Bradley . 7 days ago
Had to brace myself for this one.
Elizabeth Cross Elizabeth Cross . 7 days ago
Amazing video. This video was so funny 😂
Sirine E.L. Sirine E.L. . 7 days ago
"I will have to cuss you out, Beyonsse Knowles FEMALE POP VOCALIST" BAHAHAHAHAHA
Alejandro Olmedo Alejandro Olmedo . 7 days ago
I been waiting for this reacttion!!!
T Johnson T Johnson . 7 days ago
#1 your romper is cute❤️
#2 Beyonce is everything 🐝
#3 I love your song and video🥰
Regina Deloach Regina Deloach . 7 days ago
Lolol I love you. That’s it.
laurencopello laurencopello . 7 days ago
Am I crazy for thinking we got a lil taste of this with ghost/haunted? My fave from Beyoncé and I can’t wait for more!
Michael Smith Michael Smith . 1 week ago
The MAJORITY of black AMERICANS are too ghetto and extra for me. The same is true for the MAJORITY of us gay black AMERICANS!
Omarion Burke Omarion Burke . 1 week ago
This beat make me wanna VOUGE DOWNNNNNN YOU HEAR MEEE😭😭
berriee berriee . 1 week ago
React to Sabrina Carpenter, she makes bopssss
Angela Floyd Angela Floyd . 1 week ago
How is Beyonce back when she had The Lion King: The Gift. Let's not forget Black Parade which was on the radio for a second, but still should be heard all over the radio stations today HATERS PERIOD............
DShev11 DShev11 . 1 week ago
😁 … ❤️ “ House is Black Folk” , “Y’all better March”…
Yaasss! 👍🏾
DShev11 DShev11 . 1 week ago
This song is EVERYTHING!
I ❤️ it! ….
E. Brown E. Brown . 1 week ago
The song made me miss the early 90s. For y’all that wasn’t around in the 80s and 90s whew we had that good ass music
Locd4life 707 Locd4life 707 . 1 week ago
New music & energy from B. Lol I loved your reaction! 🤣

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