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Published on 2 weeks ago

Cursed Moments! #vaazkl

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VaazkL VaazkL . 2 weeks ago
Criminal Memes VID ! (Full Length below!) -->
bruh chain below!
BA Ashton BA Ashton . 14 hours ago
I heard about Mike Tyson wanting to fight a gorilla or monkey because he was talking about Logan Paul about it and Logan Paul asked him what he fight a gorilla
UrCake UrCake . 2 days ago
Man tried to seduce officer

*with a chicken Alfredo*

Bryan Cline Bryan Cline . 3 days ago
Haha jokes on her. I got my kidney back and she lost her mom at the same time.
NASCAR fan 2610 NASCAR fan 2610 . 3 days ago
"two dead found dead."
Me:*starts laughing*
Johnny Blaze Johnny Blaze . 3 days ago
I promise most of these people are from Florida 🤦🏻‍♂️
Frumpus Numpus Frumpus Numpus . 3 days ago
I guess that girl was hoping her mom would die??
froggy dude froggy dude . 4 days ago
Never a good idea! If he loses the gorilla eats him, if he wins he is an animal abuser. Either way he loses
Just a random dude Just a random dude . 4 days ago
*"Two Dead Found Dead"* well what do you expect they're Dead.
SamHERO YTC SamHERO YTC . 4 days ago
Wait wtf weed inside a fat lol
joe pugh joe pugh . 4 days ago
All Bullshit
esnelle. esnelle. . 5 days ago
this screams Florida man
Marla Bourgea Marla Bourgea . 5 days ago
“Florida Man breaks into jail to hang out with friends” is my favorite one I’ve read.
Omar No Omar No . 5 days ago
Dima is a tree. Dima is a tree. . 5 days ago
That zoo keeper saved Mike Tyson from his own stupidity. The silver back would have ripped him into pieces after breaking ever single bone in his body
Hamood Habibi Hamood Habibi . 5 days ago
Epd445 be hiding weed no way💀
JBT war JBT war . 5 days ago
sinestro sinestro . 5 days ago
Florida man solos
Anime_Obsessed_Weirdo Anime_Obsessed_Weirdo . 5 days ago
Seduce me with chicken Alfredo please
Karl Hess Karl Hess . 5 days ago
I can't stop laughing at the chicken Alfredo. I don't even care if it's real that's hilarious
Damien James Damien James . 5 days ago
I think the girlfriend's mother got married not the girlfriend so that was actually kind of a blursed post
Vinmer_Solid Vinmer_Solid . 6 days ago
Good ol florida
Betsy Shea Betsy Shea . 6 days ago
plot twist the mother of the girlfriend was the one who got married
Nemo X Nemo X . 6 days ago
Mike Tyson's offer was legit, and was made when someone reopened a zoo just to let him and his date in, the fake downs guy was probably an infantilist who couldn't find anyone to play with and so resorted to fraud, the nigerian scammer was ACTUALLY a bank director this time, and was described as a scam artist, the 450 pound man only had 23 grams of weed, but he also had cocaine, the self published romance novelist killed her husband for life insurance, and can be paroled at the earliest when she's 96, i couldn't find the origin or the reason why it needed to be specified that the dead they found were dead, the man stabbed survived and spoke the immortal words because his roommate showed up with a knife to an argument he was having with his wife, the man with only one kidney is still in good terms with his ex, the owner woke the burglar up, asked him what he was doing there, whereupon he apologized and left taking her cash and wallet, the chased guy unfortunately did the cat cuddling only as a distraction, as he was hiding in someone's house pretending to be a worker from the neighbor, the wannabe chicken alfredo and sprite seducer dude will spend a week in jail and then some months on supervised release while he learns not to try and pick up underage guys.
Dizzy Dizzy . 6 days ago
Imagine being rich and losing millions of dollars just because you’re dumb enough to be scammed buying a fucking airport
مهند gaming مهند gaming . 6 days ago
The gorilla will die from first punch and forst eater bitten off 💀💀😭😂😂
Chris Olson Chris Olson . 6 days ago
The duty sold an airport he's a G. Props to him.
Abby Kotlarek Abby Kotlarek . 6 days ago
Him: Florida man arrested-

Me: I’m going to stop you right there, I’ve heard all I need to know.
Limez Logobo Limez Logobo . 6 days ago
My favourite currency « »
Родина СССР Родина СССР . 6 days ago
Stops to play with cats

Mission failed successfully
RAFAKY23 RAFAKY23 . 6 days ago
"florida man falls asleep whilr robbing a home" 💀💀💀💀💀
Jeff Jeff . 6 days ago
The Zoo keeper backed Out at the last second which is lucky for Tyson because No matter how good he is a 270kg Silberback would just rip him apart
Coconut Crossing Coconut Crossing . 7 days ago
"aight gimme my kidney back"
Brody69 Brody69 . 1 week ago
Quote from man stabbed:
“What are you gonna do? Stab me?”
I’m dead 💀💀💀
theHALObro9622 theHALObro9622 . 1 week ago
I’m kinda interested to see how Mike would fare again at a gorilla, but he’d probably die
Joshua Benn Joshua Benn . 1 week ago
Ok that’s messed up

Taking my liver back her also wondering why I took the liver back
Hhhhhhhhh Hhhhhhhhh . 1 week ago
Tyson wants to die unless he got an average of 2700 pounds of punch force
Estazhe Estazhe . 1 week ago
Last one never gets old
knightpanic knightpanic . 1 week ago
I love mike Tyson he’s my hero but let’s be real. He would not survive in a fight with a fully grown male gorilla
It's Venti It's Venti . 1 week ago
The kidney story is heart breaking
Rafe Palmer Rafe Palmer . 1 week ago
Well did they let Mike fight the gorilla?
hi haha hi haha . 1 week ago
Well if she don’t want it I can always give it to her mom
TTSkiGod... TTSkiGod... . 1 week ago
"Hey dont tell nobody but... i got some chicken alfredo in mah pocket we can share"
Llama2008 Llama2008 . 1 week ago
“If she leaves you for another, there is always her mother”
That_ Dude That_ Dude . 1 week ago
Tyson would of had his shit rocked
Eli Salazar Eli Salazar . 1 week ago
Friendly fire
ManaphyGames ManaphyGames . 1 week ago
“What are you gonna do, stab me?”
“Yes, yes I will stab you”
DanTheJollyMan DanTheJollyMan . 1 week ago
Thank God I ain't a police officer, I would've taken that chicken Alfredo..
Laurie Plumley Laurie Plumley . 1 week ago
How does the guy who pretended to have Down Syndrome just not go looking for one of those kinky websites. You know there us probably a fetish hub somewhere. It's the INTERNET.

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