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Published on 3 weeks ago

I've always been a Drake, and J. Cole fan, so I decided to add them to Drake new single "Jimmy Cooks ." I used verses from Drake ft. 21 Savage - Jimmy Cooks and Joyner Lucas & J. Cole - Your Heart . Hope you like it! What song should I do next?!

Drake Jimmy Cooks Lyrics) ft.J. Cole from the Drake Honestly, Nevermind Album

Drake J. Cole Jimmy Cooks

Jimmy Cooks from the Drake Honestly Nevermind Full Album / Drake Honestly Nevermind Album

Drake Jimmy Cook's
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I I . 12 hours ago
Originals better.
Jacks Entertainment Center Jacks Entertainment Center . 2 days ago
Joe Forcina Joe Forcina . 2 days ago
I get that jimmy highroller vibes jazz trap for life
Dennis Cole Dennis Cole . 3 days ago
Never heard this, I just be clicking!
Heat bro🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
invikari invikari . 3 days ago
damn this a remix? thought i was listening to some new drake that dropped 😅😅😅
Amir Lal Amir Lal . 3 days ago
I got the Streets packed
Flipping packs it’s just a game we kids play
Moose Moose . 3 days ago
Dude wtf this is sick.
Alexis Rose Alexis Rose . 4 days ago
lmfao. i somehow clicked this before hearing the original and i thought this was the original because i’ve never heard that j coke and joyner lucas song before. this sounds soo amazing! i normally don’t like remixes becaus they sound like a remix but this sounds like it was supposed to be there ☺️
Stoney high High Stoney high High . 4 days ago
J Atkins J Atkins . 5 days ago
Slapper, but I cole must have recorded on a iPhone
Milly Montrice Milly Montrice . 5 days ago
21 sliiiiiiiid
BLOOMY BLOOMY . 5 days ago
J cole on some simp shit ngl
Clarisssa C Clarisssa C . 5 days ago
This song had no business going this hard (,:
GBF Reacts GBF Reacts . 5 days ago
I can see why j cole was left off lol 😂
Mark You Mark You . 5 days ago
great job i saved it to favs over the original keep it up!
Cultivated Unity Cultivated Unity . 6 days ago
Olavo Pereira Olavo Pereira . 6 days ago
Its actually sick !!!!!
A b A b . 6 days ago
this and sticky
Prod.ilovepain Prod.ilovepain . 6 days ago
Another Grammy
MEAX MEAX . 6 days ago
RAW ⚡️
Bedr Ahmad Bedr Ahmad . 6 days ago
This is my favorite album he made said no one
Daniel Torres Daniel Torres . 7 days ago
2:42 beat switch followed by... Pusssyyyyy
karl kaloustiaan karl kaloustiaan . 7 days ago
beast @iamahmedyassin
Rob Majors Rob Majors . 7 days ago
J Smith J Smith . 1 week ago
Coulda went without 21 savage.
TheSmoothToad TheSmoothToad . 1 week ago
Coleeeeeee body em
Frio Torrez Frio Torrez . 1 week ago
Why im just hearing the cole mix ⏰😤😫🤯
LukeyPukey16 LukeyPukey16 . 1 week ago
This works really well, so 🔥
Jacob Garcia Jacob Garcia . 1 week ago
This shit boutta blow the f up ong
The Fire Philosopher The Fire Philosopher . 1 week ago
Rodney Flanigan Rodney Flanigan . 1 week ago
J.cole verse is from a different song with him and Joyner Lucas
Madison Griffin Madison Griffin . 1 week ago
Drake should’ve came on this one solo
Whenley Deroncelley Whenley Deroncelley . 1 week ago
Track goes hard
Nilton Junior Nilton Junior . 1 week ago
limplogs gaming united limplogs gaming united . 1 week ago
Had to see how this sat on my subs….not disappointed
Gayle R. Pepe Gayle R. Pepe . 1 week ago
Giọng hát của ah Đức phúc hát đúng tâm trạng hay quá
Mickey Knoxxx Mickey Knoxxx . 1 week ago
Savage killed dis no contest! Don't be like oh it's 2 different beats/songs.. he FINALLY got a verse better than Cole.. Savage my dawg
Kaitlin Harrison Kaitlin Harrison . 1 week ago
This isn’t J Cole! Wtf?!
Emmanuel Reckley Emmanuel Reckley . 1 week ago
21 savage is a monster on this no cap 100🇧🇸
Exon Calderón Exon Calderón . 1 week ago
Os e
Amir Lal Amir Lal . 1 week ago
Living life in the streets sell a pack and go eat
Man I was a hungry kid
Walking around with a scale and work in my pants
Tayyab Eajaz Tayyab Eajaz . 1 week ago
jacquie jacquie . 1 week ago
Alex Zero Alex Zero . 1 week ago
Drake fucking snapped bro
Gareth Ojiambo Gareth Ojiambo . 1 week ago
21 issa savage behind the beat no cap🥲
Gareth Ojiambo Gareth Ojiambo . 1 week ago
Any remix involving J Cole Lord take tha wheel💀
Sam Kessels Sam Kessels . 1 week ago
jimmy cooks the only good song on the album haha
Levell Levell . 1 week ago
This really go crazy

..keep going
Diane Channell Diane Channell . 1 week ago

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