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Published on 12 years ago

Mario kills it in this song and if I may say so myself, Alex, Nick and I do a pretty decent job on the harmonies. Definitely one of my favorite covers I've done so far! Please subscribe to their channels and look out for more covers like these!

Verse and Chorus:
Em Am D G
Em E7 Am C D G
D F G Am C

P.S. Alex is playing the cajon, a wooden percussion instrument, not a "cardboard box".

"Disurbia" by Pitch Slapped (Berklee's A Cappella Group) ft. Mario Jose on lead vocals!

Kostas Krionas Kostas Krionas . 2 days ago
amazing cover!!
Kelly Correll Jr Kelly Correll Jr . 3 weeks ago
Absolutely amazing why does this not have more views
ali youtube lover ali youtube lover . 1 month ago
Efe Demirtaş Efe Demirtaş . 3 months ago
Well this was the best cover
Kelly Flynn Kelly Flynn . 3 months ago
So good haha 🤟🏻
CallMe Gekkouga CallMe Gekkouga . 4 months ago
That was good!
Casper asylum Casper asylum . 4 months ago
It took so long to find this gem 💎
Juan Carlos González Juan Carlos González . 4 months ago
Always the low quality videos ❤
Lincoln Hobart-Miller Lincoln Hobart-Miller . 5 months ago
Sidney Bueno Sidney Bueno . 5 months ago
Best best cover
Jaxs Man Jaxs Man . 6 months ago
Hahahahaha awesome :)
Craftusmaximus Craftusmaximus . 7 months ago
I came looking for copper and found gold.
Obby, and other bs. Obby, and other bs. . 7 months ago
The last part before and during the chorus gave me a rush of something that I don't even know if it's real
EARTH BOY EARTH BOY . 8 months ago
Gubas Gubas . 8 months ago
Love this song, love this cover. Nice job guys
jester kram jester kram . 9 months ago
That is really good great job
Pen Name Pen Name . 10 months ago
That percussionist was tearing it up. Glad I clicked. 👍
Mongoose Mongoose . 11 months ago
Damn he sounds as good as black gryphon dose. Holy shit.
Mackenroll Mackenroll . 11 months ago
Innoventions Innoventions . 1 year ago
Silver Dededestruction Silver Dededestruction . 1 year ago
My God this is such a good cover!
My favorite song ever but all the covers I've seen were pretty subpar in delivery.

This gives a homely vibe compared to the original, something I absolutely adore!

Cheers. You guys did good 👍
Dominic Schiiller Dominic Schiiller . 1 year ago
Does Mario still do songs? Just asking cause i love his voice
OSCARB OSCARB . 1 year ago
anyone else here in april 2021?
Bastián Marcoleta Bastián Marcoleta . 1 year ago
this is fkin amazing!!!
Jeff's Language Learning Jeff's Language Learning . 1 year ago
Beautiful voice. Amazing job.
Matias Torres Matias Torres . 1 year ago
Luisa Luisa . 1 year ago
You guys are great.
Alexey Bakh Alexey Bakh . 1 year ago
Jesus... 11 years... ago..
Ace Of Spades Ace Of Spades . 1 year ago
I was expecting a bunch of white boys saying
"Just thought you should know, nigga"
Rachel Ayers Rachel Ayers . 1 year ago
Love it bros ty 😊
Sleepy man Sleepy man . 1 year ago
Mario Jose!
Sleepy man Sleepy man . 1 year ago
I think the singer grew up and was inside some of Sam Kurt video
niko estuabu niko estuabu . 1 year ago
ur vocal!!! and a good teamm XB <3<3
Cody Haveron Cody Haveron . 1 year ago
Just the boys being boys :)
matthew griffes matthew griffes . 1 year ago
besd damn thing ever at first i was gonna skip but the guy with the kahone nice multitask
Budi Setiadi Budi Setiadi . 1 year ago
Quarantine brought me here
らむいずごーん らむいずごーん . 1 year ago
This is the most happiest home video in the world. Love fucking guys!!!!
Rey Juárez Rey Juárez . 1 year ago
99 people who disliked this video can go and "F" themselves. Great job boys!
Krishna Harischandra Krishna Harischandra . 1 year ago
Damn you Mario Jose, this cover is remarkable!
XxThat1SquidxX :3 XxThat1SquidxX :3 . 1 year ago
Me and the bros fighting back against our bullies. 😎
hugo rodriguez morales hugo rodriguez morales . 2 years ago
Best cover of this song,love you guys
Jakori Jakori . 2 years ago
great preformance from everyone
Angry Cat Angry Cat . 2 years ago
this some real good shit right here
fan awizo fan awizo . 2 years ago
That's amazing
8D TUNESSS 8D TUNESSS . 2 years ago
Denichae Denichae . 2 years ago
Aged like fine wine
Byron Mauck Byron Mauck . 2 years ago
Killed it..Haaa
Richie O'Brien Richie O'Brien . 2 years ago
finding this a decade after it was posted, this still holds up SO well. good work boys.
BenQ BenQ . 2 years ago
Tallita Fernandes Tallita Fernandes . 2 years ago
Putz, muito bom mesmo!

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