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Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Ghost hunters Sam and Colby experience the Scariest Night of their Lives at the haunted Bowers Mansion because Colby cries. Worse than the Conjuring House, worse than Queen Mary or Goatman's Bridge. With physical evidence of the paranormal, there must have been demonic ghosts staying overnight.

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The Scariest Night of My Life. | Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby Sam and Colby . 2 weeks ago
Wait for the end... literally insane.... also! This week we are posting a How Did We Miss This video on our reaction channel! Subscribe: #Empath
Fidencio Canales Fidencio Canales . 18 minutes ago
"Is that Mrs. Bowers?" No, its Mrs. Bowels
Lauren Schultz Lauren Schultz . 26 minutes ago
29:27: whistle?
Kyle Milman Kyle Milman . 30 minutes ago
30:36 something in the background is entering the room with Colby
Jerry Lavin Jerry Lavin . 33 minutes ago
But Like why is there Cars???
Trinity Anne Trinity Anne . 48 minutes ago
at 29:26 you can hear someone or something whistling and colby was ALONE!
kelcea monk kelcea monk . 58 minutes ago
i just wanna know what happend to the cats
Kylip- Kylip- . 1 hour ago
Pause the video on 52:37
Are those eyes that’s coming from something that’s literally peeking out of a corner on the top left of the screen??!
Ayden medina Ayden medina . 1 hour ago
He tells not to tell anybody then I told my brother😂😂
Nemanja Velic Nemanja Velic . 1 hour ago
Damn i almost had a heart attack from that door slamming becouse i know there is something out there
Maksimuzzle Maksimuzzle . 1 hour ago
53:44 / 57:29 the spirit box aint even on
Bryce B Bryce B . 2 hours ago
seths nails 😻🫶🏻
Maymay 259 Maymay 259 . 2 hours ago
fight above the handle witht he footage of the door closing it looks like a hand...
ZAPPER 22 ZAPPER 22 . 2 hours ago
Cat cam!!!
alex rosales alex rosales . 2 hours ago
ain’t nobody gonna say anything about the clip of colby peeing and flushing the toilet??😭😭
🎸The string band🎸 🎸The string band🎸 . 2 hours ago
It’s a fear demon. It’s just like pennywise, the dancing clown of penny wise was a fear demon. And at the end of the movie it shows that pennywise got scared and he died because the group of friends didn’t fear him any longer
Aquafyre Aquafyre . 2 hours ago
I love the empathy you guys showed the spirits while investigated. Scary as heck though!
gen gen . 2 hours ago
My cat poked my side while I was watching this, I have never been so scared
Untold Untold . 2 hours ago
They probably won’t see this but I’m a big fan of your videos and the spirits/evil people could of been people related to the family there were people buried in the cellar and there were servants that knew the way round the cellar and the passage in Benares room despite being close to the family they may not of liked them and may of been upset about Benards death since he died before the wife and Andrew it doesn’t fit together perfectly but the servants would know their way around the house and would of been at Benards funeral which means they would know the cemetery and the funeral directors they may not want people to aggravate Benard since they cared for him for so long and they looked after the family so they might of cared about them however if they are servants they may not of liked their job making them angry at the family for not being treated well
Libby Hurley Libby Hurley . 2 hours ago
When the door slammed and colby was crying I got full body chills I NEVER get chills let alone all over my body
Rose Ella Rose Ella . 2 hours ago
Wow this has been one of my fav episodes
Queen Hamta's Barbie Queen Hamta's Barbie . 2 hours ago
Oh My GoD This video was something 🤯🤯🤯🤯 that was amazing thank u sooo much guys for such an amazing video ❤❤❤ and be careful 💖💖
Kenna Nelson Kenna Nelson . 3 hours ago
When the door slammed behind colby I felt so bad. Looked like he almost cried
Audrey Harp Audrey Harp . 3 hours ago
poor kittys 💔
Lil.Princess Lil.Princess . 3 hours ago
I Hate to be that person but at the very beginning of the video I heard constant railroad dings. like when the bars go down to prevent cars from driving over traintracks and start to ding. that's all I heard of the first 30 seconds to a minute and found it weird that he also involved with railroads in his lifetime
Rose Ella Rose Ella . 4 hours ago
Palestine 🇵🇸 ❤️
oOInference0 oOInference0 . 4 hours ago
You guys should really get your own tv show. Am I wrong though? It should be called “The paranormal side.”
VapNash VapNash . 4 hours ago
Go to 49:07, there is someone hanging from the tree!
Camiyah Townsend Camiyah Townsend . 4 hours ago
Wait I heard a whistle around 29:27
Mr Something Simple Mr Something Simple . 5 hours ago
12:40 moth: flies in trying to make friends
Seth and Colby: * trying to get it to go away*
Sam:Hey Hey HEY HEY!
Seth: No attachments!!
Colby: * small scream*

(Had me laughing so hard 🤣)
Bunny Maher Bunny Maher . 5 hours ago
This is the by far the best time that the Estes method has worked! Also when Colby was playing with the cats that was the cutest thing
NRG Stxrmz NRG Stxrmz . 5 hours ago
29:27 there was a whistle
bilishu aliss bilishu aliss . 5 hours ago
hehe" was so cute xD it's reminding me of how I silly play with my cat like this
Aishath Leah Aishath Leah . 5 hours ago
one second: wholesome moment where they play with stray cats (awwe moment)
Gaming with BEAN Gaming with BEAN . 6 hours ago
change colbys name to dean SUPERNATURAL ooooooo
ExcitedCanine0 ExcitedCanine0 . 6 hours ago
Anyone who believes this is under 18 😂
finalxcx finalxcx . 6 hours ago
never in my life has dropping a camera deleted footage.
zorelda2008 zorelda2008 . 6 hours ago
I don't know if this was just me, but I saw a figure in front of Bernard's room, like it was the same height as Colby from what I can tell it was a man just standing by the side in front of Menards room, I really couldn't see anybody I just saw a shadow figure.
dimitris nikoloulis dimitris nikoloulis . 6 hours ago
Cats in the house is a good thing . Cats chase away the evil energy ! So sweet cats but why they are locked in that room ? Nobody cares for them ? Great investigation guys . Great trio !
jessicaaa jessicaaa . 6 hours ago
idk how to feel about 32:10
Angel Boyd Angel Boyd . 7 hours ago
Why is nobody talking about how weird it is that the room with the cats has a whole bed like someone lives there, what if there was actually a person in there but you didn’t see them and on top of that like why is there cats in there🤔just don’t seem right
MJ's Channel MJ's Channel . 7 hours ago
The fact that there was 7 cats made this video so much better 🤣
Esteban Humeniuk Esteban Humeniuk . 8 hours ago
Idc about anything i just care about the dog
warrforwhat warrforwhat . 8 hours ago
I love how the number of cats just kept on increasing as the video went on😂
Hex? Hex? . 9 hours ago
When Colby was by himself and it shut I closed my eyes knowing it was gonna close cause I also had a tingle when you guys said u felt happy for getting this out on YouTube so clear and stuff like that when doing the Estes method
Felice Merola Felice Merola . 10 hours ago

I am so in love with him please 😩😩 MY NAME IS ERIN PLEASE GIVE ME A SHOUTOUT 🥱❤
Itz_urlocalfurry Itz_urlocalfurry . 10 hours ago
Bro why is the cats part so cute the little paws🥹🤧
*Red Head Gacha* *Red Head Gacha* . 11 hours ago
You guys are the coolest people and ghost hunters I have ever seen, I am a huge fan even though I get scared easily
Fe4R Wrld Fe4R Wrld . 12 hours ago
That could be morse code
Maija Berķe Šteisele Maija Berķe Šteisele . 13 hours ago
OMG poor COLBY❤❤❤❤

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