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Published on 2 weeks ago

Hermitcraft 9: Episode 14 - Grian has been dared... also doing some minecraft hermitcraft stuff!

#hermitcraft #minecraft

Ghoulkxl Ghoulkxl . 30 minutes ago
Very chobblesome video, Grian
Jason Zheng Jason Zheng . 49 minutes ago
Also remember to write your dare to whoever in the dare log.
Dnalrah Dnalrah . 1 hour ago
I care about the kelp rock
_Owen_Offiiciall_ _Owen_Offiiciall_ . 2 hours ago
Oh my god, grian go look up chobblesome now and see what you find 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sam Lawless Sam Lawless . 2 hours ago
Please I want to know how you fixed the kelp fram I've been struggling please share!
Little-jhonnyB Little-jhonnyB . 3 hours ago
I’m hoping this season turns out more like season 6 & 7, those were my favourite because of the sheer amount of dedication and experimentation in them and I love the amount of creativity that came out of those seasons. Grumbot, sahara, the mycelium war, it was just so cool to see
Bergon Conwell Bergon Conwell . 3 hours ago
What does it require to be a Hermit?
De Bruh De Bruh . 3 hours ago
chobblesome is in the urban dictionary with the same meaning, but it might just have stolen it from u
Warden Fairchild Warden Fairchild . 3 hours ago
i would like to say that i am actually interested in learning about the kelp farm-
RJP1138 RJP1138 . 3 hours ago
Not Even 5 Minutes in and lore moment
Cyber Ender Cyber Ender . 4 hours ago
Is kelp chobbelsome?
Ashton O'Brien Ashton O'Brien . 5 hours ago
Iskal: "Complete this dare in the next episode"
Grian: You know, I'm something of a next episode myself
Bontras Snide #TechnobladeNeverDies Bontras Snide #TechnobladeNeverDies . 5 hours ago
Ayyyy, he’s gotten better at drawing! Nice!
Master_Gyatso Master_Gyatso . 6 hours ago
As soon as you mentioned cave I instantly thought the chicken man 😂
KAKYOIN????? KAKYOIN????? . 6 hours ago
TheWeirdDudeJason TheWeirdDudeJason . 6 hours ago
Chobblesome is officially a word in the urban dictionary
HowDoesOneSocial HowDoesOneSocial . 7 hours ago
Chobblesome is now in the urban dictionary. It is a word by the internets standards.
AbyssalRook AbyssalRook . 9 hours ago
Grian: "I'll really have to think about how to make up a fake word."
Also Grian: "Let's go down to the riftarooni."
Fayozjon Farmonov Fayozjon Farmonov . 9 hours ago
Grian look up choblesome.
Elden Chad Elden Chad . 9 hours ago
Anyone who has completed Elden Ring will see how similar this looks to Crumbling Farum Azula. From the bridge made of floating rocks to the pillars in a circle around the entrance topped with a half dome.
Xander poo Xander poo . 10 hours ago
Thomas King Thomas King . 10 hours ago
Okay I can’t be the only one that looked up “Rumbled” thinking he was getting us with the dare.
Edit: spelling error… WORDS ARE HARD!
Jordan Ribarro Jordan Ribarro . 11 hours ago
i have to say that i sneezed exactly in time with the "gooood. bye!" at the end
Lost _boy1207 Lost _boy1207 . 11 hours ago
This episode is quite chobblesome
R. R. . 11 hours ago
Kianna Nassersharif Kianna Nassersharif . 11 hours ago
For axampl you are chchangaaaa which means you are exited
Kianna Nassersharif Kianna Nassersharif . 11 hours ago
Green do change ch-Chang-aaaa
Kianna Nassersharif Kianna Nassersharif . 11 hours ago
What hapend to the entity
jamie stagg jamie stagg . 12 hours ago
Kelp Rock is best rock..mainly because i can't get my automatic kelp farm to work
luxury king _ luxury king _ . 12 hours ago
11:47 u guys saw that? the transition mam.....nobody noticed it?!!!???!
Kilgorio Kilgorio . 14 hours ago
BoboSurreal BoboSurreal . 14 hours ago
When I looked up chobblesome, YOUR definition came up!
Nicole O'Neil Nicole O'Neil . 16 hours ago
I meant Yes very chobblesome indeed
Nicole O'Neil Nicole O'Neil . 16 hours ago
Yes very troblsome indeed
liamtanic liamtanic . 16 hours ago
And now its offical chobblesome is real
Pretzel Cat Pretzel Cat . 16 hours ago
Well apparently Grian is some sort of important language person because when you type chobblesome into a search engine now it says chobblesome is an English word used to describe something worth talking about
mr jokke mr jokke . 17 hours ago
I need more informasjon abaut the kelp farm
Forsaken Dragonknight Forsaken Dragonknight . 21 hours ago
@GrianMC You should dare ImpulseSV with a dare that spans the entire season using the canonical lore him and GeminiTay have developed together! I have a great idea you can use to save you time if you're curious or interested!
Anthony the gamer 2 Anthony the gamer 2 . 21 hours ago
Please more
Jason Hardin Jason Hardin . 22 hours ago
I care about our kelp science
Allister MacDonald Allister MacDonald . 23 hours ago
you should call your portal johnson, to complete the trio. you have dwayne. you have the rocks. you have johnson.
marsoften marsoften . 23 hours ago
Mumbo hasn’t built something in your base
wizco wizco . 24 hours ago
Grian... your base is VERRY Stranger Things esc
Brandon Smith Brandon Smith . 1 day ago
Your Kelp farm is quite chobblesome if I do say so myself!
Alapalooza27 Alapalooza27 . 1 day ago
HAHAHAHA! 14:00 Pushing all the buttons!
m r m r . 1 day ago
You’ve made a new word, it’s literally in the urban dictionary now lol
WC PedalChain101 WC PedalChain101 . 1 day ago
10:00 my mind was thinking Chobbity
dropplets dropplets . 1 day ago
Maybe for the bridge you should connect it with purple glass like if the rift was holding it up

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