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Published on 3 weeks ago

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Murada beats Murada beats . 3 days ago
Big Fella Big Fella . 5 days ago
Adin fell off 🗣️📠
zen zen . 1 week ago
drake made 1song for us and then the other were made for hm/ forever 21 typpa shi
EpikMurk EpikMurk . 1 week ago
Lemond Searels Lemond Searels . 1 week ago
Drake do what he want. Next album going be wild💪🏽
Laurent‼️ Laurent‼️ . 2 weeks ago
No joke this song is a 10/10. Came straight in with 2018 style Drake, the beat switch mid-song and had to add the undefeated 21 Savage feature just to top it off. One of his best songs 💯
WEEP XD WEEP XD . 2 weeks ago
W plug😈 W plug😈 . 2 weeks ago
Drake was shooting like jayson tatum on this album😭🤦🏾‍♂️
Ragib Perwez Ragib Perwez . 2 weeks ago
This song is sooo beautiful really, got the same reaction as adin when i hurd it
frissky frissky . 2 weeks ago
This song saved the album
Blobfish1290 Blobfish1290 . 2 weeks ago
ong this the only song i literally listen to 30,00 times a day
HASH Š HASH Š . 3 weeks ago
who tf uses spotify light mode ???
FSU_ROSE FSU_ROSE . 3 weeks ago
This one song is so good that it saved the whole album
Mellow Music Mellow Music . 3 weeks ago
This one slapped 🔥📈
Dillon Williams Dillon Williams . 3 weeks ago
He not trolling he just didn’t make a rap/rnb album and niggas losing they mind. If it’s not for you it’s not for you.
Creation Creation . 3 weeks ago
legit my reaction to the switch up
Raymond Incristi Raymond Incristi . 3 weeks ago
The rozay lemon pepper line lmao
crimpthe3rd crimpthe3rd . 3 weeks ago
Whole album is good. Haters are kids who are too young to go to clubs lol
The1PickleLeft The1PickleLeft . 3 weeks ago
For God so loved the world he gave his only Son whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life John 3:16
Kev_w Kev_w . 3 weeks ago
Drake fr trolling with this album i stg
kidaa kidaa . 3 weeks ago
This and Sticky are nice
Time Complex Time Complex . 3 weeks ago
Only good song in the album

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