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CBS New York

CBS New York

Published on 2 weeks ago

As CBS2's Kevin Rincon reports, it was at a busy shopping plaza on River Road where a little after midnight police say a 21-year-old man was shot. CBS2 has since learned that man is rapper Lil TJay.

Scott Flowers Scott Flowers . 7 hours ago
If you want a change, try changing the message you promote in your lyrics.
Herb-G Herb-G Herb-G Herb-G . 2 days ago
Damn!! his homies got arrested for protecting the💰🤑Bag. Now that’s crazy. What if they didn’t pull out they guns. Tjay wouldn’t be here now. Good guys he had with him. Hate they had to suffer for protecting themselves an Tjay….Only AMERICA 🇺🇸
Zee Zee . 2 days ago
He the new 2pac/ 50 cent of 2022
Machiavelli Machiavelli . 5 days ago
Jersey isn’t sweet.
Danilli Baylis Danilli Baylis . 5 days ago
My condolences, boy the music industry sure is getting rich off these rappers who's being I'm going to say assassinated! 💰💰
Arebeats Arebeats . 7 days ago
That is crazy
Dominique Banks Dominique Banks . 7 days ago
Praying he survives
Thunder Gaming Thunder Gaming . 1 week ago
that was my car in the thumbnail
aunt jenifer aunt jenifer . 1 week ago
"Prolific artist" 🤷🏻‍♀️ IDK who he is.
Chris S Chris S . 1 week ago
Who’s that.
Jay Santana Jay Santana . 1 week ago
White people(gentiles) using any killing of a black man to use to blame music, culture, and just being black. But won’t speak on school shootings and serial killers you all breed 👀 but will continue looking for videos like this to talk down a nation of people ..
Anthony Rogers Anthony Rogers . 1 week ago
The only way this happens is from a set up... It's really fckn simple man. Have your friends fear you not love you.
charles Sherrill Jr charles Sherrill Jr . 1 week ago
NotMythz NotMythz . 1 week ago
Bro cnn don’t have a story bout this… thought they would
Sandra Lindley Sandra Lindley . 1 week ago
he's some child,pray he recover
Joseph Chavez Joseph Chavez . 1 week ago
Lol why that guy's talking like he's a rapper who are you
Lisa Singletary Lisa Singletary . 1 week ago
No 😲 what happened
Baris Basar Baris Basar . 1 week ago
Damn what? What?... What? Man why tf why
James Cantu James Cantu . 1 week ago
This is America
Konadu Cecilia Konadu Cecilia . 1 week ago
Oh no my goodness 😢 😳 😫 😭 😩 😞 😢 😳 why God
Tanique Squire Tanique Squire . 1 week ago
lil t jay stay up please if it was not for god you whould not be a live please we can,t lose you king von and xxx and pop smoke we can,t lose a other rapper i hope you feel better
crippled lok🥇 crippled lok🥇 . 1 week ago
Witch One was not random because to me it sounds like he shot lol tj an then drove down the street an shot another person so I think the cops an the media always don't always tell the full story
crippled lok🥇 crippled lok🥇 . 1 week ago
Witch attack there were two
Xavier Terrero Xavier Terrero . 1 week ago
every time i hear of violence in the music industry, its always rap artists.. seriously tho.. its ridiculous... these people just need to stop trying to be harder than the next guy..
Panther king 👑 Panther king 👑 . 1 week ago
😭💔 I hope he makes it
This was not a random shooting this is the life that they live Why doesn't this type of stuff happen to country singers and other entertainers It always seems to be the rap artist I'm fed up with this bullshit
Trevon Bargeman Trevon Bargeman . 1 week ago
They shot my favorite rapper NOOOOOO
Lil SaSuke Lil SaSuke . 1 week ago
Reporter looking super sus
Double Dipper Double Dipper . 1 week ago
🎵Murder was the case that they gave me🎵
adobetube555 adobetube555 . 1 week ago
He needs to go back to his hood stop
Bringing violence everywhere he goes
Menyelek Matthias Menyelek Matthias . 1 week ago
Lil TJ sorry that you were shot.
Newbie Newbie . 1 week ago
Yo there’s something wrong here XXXTENTACION die to and it’s XXXTENTACION was shot and also the car that the killer was in was a USV which was XXXTENTACION‘s car when he died
Clyde Cromey Clyde Cromey . 1 week ago
He got shot again?
Sarah Stiles Sarah Stiles . 1 week ago
Is he dead
Zig-zag Wraps Zig-zag Wraps . 1 week ago
I said this from the beginning time for him to start looking at his friends different because edgewater is full of regular rich people celebrities and pro athletes if this happened in Newark it would be a different story but in edgewater means inside job or one of his friends has loose lips running around telling everybody where he stays
Jesse Ramirez Jesse Ramirez . 1 week ago
No peace in that industry the government control that people
Saucethe1 Saucethe1 . 1 week ago
Glad he aight but it isnt always hate.. he come from the streets n talk about it so this the type that evolves from it shit happens all the time just cause he famous dont always make them the victim.. these niggas get busy too and karma dont miss nobody.. dont matter how popular you are..
MGHFUNY MGHFUNY . 1 week ago
Why are hip hop artist always the one being targeted. Juice, XXX, pop smoke...something gotta be done about it. It is not right
Cyneathia Jones-Gray Cyneathia Jones-Gray . 1 week ago
I believe they'll find the
person(s) responsible for these Crimes against Lil TJay and the Other person up the Road at the Gas Station in Christ Jesus Name. Amen. AMEN. 💖
Cyneathia Jones-Gray Cyneathia Jones-Gray . 1 week ago
This is So Sad. Although Our Young Celebrities want to live a "Normal Life," in their Local Neighborhood, But they CANNOT. It's NOT about "Proving to your Friends," that You're NOT Better than they are, so you continue to live where you" Grew up.". (If they're your "Real Friends, they'd Know that You don't feel "Superior," to them.)

If they have that mindset, then they are (still): Envious and Jealousy of you. It is about your Safety and you have to do what is BEST for You!

Move to a Safer Environment, conducive to your salary. It's okay to visit and it's fine to associate with the people that you grew up with; BUT you must carry your "Trusted," Security with you... at all times - that's the way of this world! Utilize your Security at all times even when you're at Home, Monitors... (It's Not living in Fear it's living in Wisdom.)

Get Saved in Jesus name. He'll give you Knowledge, Wisdom, Discernment, and a Long Life... He's the BEST Friend, Lord and Savior you'll Ever Have and Need for the Rest of your Life. He'll tell/show you things Beforehand, etc. There's No Greater Love than His Love for you. If you don't believe me...Fine, Try it for yourself! But Recognize that you nor I CANNOT help the way people Think, Act or What they say. If they have an issue with your Status, Where you live, and Why you carry Security... it is Their ISSUE! IF they were JEALOUS of you - when you had NOTHING... They're still going to be JEALOUS of you, now that the Lord Blessed you with Plenty. REMAIN HUMBLE, But Not GULLIBLE! Please carry your SECURITY with you at all times, it's about SAVING your Life.

Stay well and God bless you in Jesus name. Amen. AMEN!
Ray Ward Ray Ward . 1 week ago
Bro please let him be alright he cant die this young not like this man hes one of the best like juice wrld i need years and years of his music still
D.A.S CLAN🥶🔥 D.A.S CLAN🥶🔥 . 1 week ago
We’re praying for you tjay In the hospital 😢 we love you
Stefani Colon Mejia Stefani Colon Mejia . 1 week ago
I pray 🙏 for him and the other guy,it's a shame a person is so jealous because you made it big in life,and they didn't,we have to keep these crazy people in 🙏 as well, because they know not what they're doing
Stefani Colon Mejia Stefani Colon Mejia . 1 week ago
no plase dont dead
Reff Reff Reff Reff . 1 week ago
Maannn yall seen that. Video about dead rappers with star rings lil tjay was the last
Pharaoh Medjay Law of Medjay Pharaoh Medjay Law of Medjay . 1 week ago
Man This Reason Why When People Make it Big They Get Out Far Away We're There Grown Up Always Have Right Hand Man with You With License To Carry Or Don't Be Afraid to Hire Security Bodyguards Or something Like That
DangerousSneeze DangerousSneeze . 1 week ago
Pac, Biggie, Xxxtentacion, Lil Tjay
Andrew Brown Andrew Brown . 1 week ago
Another rapper this shit is embarrassing
Equals Equals . 1 week ago
dam.... Not so tough now 🤣

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