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Published on 2 weeks ago

The Queen Has Returned! 👑 LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE for more of your favorites :D

Valerie Parra Valerie Parra . 5 hours ago
Slik sonic - skate!!!
Ms.Billie1234 Ms.Billie1234 . 9 hours ago
i'm SO glad you said that -- "the more i listen to it" -- because i felt absolutely NOTHING for this song the 1st SEVERAL times i heard/listened to it. only now, on your channel did i feel a slight hint of something. your reaction introduced things in the song i didn't really notice or acknowledge the first 3-4 times. honestly, i DO still feel that if absolutely ANYone else had released the EXACT same song, No One would be crazy about it. but i have to admit (and again, only after hearing it through YOUR ears) that the arrangement at least, is quite good.
i still wouldn't call it anything to write home about ....but i will admit that with THIS listen, it's grown on me.....ever so slightly.....and i do mean Slightly, lol ~ b.
billysings35 billysings35 . 7 days ago
Linda Riley Linda Riley . 1 week ago
I love how he breaks a song down using music theory and Beyonce is an iconic singer her vocals are amazing.
Mr. Anderson Mr. Anderson . 1 week ago
Jason Gardener Jason Gardener . 1 week ago
kymreno kymreno . 1 week ago
No epilepsy for me🤣
Munk Foo Munk Foo . 1 week ago
you can tell he knows and loves music.
emmanuel namdi emmanuel namdi . 2 weeks ago
Amazing song. 👏🏽
Justice For Breonna Taylor Justice For Breonna Taylor . 2 weeks ago
It’s good to see you. I’ve been watching you for years now.
Dexter Dexter . 2 weeks ago
It’s funny. I’ve never liked and then got sick of a song so quickly 😂
ifluvinguiswrong ifluvinguiswrong . 2 weeks ago
Gay clubs or not I didn't like it. And what I also don't like is your lack of reactions to Gabriel Henrique. He's put out so much great music recently and you just ignore it so I'll ignore this channel.
daniel nascimento daniel nascimento . 2 weeks ago
I cant believe you didnt recognize Big Freedia... thats a low point for you.
Brandon Bailey Brandon Bailey . 2 weeks ago
The yellin man 🤣🤣
Malcolm Soaries Malcolm Soaries . 2 weeks ago
Cannot WAIT until she does this live!!! The choreography is about to be lit and the queen will be going FULL OUT as always.
Michelle Brown Michelle Brown . 2 weeks ago
Please react to Christina Aguilera La Reina !
Tomiko Eaton Tomiko Eaton . 2 weeks ago
The man is big fredia
Star Seed77 Star Seed77 . 2 weeks ago
Star Seed77 Star Seed77 . 2 weeks ago
bobk 49 bobk 49 . 2 weeks ago
Bey's new single is simply flawless. The nearly five-minute track includes a sample from Robin S's 1993 song, "Show Me, Love," and an interpolation of Big Freedia's 2014 single, "Explode." This IS THE SONG FOR SUMMER 2022!!!!!!!.......... Drake take notes. Bey is serving.
Nigel Nigel . 2 weeks ago
😂😂😂 Its your genuine wonder of having absolutely no idea who Big Freedia is! 😂😂😂 who is this yelling man
Trent Gentry Trent Gentry . 2 weeks ago
I don’t like it. Easy pop track anyone on the Billboard 200 could do…as far as the production goes. Lyrics and performance are on point.
nana 007 nana 007 . 2 weeks ago
Please do the new Fka twigs song Killer
Doby Tha hippie Doby Tha hippie . 2 weeks ago
I needed this change the vibe.
Mec Mec . 2 weeks ago
I LOVE this song!! It feels good!
WVMUSIC WVMUSIC . 2 weeks ago
To me this song is her improvising on the same boring chord.... it is pretty uninteresting imo
10hooper 10hooper . 2 weeks ago
You won't break my soul ☝🏾☝🏾
Mikael Enoksson Mikael Enoksson . 2 weeks ago
Your Dirty Loops reactions were so great! Would you consider doning one more? I would recommend Breakdown for a ballad with great singing.
Sharon Toombs Sharon Toombs . 2 weeks ago
It's kinda like " SHOW ME LOVE"
Sharon Toombs Sharon Toombs . 2 weeks ago
This is fun, colorful ,different ...... can't wait to hear the country stuff.....but she needs some serious soul/ rb/ pop dance and ballads. Back to ME MYSELF AND I, NAUGHTY GIRL, , XO, BEY DAY, EVERYTHING BEFORE LEMONADE.......COME ON BEY!!
Tainá Roldán Tainá Roldán . 2 weeks ago
React to tems higher please
Mizz Twerk Sum. The Black People Twerk Queen! Mizz Twerk Sum. The Black People Twerk Queen! . 2 weeks ago
God always supply a messenger, One of the things that breaks soul are jobs. Some people make their jobs, God thus forgetting faith. Which without, is impossible to please God. So faith come by hearing. There are some people God is asking who is your God? Mr. 9 to 5 or? For some people the Lord may be preparing them to get ready to quit their job, have them save their money etc. CBH.

The flashing red symbolizes the covering of the blood of Christ!
Jimmie Sylve Jr Jimmie Sylve Jr . 2 weeks ago
That's Big Freedia on the track. They're from New Orleans
Joshua Herleg Joshua Herleg . 2 weeks ago
I get mariah vibes here... it sounds exactly like mariah carey house, electronic remixes.
Crowned King T Crowned King T . 2 weeks ago
Not gonna lie when she hit that high “Everybody” she sounded like her Destiny’s Child era vocals
Dyana Bartley Dyana Bartley . 2 weeks ago
The person in the background is Big Freedia, a very famous artist from New Orleans...
shy cloud shy cloud . 2 weeks ago
No lie I’m kinda getting Robin S show me love vibes from the beat
graniepanies graniepanies . 2 weeks ago
Which do you prefer 🤔

**Adam Lambert
“The show must go on”

**your reaction to celine’s version

I THINK ADAM passed Celine by miles, 😉
Kev F Kev F . 2 weeks ago
I don't know why her own fans (most of them) didn't like the song, it's nice house music inspired track.... And more then 2:10(no shade tho😒) they don't make long tracks anymore. I think the man is Big Freedia, overall I am not a fan of Beyonce's music some are good for my taste... It's a jam for me,.... Still waiting on the video of "put it in a love song" with Alicia 😅😁
HQuinn HQuinn . 2 weeks ago
Please react to the beegees featuring CELINE - immortality live!!!!!!!!!! You are my fav reaction channel.. especially for Celine ♥️
Shalina The Artist Shalina The Artist . 2 weeks ago
The Who is this yelling man has me crying 😂😂😂😂😂😂💫💫💫 it’s Big Freeda . 💕
Bilali Keita Bilali Keita . 2 weeks ago
Aaron Aaron . 2 weeks ago
"Who is this yelling man?"
victorious victorious . 2 weeks ago
Hey Adam, would you consider reacting to Ariana Grande and Barbra Streisand performing No More Tears (Enough is Enough) or Faith Evans' performances on The Masked Singer as "The Skunk"?
uplatenite8 uplatenite8 . 2 weeks ago
That lift at 3:17 had me HOOKED!!!! The choir at the end!!!
Tee Key Tee Key . 2 weeks ago
That's Big Freedia in the beginning
twin4ever twin4ever . 2 weeks ago
beyonce pleae Vogue in the music video to break my soul
robin volpi robin volpi . 2 weeks ago
The new album will be comprised of House/Dance and Country Music.
I'm sure the mv will be coming out soon. I think for me it's one of those tunes I have to listen to again before I can really get it. Thanks so much.
Please React to MORRISETTE 'Gusto Ka Nang Bumataw' Thanks. 🤩👍
Jeffrey Watson Jeffrey Watson . 2 weeks ago
It’s cute not a huge radio hit but i like that it’s better then the trash she’s put out in the past 6 years

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