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Russell Brand

Russell Brand

Published on 2 weeks ago

The brilliant Jimmy Dore went on to Tucker last week, and his take down of the Democrat party was epic.
#JimmyDore #Tucker #foxnews

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Russell Brand Russell Brand . 2 weeks ago
Hey! 👋

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CEV12 CEV12 . 40 minutes ago
It for sure matters what our "neighboring communities" do. I don't want their pollution, excessive emission of greenhouse gases, dumping of PCBs or other noxious chemicals, hindering of others' basic human rights, etc. to be detrimentally affecting "my community." We're not islands, Russell.
Anthony Clark Anthony Clark . 1 hour ago
Reminder that Jimmy Dore is fake and Tucker Carlson is a white supremacist.
Talley Ferguson Talley Ferguson . 2 hours ago
You nailed it. I love Tucker. I live Jimmy Dore. They both tell the truth. I like Trump and I also like you. What does that make me? A fuc*in AMERICAN thats what.
humblecharlie humblecharlie . 2 hours ago
jimmy haw haw panders to tucker because tucker is the only one who will put him on his show. jimmy is both left and fascist and slouching towards megalomania. i hope russell brand wises up to him. and there WAS collusion between putin and trump. jimmy is high on his own gaseous hot air. both the republican party and the democratic party are owned by the rich. and trump still is a traitor. jimmy and tucker parrot putin/russian talking points. can both sides be wrong/evil? yes!
Mr. and Mrs. Killion Mr. and Mrs. Killion . 3 hours ago
"We have all been getting screwed by the same billionaires." HAHAHAA Unification, finally.
CaptTripps CaptTripps . 3 hours ago
Well, I’ll agree that our Govt/World is being run by Corporations. I’ll even agree that Biden doesn’t speak as well as he used to. But I’d still rather have him in there than the former who btw sounds much worse when it comes to him yapping his gums. To sum it all up, if you’re part a party that has people waving Confederate Flags on one side and Nazi’s on the other. Then maybe you’re in the wrong Party. Not to mention trying to overthrow the Govt in which part of that plan was setting up the Capital Police in which multiple were injured and some died. So, yeah, I’ll take inflation, which was predicted while Trump was in office, over the Traitors that were in there before.
GFK GFK GFK GFK . 5 hours ago
Funny! Putin is winning the war with Biden in power.
Dan Mathews Dan Mathews . 5 hours ago
I dont get how you can listen to truckers bullshit and think of him as anything but a bad faith reality show without the reality .
I watched jimmy dore on there because I admire him . And he was critical of Democrats for being weak and feckless .
He also brought up his opinion that the Republicans are manipulative, con men that
Use thier snake lawyers to try to take over the world .
Tranquil Chewy Tranquil Chewy . 7 hours ago
Well... Putin wouldn't need to go to war, because whether or not Trump was colluding with them. Some of his ideals were the same as Putins, so Putin wouldn't feel the need to go to war.
Mr K Mr K . 8 hours ago
Jimmy Dore is just another con man that found that the right wing propaganda train is more lucrative just like Russell Brad did. His Candice Owens interview was quite interesting.
Mary Star Mary Star . 9 hours ago
Figures Russell Brand would love this TC episode - it's all about tearing down - that is RB's brand - Tear down - that is also TC's brand and is also Jimmy Dore's brand. So easy to do.....and people seem to love it - great career strategy - "convenient scapegoats" RB says.........yep he ought to know as that is what is on display for each and every one of his videos and is so clearly on display on this TC episode highlighted here. (Tucker nodding at each accusation made about how the real culprit at work here is Joe Biden).
George Ray George Ray . 11 hours ago
Growing up, I used to watch news with my dad, 70s and 80s. Today, Fox News is the closest to good old news there is. Everything else is like paid commercials TV.

And if anything, had Trump won in 2020, we would not have the Ukraine issue these days. Putin is acting against the East extension of NATO and the EU, something Obama and Biden push, but Trump didn’t.
that one chick in florida that one chick in florida . 11 hours ago
Human boat shoe...🤣🤣🤣🤣💀
James White James White . 14 hours ago
We see this regularly in Canadian politics. A "populous" figure reaches critical mass in any Conservative party - Federal or Provincial - and when they look ready to win the leadership, they are KICKED OUT OF THE PARTY. Whoever owns our parties owns ALL of our parties - we no longer live in the free nations we believe we do.
Rebecca Helbig Rebecca Helbig . 19 hours ago
So great to hear from people on both sides whose eyes are open and can read between the lines! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Johnny Cab 🍁 Johnny Cab 🍁 . 19 hours ago
People seem proud of being "as far left as possible"
These people clearly know nothing of the horseshoe effect.
You're as far left as possible?
You're no different to the far right. Sorry.
Kevin H Kevin H . 20 hours ago
I love Tucker
Luella Wagner Luella Wagner . 21 hours ago
Happy to see that Jimmy Dore finally saw the light!
John Orem John Orem . 22 hours ago
Russell, your “that’s just what I think” comments were spot on and most important. Peace on you.
John Orem John Orem . 22 hours ago
Russell, Jimmy tell us something we don’t know. Love you both. Pax tecum.
Tyrilius MC Tyrilius MC . 1 day ago
nobody that is going to change their opinion is still watching msm. he was only laughed at by boomers. it accomplished nothing.
tesscot tesscot . 1 day ago
Both Tucker and Dore are brilliant in their own right and care about the US people.
tesscot tesscot . 1 day ago
I think US politicians and their controllers are intentionally committing class warfare against the US people and trying to blame Russis.
Blackfeatherstill Blackfeatherstill . 1 day ago
Best video I've seen on this channel for a while.
Blackfeatherstill Blackfeatherstill . 1 day ago
EU much bigger victims of sanctions against than US, tho they are too. You'll see. Wait for winter. Complete disaster created by imbeciles
Blackfeatherstill Blackfeatherstill . 1 day ago
Some credit has to go to Tucker (who I don't like), for putting Jimmy on, and was genuinely amused by what he had to say, impressed.
jeFF Fury jeFF Fury . 1 day ago
Dore 2024!
Blackfeatherstill Blackfeatherstill . 1 day ago
Democrats banned a third (green) party from getting on ballot in North Carolina. Right now. They don't give a f#ck about democracy, or voters, or anything outside the military industrial complex, corporate US, and staying in power by doing nothing for US working and Middle class. Just like Republicans. One party system, as Jimmy repeatedly points out.
Blackfeatherstill Blackfeatherstill . 1 day ago
I'm watching this because I think Jimmy is one of a kind
Rama Lama Rama Lama . 1 day ago
There are hundreds of wars going on all over the world…….why the fixation on Ukraine and Russia?
Joe Morton Joe Morton . 1 day ago
NATO... Why not leave it? Europe is nuts.... IMHO
Joe Morton Joe Morton . 1 day ago
Right and Left are smears. SHUT UP RUSSELL! Don't smear your self... Sad. IMHO
Joe Morton Joe Morton . 1 day ago
Who's Jimmy Dore? IMHO
Randall Shock Randall Shock . 1 day ago
Richard brannan , first of all "to The Republic on which we stand "we are Republic we are not a democracy .
Kevin M Kevin M . 1 day ago
Jimmy Dore is a grifter - are you?
Stuart Green Stuart Green . 1 day ago
Dem media have a 500:1 vice grip on every neuron in every Dem brain. They will not hear Jimmy’s battle cry. Dems won’t even risk a parody of it lest they draw attention to it.
Lemon Yellow Lemon Yellow . 1 day ago
This explains why now I like Fox news, I was an anarchist but now I'm conservative.
Jessica Sammons Jessica Sammons . 1 day ago
Tucker is married to the oligarchy. He's only allowed to give us info when it's too little too late
roger carey roger carey . 1 day ago
no he is not the only one, far from it, the owner of the three colts hotel/tavern in the UK came faward every day online to fight for the peoples freedom/ rights and so did i, every day for 10 months till twatter banned me, the US frontline doctors came faward online about 15,000 back then now 350,000 : )
Gaiiros Trebli Gaiiros Trebli . 1 day ago
Wow "woke"... you lazy Americans should really take your country seriously. And dont use Europe as your scape goat. This is a sad development when so called "lefties" thinks Putin is progressive. MY ENEMYs EMENIE IS MY FRIEND. You are going down the shit hole my friends... classic horse shue
Games and Nonsense Games and Nonsense . 1 day ago
I like Tucker. He has balls ... unlike most Republicans.
Games and Nonsense Games and Nonsense . 1 day ago
6:40 Why we wanted Trump and why they wanted him out.
Anthony Palombit Anthony Palombit . 1 day ago
Ignorance run wild. Jimmy Dore proved he is a ranting, silly child helping to get rid of American Democracy. He is not leftist, not even close. Biden invaded Ukraine or Russia? What the hell is Dore talking about. He is right about the corporations owning both parties. He should keep talking about that and nothing else. Corporation are killing our environment.
Arizona Anime-Fan Arizona Anime-Fan . 1 day ago
bro, it's been funny, i woke up on Russia-gate only a few months before you did. been catching your content off and on over the past few years, earned that sub. it's not about left or right, it's about rich and poor. sure there are culture war issues and even economic ones i doubt you and I would ever really agree on, but I'd rather make friends with someone who is honest about their beliefs then friends with an NPC or a member of the elite who are so busy gaslighting the country.
furin cleavage furin cleavage . 1 day ago
What has become of the left? Indeed
Viva la Vida Viva la Vida . 1 day ago
Wait a minute, is he (dore) saying that the Republicans are immuned to corporate influence? If I remember correctly, the only thing of significance that Trump accomplished was....drum roll...30% tax break for the wealthiest corporations (I don't think we're capable of understanding just how much money that is)....and they in turn, instead of producing, creating job, gave themselves huge bonuses....Let's see could that explain the economic catastrophe we find ourselves in right now????
JohnnyVeritas JohnnyVeritas . 2 days ago
So America gave $54 Billion to Ukraine and we only have about $39 Billion worth of trade with Russia? Okay, well, there is about 30% of your inflation right there.
RET Engineman RET Engineman . 2 days ago
I enjoy your shows, no dis respect to you. but why do you worry about America so much and not tackle your own country's problems?
Buck Melanoma Buck Melanoma . 2 days ago
Its so so sad, i used to be a hardcore democrat, I have voted for a democrat in every election since Dukakis, and now look what has happened it started with Obama now I'm going to have to vote for DeSantis see what you made me do Democratic Party shame on you

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