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Published on 2 weeks ago

Hola comadres!❤️
I get so bloated that people have asked me if I was pregnant! Anyone else? When I hear that I know it's time for a 30 day detox! This all natural detox resets my gut health and is the only thing that actually gets rid of my bloating! Try it with me and click the link to use my code LULU for 20% off! Thank me later!

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@G A B B I A G U A Y O

G A B B I A G U A Y O G A B B I A G U A Y O . 2 weeks ago
🥹 Te amo amiga! Thank you so much for everything 🫶🏻
Ann A Ann A . 1 week ago
Lulú you have to soak chia seeds overnight in water .
Maria Ocampo Maria Ocampo . 2 weeks ago
I wish I had a friend like you comadre your so humble ❤️ I love it!🫶🏼
Manuela Marquez Manuela Marquez . 2 weeks ago
Aste jugoa verdes apio piña pepino espinacas jengibre y limon I SWEAR BY IT!
Cinn Kiss Cinn Kiss . 2 weeks ago
What’s the tea name?
Alejandra Alejandra . 2 weeks ago
Hope you guys have fun in Arizona ❤️
Brenda Cardoza Brenda Cardoza . 2 weeks ago
Girl that tea took me to the hospital...
ale orozco ale orozco . 2 weeks ago
What Tea is that & where can i get it?
Keo.xo1 Keo.xo1 . 2 weeks ago
What’s the tea called
Lesley Ibarra Lesley Ibarra . 2 weeks ago
I need gabbi in my life she is the best friend
A Lt A Lt . 2 weeks ago
You look the same your just chubby love yourself like you are.. you have big lips a too much cheeks love yourself girl
Vanessuki Vanessuki . 2 weeks ago
Your looking slimmmmer
Elizabeth Chavez Elizabeth Chavez . 2 weeks ago
Omg I love gabbys gma 🥺❤️ she’s so cute ❤️ all love all of y’all 💕💕
Jaycee C Jaycee C . 2 weeks ago
I love gabbi so no hate towards her. Pero el trabajo de sus extensiónes esta mal echo, they didn’t blend her hair with the extensions at all.
Emily Gomez Emily Gomez . 2 weeks ago
Trying the tea for sure!! 😁💕
Margarita Betancourt Margarita Betancourt . 2 weeks ago
What kind of tea do you drink ,? I get bloated too
Adlih Huerta Adlih Huerta . 2 weeks ago
Hi lulu☺️ where are your black sandals that you used to go to your pedicure from? Saludos desde Dallas
Maria Mendez Maria Mendez . 2 weeks ago
Hola buenas tardes disculpa de donde es tu mesa de la sala está hermosa
Dora Chavez Dora Chavez . 2 weeks ago
You have a big ❤ just like your Mom 🥰
Emilia Alvarado Emilia Alvarado . 2 weeks ago
Damn lulu you exposed your husband like nothing 🙉😂.Poor rogelio lol
emm. ninaa emm. ninaa . 2 weeks ago
Lulu try cutting down red meat & dairy all that causes bloating
Amanda A. Amanda A. . 2 weeks ago
Happy birthday Gabi may all your wishes come true!

Comadre check your gallbladder it is a sign of having gull stones. I was like that after I had my son. Certain foods made it worse. Just check into it.
Yadira Marquez Yadira Marquez . 2 weeks ago
Joanna ALVAREZ Joanna ALVAREZ . 2 weeks ago
❤️Love you’re videos !!
Laura Bautista Laura Bautista . 2 weeks ago
Tu y la Gabbi son las mujeres que todas necesitamos ♥️
Almavele Gomez Almavele Gomez . 2 weeks ago
Gabbie is everyone dream Friend ❤️
Esmeralda Talavera Esmeralda Talavera . 2 weeks ago
OK girl I need to know where you got the books from please let us know🥰
Georgina Gonzalez Georgina Gonzalez . 2 weeks ago
Comadre Can you take it while breastfeeding? Asking for myself 😅
Norma Gonzalez Norma Gonzalez . 2 weeks ago
Lulu can you please tell me we’re you purchase Catalina’s high chair
Cynthia Martinez Cynthia Martinez . 2 weeks ago
So glad that you have genuine friends. Espero que disfruten del Az weather bc it's insane but w a pool & unas 🍻 it's all good. Don't forget your sunscreen lol . Luv ya 💓💓
Ivonne Alvarez Ivonne Alvarez . 2 weeks ago
Yes comadre estas bajando de peso! Tell us what you have been doing different? ❤️❤️😁 ive seen that tea too. Im going to have to get it!
oyuki vlogs oyuki vlogs . 2 weeks ago
Deberías compartir tu rutina de limpieza 🤗 ❤️
Coco C Coco C . 2 weeks ago
Hola Comadre! Sending you lots of hugs. Comadre the chia seeds need to be soaked in water until the chia expands and absorbs the water or grind them then add them to the oatmeal. Specially when feeding them to Catalina. I didnt know and I had to learn the hard way.
Len Len . 2 weeks ago
Yo Sufro mucho de estreñimiento y de gastritis el doctor me dijo ke tengo gastritis por el estreñimiento la gastritis me da un dolor arriba de mi panza al lado derecha ke me caí mal estar así ya ha calado todo y nada ayuda 😭
Marina Morales Marina Morales . 2 weeks ago
❤felicidades para gabbi🎉k dios la bendiga las amo ❤comadre❤
RC RC . 2 weeks ago
It’s the alcohol and spicy salty foods
Daisy Lopez Daisy Lopez . 2 weeks ago
Drinking probiotics will help so much with gut health and bloating it helps me alot.
KingDaisy_16 KingDaisy_16 . 2 weeks ago
You are such an amazing friend Mija 💖💖💖
Yuri Armas Yuri Armas . 2 weeks ago
I agree with you, la mama de Gabby esta hermosa, por eso ella y sus hermanas estan bellas <3
Danny Vllescas Danny Vllescas . 2 weeks ago
Comadre ya no trabaja el compadre??
Princess Brianna Princess Brianna . 2 weeks ago
Que linda amistad entre tu y Gabby 👍🏻♥️ Catalina cada vez la veo más enormee!! 😍
Nanda Montiel Nanda Montiel . 2 weeks ago
I used to think that you a gabbi didn’t get along, but I’m so happy to see the special bond you guys have. ❤️
Mireya Salas Mireya Salas . 2 weeks ago
Lol comadre las pijamas me recordó para señoras mayores 😄😄
Mireya Salas Mireya Salas . 2 weeks ago
Aw Catalina is almost 1 how fast. I remember because my baby will be 1 in 2 months😃
Oh Okay Oh Okay . 2 weeks ago
Gabbi looks like the sweetest soul ever ❤️
catueb.x catueb.x . 2 weeks ago
Gaby is my dream friendship
Angie Mamá y Hogar💕 Angie Mamá y Hogar💕 . 2 weeks ago
Hola comadre Lulu tu siempre tan hermosa y tan detallista con todos eres un amor de persona saludos desde Monterrey Nuevo León 😘
belen castrejon belen castrejon . 2 weeks ago
Comadre dónde son los libros
Comadre te ves muy guapa de color verde
Perla Ramos Perla Ramos . 2 weeks ago
Que hermosa amistad tuya y gabby . Yo no tengo amigas y me ubiera gustado muchísimo tener unas amigas como ustedes tan hermosas.. que nunca se pierda tan hermosa amistad 👯‍♀️

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